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Thread: Babylon: Sin [M] OOC

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    Default Babylon: Sin [M] OOC

    Mature Rating: Violence, Blood, Torture, Cursing, Descriptive Sins
    There is quite a basis of Skyrim here so everyone knows.


    John 1:5 "The light shineth in the darkness, and the darkness comprehended it not."

    For dawn broke on the eve of the first frost fall, and rose with it the men who would follow the Way of Light, and those who follow the Way of Dark.

    But both follow, straight from the books of Elder Scroll the Way of the Voice.
    A power that by Elder Scroll fiction was given to bodies born of dragon blood, however in our world this, this story is not so true, as Dragons do not exist in our world, or at least the ignorant do not believe in the impossible.
    So my old mentor told me anyway.

    But today is not a lesson nor an old tale, and we fight with the glorious honour of the blade and shield, however, for a few this is not our true weapon as some of us, or as we call "Fratar." The old language for "Brother." in this old language we also must speak to perform feats of great power with the Voice, known as Shouts.

    This power is as said a gift born into the body given from the God's, however in which way you use it, is of your own choosing.

    The God's of Myth:

    The 8 are referred to by many names for different races of people and or other creatures, however this is the universal translation that all living intelligence understands.

    Deus- Is the God of omnipresence and omnipotence, he is the leader of the eight and rules over all judgements with a fair hand
    Peregrinus- Is the God who gave men the knowledge of justice and wrong doing
    Vir- Is the God of which who gave men the power of voice
    Regis- Is the final God of which who opposed giving men any sort of help, he is cautious and considered the only God to be against the Rise of men seeing ruin in their future,

    Venator- The wife of Deus who is the same and equal in power
    Sicarius- The agreement with Regis left her to be the only goddess who opposed men
    Reditus- Is the Goddess who along with Vir taught men the power of voice
    Bellator- The goddess Bellator seeks only the kind and good and to prevent blight and sickness, but opposes violence in all forms.

    The Gods/Goddesses play a role in the believers today and in each of 8 cities is a church dedicated to them and their traditions, these beings however called upon on occasion grant the power of those who are gifted with the voice, this is for some reason or other that exists in the current time, and is need of drastic change.

    Mind you the voice can be learned by any who can speak, but in certain born "Fratar." The voice is a gift in which they can adapt and pick up on extremely quickly where as a power that would taken 10 years to learn takes 10 seconds

    Today, the walkers of dark and light are warring with one another destroying all they touch, this is an atrocity and is considered by all people who inhabit Babylon.
    The God's above, agree, and born where those of random backgrounds and histories to put an end to this war, those of are summoned by the Gods and for now will learn many things about their own existence.

    Current Plot and Story:
    The story begins roughly 2 weeks previous to the calling of the Fratar.
    And so for two weeks, you will walk the way of the voice untrained and rough around the edges so to speak. You do as you see fit, either joining one of the several factions
    The Brothers of Illiad- Warriors for hire
    The Arcanus Magnus Magus- Mages who seek knowledge above war.
    The Guise of Fox- Thieves for hire
    The Black Hand- Assassins for hire

    This is essentially a prologue, characters my meet prior to the beginning of the story which will take place upon the calling and choose to do many things, I will not have a limit of magic on that note this is fantasy so, keep it more elemental in a way or, in base terms similar to Elder Scrolls
    Characters may be good and many things this rp is not one to actually make weak characters but characters who can withstand onslaughts of strong enemies, keep in mind you can still lose yourself, however you may fall you cannot die, the tie to the voice gives you the benefit of the God's Graces and allows you to continue living, however you will have to wait a day (Roughly 5 or 6 posts) This is really for people who choose to pause their game and come back later, or quit and we can replace the character with a new person if they so choose.

    The actual plot (About time right?):
    The way of dark and light and committing grotesque crimes against each other and innocents and for this the god's have built you and your table of brethren. As the crimes grow, demonic entities began to crawl their way into the world and overthrow the power of the god's turning a balance of power against mortal and godkind. The Fratar are to stop the war and this troublesome growth of demonic presence. Whether it be through means of summoning or other means archfiend and other monster's have found their way onto Babylon and are steadily blackening a once glorious sky.
    You have a wide path ahead of you and not an easy road to follow, from the greens of southern forest to the northern snowcapped hills and fiery pits of the void.
    From one place to the next, you shall advance your own skills as well as your power of the voice.

    For where there is darkness exists a small burning light even if many cannot see it glowing bright, you are the might that defends this castle and the blade that will end the cursed blight.
    So you are born, and so you will fight, and then prevail.

    Explanations and Lists:

    Cities Names:
    Greyhelm: Is the most central city base that is under seige from both dark and light walkers as a main foot hold
    Port Harrowing: Port of Babylon famous for crime and illegal human trafficking
    Marxath: A border city high in the mountain ranges of the north, tourist attraction for the northern lights
    Dimmerswift: A city of mass trade and commerce at the central location of the country.
    Gunderhold: A fortress city inbetween the major conflict of the light and dark
    Tourshelm: A border city to the south hidden in the ruins and forests
    Grasadi: A party city full of drink, gambling, crime, sex, and other unmentionable acts
    Suront: Border city to the east held by the dark walkers
    Eurantorus: Border city to the west held by light walkers
    Runston: City of the religious built around the existence of the 8 and temples to all built to extravagant levels also keeper of the high king, high priest and Noblis Regime (Royal Guard)

    Many other small areas do exist,


    So its alot smaller than I thought it was, but I can read it ok, if you guys can't lemme know I'll try and fix it.

    Babylonians (basic humans)
    Norseman ( Nords)
    Orcs (Orcs)
    Folklorn (Natives)

    Wood Elves (Small elves)
    Allani Elves (High Mege Elves)
    Dilvani Elves (Dark Warrior Elves)
    Tulvani Elves ( Legalus from lord of the rings elves)

    Other Creatures: (Mostly original creations)
    Spectres (Half spectral and human creatures)
    Void Walkers (Half demon and human)
    Thorian Odinus (Demi God types)

    Raspscallian (Lizard men)
    Khajit (Cat people) ((what its a great name))
    Ravenous (Bird people)
    Dragonkin (Dragon people)

    Voice- All characters have this
    -Voice powers
    - Foom: Raw force from screaming
    - Russ: Speed across great distances with a single dash
    - Da Ro- Use the power of magic to enfuse the body with special properties such as swinging your sword at extremely high speeds
    - Ruk Dus: Become a spectral form for a short time
    - Do Rom Za Kien: Teleport up to four times once for each word spoken
    - Soam Nigh: Slow time while in combat

    (More available ask first, if you have an idea, for magics and species)

    War Axes
    Battle Axes


    Imagination is key here it can be any form of special weapon but it has to be contained in the world of here so no drow weapons or things from other worlds same concept with armors and shields

    Dual wielding is acceptable in all one handed weapons not in spears, battle axes, greatswords, staffs, bows, or hammers, or shields. you can dual wield spells and sword + spell as well

    You can be any form of character from straight assassin to full out warrior to battle mage, as I said no limit, but we're all smart so no god modding.

    Character sheets are going to be fairly simple.

    Name: (Be creative use that medieval tongue)
    Age: ( Relatively young, between 19 and 25)
    Origin: ( one of the eight cities of Babylon)

    Species: (Pick one of the listed, no you cannot mix unless its already there or have spoken to me)

    Archtype: (Mage, Warrior, Thief, ect)
    Combat Style: (Explain combat style Ex: Duel wielding)
    Magic type: (If any)
    Voice powers: (Choose two)

    Weapons: (Be descriptive and detailed on the weapon unless its very basic.)
    Armour: (Read weapons and replace the word weapon with armour.)

    Bio: (Characters personality and mentality)
    History: (upbringing and lessons and experiences thus far.)
    Appearance: (Detailed description of character, no pictures)

    Do you favour one of the 8's?: (there will be a surprise in store for each character regardless of answer.)
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    Ok guys, as I said in the request recruitment if you don't see something you want, let me know we can discuss it and whether or not its allowed, I will be checking all bios and yes some may be rejected if so I will pm you and the reason why, all sections must be filled.
    I'm not a grammar nazi, so don't worry if you misspelled something, it happens, besides its ooc.

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    My character sheet will be up tonight can't wait to see how many people join so come on guys lets go ballistic!

    All story updates will be here

    Map and two new cities posted
    Age is relavant only to peak condition of the character
    Humans is roughly 23 or so, elves and Spectre or other creatures of long life may be higher.

    ALL ACCEPTED CHARATCER- Each has my full approval
    If you have posted and our not on this list PM me

    1.Aequitas- Deus Altaire.
    2. Falcon Red- Aldean Cintar
    3.Sozhelanie- Catrain Maerwynn
    4.SikstaSlathalin- Sik-Sar
    5. Cytokin47- Cyprian Frevalos
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    Name: Deus Altair
    Age: Infinite.
    Origin: GreyHelm

    Species: Spectre (Mortal embodiment of A God)

    Archtype: Battlemage
    Combat Style: Two handed, Destruction Mage
    Magic type: Destruction- Fire, Ice, Lightning
    Voice powers:
    Da Ro- Use the power of magic to enfuse the body with special properties such as swinging your sword at extremely high speeds

    Weapons: Deus wields an ebony carved blade known as the Ivorian Dragon. This blade is the length of 6ft and has engravings of dragon language on it. This infuses the weapon with Dragon voice call "Foom" This power enables the blade to be swung with a great amount of extra force that is not seen until it is heard. The power erupts upon contact with enemies ensuring a quick end, also a bleed of power throws back surrounding enemies that allows the user more time to swing the weapon.

    Armour: Heavy steel plate armour renders the user slower than most however allows the wearer to also sustain a heavy amount of damage before needing to fall back from the battle. This armour iis enchanted with the dragon voice power Da Rom Za Kein, and allows the user to teleport for each word spoken.

    Bio: Deus a god who born himself into mortal body.
    His past is one filled with fear, regret, joy, sorrow, rage, and war.
    Deus is omnipotent however relenquished a large portion of his power amongst the god's to see to the success of the mortal heroes.

    History: Deus's history is non-existent as he was born as he is and will die the same.

    Appearance: Deus stands largely tall reaching 6'4 at the height of some full grown elves. His body is of perfect condition and his mind is stronger than his power to be an effective warrior, do not assume he is not powerful.
    Deus sports a grandfather like appearance in young age looking to be 27 or so, however lengthy grey hair and long beard tied into an end earn him some repsect in regards to his knowledge.

    Do you favor one of the 8's? Deus is the 8's
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    Haha I don't know why but I love it! (It may have something to do with the fact that it's your own version of Skyrim.) Anyways, why not submit it for Roleplay of the Week or put it in the Roleplaying Games Directory or click here to help attract players?

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    Name: Sai'Mythria "Saithy"

    Age: Appears 22, but is between 4 - 5 centuries

    Origin: Marxath

    Species: Tulvani Elf

    Sub Race: Winter Drdahnela
    • Winter: Winter elves are a strange sort and a rare sight. They are simultaneously beautiful and dangerous to regard. Pale to blueish skin, with hair either as gentle as a snowbank or as sharp as ice, they hold a certain pride in their looks. They have a sweeping elegance and mystery to their looks. Most elves regard winters with a sort of reserved cautiousness because winter elves are very prone to suffer depression and apathy. Winter elves do not gather as many others of their kind do. They are lonely and thoughtful, and regard their place in the world as almost a curse. Winter elves are charged with ending things, be it the lives of those who have stepped out of bounds of the Gathering's laws, a tree which needs removal, or a town which has outgrown its use. This is not an evil creed however, as any winter will tell you. This is merely the path of things. Winter elves seek to bring about the culmination of things, and this puts them at odds with many other peoples. However, winter elves can still find beauty in death, and many who are able to overcome the despair their work brings find a sort of peace within the touch of winter.
    • Drdahnela: Life is quick, life is fleeting, and death is absolute. The Winter Elves know this more than any other race, and the secrets of the grave whisper to them in their icy dens. Some Winter Elves hear this call more than others, and are touched and imbued with an essence of its power, a glimpse at the true nature of death. Each Drdahnela is death-touched, giving them a modicum of control over death itself. They walk the winding ways of the world, draining the essence of energy and life from all around, answering the call. Their cold touch can take out the strongest willed and heartiest opponent, but they must be careful to not allow their power to get away from them. The Drdahnela, more than almost any other in the world, walk a razor's edge. Their power expands with every use, but if they push to far their very soul will be torn from the whole of creation.

    Archtype: Mage - Assassin

    Combat Style:
    • Winter's Embrace: A move using Frost, she is able to amplify the weapon's natural cold so that when the weapon strikes it produces an atomically jolting reverberation through whatever has been hit. In other words, the scythe can shatter walls by it's strike and break bone with a simple blow.

    Magic type: Destruction and Restoration

    • Death Exchange Healing: The ability to speak the death and pain out of one creature and send it away from them. This healing is a very decisive form, taken from the Davainijram school. By eliminating pain, she allows healing to naturally fill it's place. It is not so much a healing technique as pain elimination.

    Voice powers: Da Ro and Soam Nigh

    • Sickles: Items forged by melted down silvers, shaped into the form of an ice sickle and used much like a throwing star. They are approximately five and a half inches long, and have a pointed, jagged tip, used to pierce the heart of it’s target.
    • Long Bow: Typical Elven bow, handcrafted from an old oak who’s time had been up. Specks of silver were implanted throughout, with a spiral design engraved from the top of the bow to the bottom. The twine is made from pure elven hair.
    • Frost: Similar to a Scythe, Frost was created with skinned oak and oak bark, maneuvered into the shape in which the holder wishes. Coated in silver and frosted with ice, this is Saithy’s favorite and most treasured weapon. Stands roughly four feet long, weighing at least, 10lbs and is strictly used only in dyer need.

    Armour: On the inside of her clothing, Saithy has had sown an extra layer of material that is embedded in Mithril; a metal stronger than steel, but lighter and more malleable than any other material available for the creation of armor. Outwardly, she seems quite frail and unprotected, but in reality she is coated entirely in the strong, defensive ore that shields her from most minor blows. Her chest, face, neck and upper arms and upper back remain largely vulnerable - the expense of free and flowing movement.

    Saithy is very quick to anger, especially when in a destructive mood and has a rather morbid sense of humor in certain situations. Unable to allow others to view her as weak, she takes pride in being able to shut down completely if something comes close to bothering her. She often comes across as bitter, but it stands to reason considering her position within the Elven Hierarchy. On the surface, she is confident, elegant and poise. Beneath the overworked facade however, she is caring for those unfortunate and aches at the thought of the dying dragon race. Ruthless and untouchable, she is most unpredictable at the worst, or even possibly at the best of times. Despite her callous charm, she is devotedly loyal to those within her Class, though most would think otherwise.

    Sai’Mythria was one of two children born to Aredhel and Brassal Nalini. Her brother Ni'khil, passed shortly after he had emerged from his Bonding process. The two had ventured off after he had come to, her tailing him in awe, questioning what he had gone through so that she would be ready for when she would one day, go into hibernation. A skull of goblins ambushed them from nowhere, causing Saithy to barely make it out alive. Ni’khil forced the Skull’s attraction to him, allowing time for Mythria to get away for help. She hesitated at first, refusing to leave him behind alone, but knew that with help, they could possibly make it. They hadn’t been far from their village and she ran as fast as the wind would carry her.

    By the time she returned with help, the skull had been long gone and her brothers body lay limp, limbs scattered in array of places upon the blood-soaked earth. Sadness filled her at first, for losing the one being she had been closer to than nature itself, but that sadness soon formed into emptiness. She was used to death, had grown up with it. Her Class had been responsible for the draining of life, of essence from any one thing that had met it’s time. She had been barely half a century old and to this day, she feels nothing for it but regret that he ended so soon.

    Saithy frequented the site where her brother had passed and on more than one occasion, was found either talking to herself, or passed out beneath a tree. Shortly after her own Bonding, she found herself drawn to the site again and what she found, would later help ease the regret she felt. In the spot where Ni’khils body was left, lay a Saker Falcon. It’s wing had been crushed and had had an arrow shot through the right of it’s heart. She watched momentarily as it squirmed helplessly on the brink of death, when something snapped within her. It reminded her too much of the scene with her brother and she refused to be leave it behind, alone. She scooped the Falcon up and rushed back to mend the fragile bird.

    Her parents along with the Drdahnela, scolded her; Their place wasn’t to heal those who’s time was near, but she disobeyed. She breathed life within the Saker, hearing its will to live and encouraging it. She willed the shattered wing to mend and forced the wound to the heart, to patch itself. In the process of this, her own essence branded itself within the falcon and from that day, the only time that falcon got hurt, was when she did. It stayed with her, and her people continued to tell her that it was a reminder of her inability to heed their words. They were created for death, nothing more. She on the other hand, did not view it as such and instead, named him Ailbhe as they become one in the same.

    She busied herself with not only her duty, but in blacksmithing and training. She created numerous weapons, one if witch she titled Sickles, objects forged by melted down Silvers, shaped into the form of an Ice sickle and used much like a throwing star. She also created the most treasured weapon she had ever beheld: Frost.

    At five feet, seven and a half inches tall, Sai'Mythria is slender but not bony, with well-toned muscles due to a vigorous daily routine. Long, milky hair cascades passed a face with high cheekbones, full lips, and expressive, bright sapphire hues. With a flawless, waxen complexion, that would put any porcelain doll to shame, Saithy embodies everything about a winter storm.

    When it comes to clothing, she tends to lean more towards shades of grey, white and blue. Depending on the situation, she is found either in a dress or a suitable loose, peasant shirt and a pair of form fitting slacks. However, she always has a cloak the color of ash, neatly pulled over her shoulders and fastened into place at her collarbone.

    Do you favour one of the 8's?: No
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    Hmm I like the look of possibilities of the Lizard folk plus they're like the FearStalker race I've made. Let me think some things up.

    Set props to Busa
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    Name: Catrain Maerwynn

    Age: Appears in her early 20s. Is approximately 1700 years old.

    Origin: Tourshelm

    Species: Allani Elves

    Archetype: Elfy Mage

    Combat style: Dual wielding

    Magic type: Conjuration

    Voice Powers: Russ, Ruk Dus

    Weapons: Longbow, Staff: The bow carved from the very wood of the most ancient of trees of Tourshelm. Perhaps trees older than time itself, though at first glance it is hard to tell. They say that each and every bow made for her people were carved in a time of infinite darkness. There is an intricate engraved pattern throughout the bow, it is a combination of simple spirals and petrified leaves from the trees themselves. The staff is made from a combination of the same oak from the great trees and bone.

    Armor: Like most elves it is lightweight and compromised of Mithril that would appear to leave her largely exposed, while it hides carefully beneath her robes. Her movement is fairly uninhibited but in instances of large battle, more armor is necessary.

    Bio: Catrain is quite aware of her thoughts and feelings and has nearly no qualms about making them known to the general public. She is wise beyond her years. Given her young age she has risen to a fairly high position amongst the Allani, owing this largely to her parents. While she is regarded generally as caring and almost maternal in nature, she can be quite critical with a side of perfectionism in her every day activities. Generally regarded as patient, it has been seen that she has a temper, which when it does go off resembles something of an explosion. Catrain is well respected, and in some ways feared by her own people. At times she can be incredibly stubborn, however she is for the most part, quite intuitive.

    History: From a young age she was quick to learn, and raised by two of the Allani elders. She raised with a vast knowledge of all of the peoples of Babylon and was made to learn many of the languages. Her people are reluctant to venture out and explore the world around them, so most of her knowledge is entirely theoretically. Having nearly been killed in a great altercation between several factions within the Allani, Catrain tends to remain distant at times and somewhat detached from the general minutia of daily life. She has always had a sense, that she wanted something more. Her given task from the elders was to learn the art of archery and conjuration. Her siblings each received a different magic skill to practice.

    Appearance: Standing at 5 foot 6, Catrain is like many an elf woman, thin but well muscled from years of discipline and training. Her hair falls to a length mid-way down her back and is a deep brown to the point of black. Her eyes are a bright green, somewhat alarming for someone of her pallid complexion with such dark tresses. Catrain tends to stick to white or black when it comes to daily dress. Many of her formal robes are a stark white, covering a raven colored flowing gown that are form fitting to her body, she almost never wears anything but more formal attire. Her cloak color interchangeable between the solid white and jet black.

    Favored 8: Sicarius.
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    Name: Sik-Sar
    Age: 25
    Origin: Port Harrowing

    Species: Raspscallian
    Sub-Race: Fearstalker,These are Raspscallian born with molted black/gray scales and a propensity toward Destruction and Conjuration. They are given at birth to the Black Hand because you'll find no better assassin than a Fearstalker. They have a natural born power of invisibility and stealth and their claws are slightly longer then their cousins better for killing with their bare hands.

    Archtype: Assassin/Mage
    Combat Style: Ranged spells, bows and daggers
    Magic type: Destruction: Absorb spells and elemental.
    Conjuration: summon spirits to help on a mission
    Voice powers: Russ: Speed across great distances with a single dash.
    Soam Nigh: Slow time while in combat

    Weapons: Shadow Steel daggers, they are about seven inches long and pure black. They were made and enchanted by an Elder Stalker called only by The Wraith. They absorb lifeforce from the target making a very quick kill. He also carries another enchanted weapon made by The Wraith, a short hunting bow named Shade that while it sacrifices range makes up for it in stopping power especially when paired up with the poisoned tipped arrows and a magic power sapper enchantment.

    Armour: Light armor that utilizes light mail and leather to minimize the noise he'd make when he would move. He has no need for gauntlets or boots and his scales themselves offer handy armor.

    Bio: Like any true assassin from birth he is quiet and distant rarely will a warm word escape his lips. But he's not a sadist he only kills the target and minimizes any collateral damage he can. The only manner of softness would be toward his fellow Rasps.

    History: Raised from the egg in The Black Hand his life has been nonstop training and missions with some down times between sessions which he used to develop idle tricks like juggling and slight of hand to use as covers when on a mission. Along with learning normal assassin skills his Fearstalker propensity toward Destruction and Conjuration magic was nurtured in the hands of powerful Mages that worked many years to make him a deadly user of the darker arts.

    Appearance: Tall and stocky with molted black/gray scales and glowing red eyes, due to the rituals of the Rasps when he came of age he was decked out in full body tattoos showing his dedication to one purpose and in his case being a Fearstalker Assassin. They're long red lines symbolizing blood going down his body and both arms and legs with two series of blue dots on each side of the lines to show his skill in two schools of magic. The lines and dots continue until they form spirals on his chest and back.

    Do you favor one of the 8's?:Not really but he likes Deus's ideals and powers.
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    Set props to Busa
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    Siksta always a good bio to read, creative and well put together.

    Sozhalenie good read and I like the idea, will enjoy reading the full bio when you are done with it. Make sure to fill in combat style regardless of mage or warrior

    Ceru, I know your bio pretty well already gave it a read I like it alot, we'll just need to fill in the last sections but we're conversing on that so no rush.

    As soon as the bios are complete I will make the IC four should be enough to start off.

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