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Thread: How the Report Button works

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    Default How the Report Button works

    The forum has it's own set of rules and etiquette for keeping the peace of the forum. However no member should act like he or she is the authority of the forum. The only ones who can discipline another member of the site is a staff moderator. I don't care if you have been on the site for a long time or have been a moderator on another forum for ten years. As soon as you decided to register onto this board, you agreed to the rules in this forum and you must abide to them.

    If the staff of the forum isn't around to help out, you can still assist us by using the report button. Only use the report button after you have read all the rules and forum etiquette on the site. If you sincerely and truthfully believe someone has broken the rules, then please go ahead and use the button to report the post to the staff. Do not abuse the report button and do not use it as a joke, it will get you in trouble and eventually lead to discipline procedures.

    Below is what the report button is located on Roleplay Adventures. Screen shot was taken by Elizabeth16

    If you rather send a private message to a staff member instead of using the report button, then please feel free to use that method too. But note that the whole of the staff can see what is reported, and is usually acted on in a more speedy manner as opposed to a pm to just one person.

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