Sam narrowed his eyes. Deiliha was not getting his point. The angels and the demons would be fighting for themselves, of course, but they needed numbers for their plan to be successful. But he let it go, not wanting to prolong this argument any more.

They finally got driving. Sam was silent for a while, thinking things over. She started speaking again, and Sam looked up at her with a curious look in his eye. She was not getting him at all. Her question weighed heavy on him, but he set it aside for now. "Listen," he said evenly. "I can take the death of one demon. I don't care that he died. He's a demon. He's been my enemy all my life. I just think it might have been a bad move logically. Emotionally, morally, it was a good move. It rid the world of another demon. But we need numbers so that we will be able to take on angelkind."

Sam let out a large sigh. He didn't want to continue this conversation, but Deiliha's question was still a very serious one. If this was a proper war, people would die. Demons would lose their lives--but so would angels. Sam might even see some of his friends die in this. Was he ready for that? Yes, he decided. It would be worth it. He would get back to heaven, and this age-old war would finally end. The angels would won.