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Thread: [M]Undying Quest: The Proving Grounds[IC]

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    Karrha mused, he was right. She was going to have to get used to having a living item. Well then wisp she thought, what about a nightgown? She watched quietly as the dress responded to her silent question. Magical, sentient items were indeed amazing. The red dress shifted forms into a red nightgown, hanging just below her knees, short sleeves and light. Awfully close to something similar she'd warn as a child but maybe that wasn't so surprising.

    As she laid there she felt Dezeroth pull the covers over her as well. Its true she wasn't as wry as he might be, he'd done a lot more today and her mind was still moving around this strange world. She turned her head towards him as he put an arm around her. A gesture she appreciated as she thought. "Your right, but sleep doesn't come easily to a wandering, worried mind." Not to say she was displaying much worry, She could cope and naturally she would but the didn't mean thoughts didn't keep her up. A lack of useful herbs worried her, though her magic could do just about anything she needed, martial components were just as useful.

    She also couldn't help wondering about Alessandro, Sel'ora and Tala. How many others like themselves were out there? and the end game? All thoughts she could push aside but no less persistent. "Do not worry, I can put myself to sleep just as well as the next person." She assured him. Out of the two of them he needed more rest, but she would doubtless fall asleep in her own time.

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    Default The Death of a Star

    The multiverse is filled with stars. An eternity of darkness lit sparsely by brilliant points of light. Brilliant, but fragile.

    Every once in awhile, a star dies, and the multiverse becomes a little darker. Cruelly, it seems that often the brightest stars are extinguished first. Heedlessly burning with all their might, to give as much of their radiance to the dark expanse as they can, without thought to their own survival. Selfless heroes, who suffer the fate of all martyrs.

    Upon a field of gilt grass swaying softly in the gentle breeze, the Magistrate gazed grimly toward the night sky. The glimmering firmament was beautiful. A seemingly endless expanse of beauty and light.

    But he knew better.

    Behind the astral glow was a creeping void. With every star that died, the void grew closer, until one day nothing but darkness would remain. Tapping the butt of his bronze staff firmly against the ground, the Magistrate turned his eyes from the heavens and focused on the horizon, where wooded hills stood sillhouetted against the twilight sky. Not for the first time, he wondered if he was doing the right thing. But it was too late to question. Too late to turn back. Brushing his staff along the dew-kissed grass, the Magistrate drew the aether about him, and teleported.

    He stepped onto soft heather, and glanced down at the bed of flowers on which he now stood. A single tree rose into the sky, and beneath its boughs were two figures cast in a faint spectral glow by starlight. One sat with his back to the tree, leaning on his golden staff and staring listlessly into the darkness. The second lay nearby, golden hair strewn about his head, eyes dead and broken.

    The man with the staff straightened as the Magistrate approached. He stood, a humble figure in grey and white robes. There was a heaviness about his eyes that indicated a lack of sleep.

    "Why are you here?"

    The man's voice had an accusatory tone to it, for which the Magistrate could hardly blame him.

    "His will is gone. He has failed. There is no place for him here any longer."

    The anger blazing in the young mage's eyes was impossible to miss.

    "I saw his thoughts. I saw his pain. I saw everything that you put him through. And now you're just going to send him to whatever hell you have in store for your 'failed experiments'?"

    It was closer to the truth than the Magistrate cared for.

    "This is not your concern, Kaern. It must be done."

    The mage straightened his shoulders, and his eyes sparked with sudden eldritch power.

    "I won't let you."

    The Magistrate smiled sadly. "So be it."

    With a gentle wave of his hand, the mage was gone. He would find himself in another part of the Proving Grounds, and carry on his quest one way or another.

    The red-cloaked man stepped over to Alessandro's catatonic body, and kneeled beside him, staring down into the honest eyes that had seen so much horror. Could he truly subject the poor boy to an eternity of the same?

    The Magistrate stared down into the Aasimar's eyes for a full minute, before gently touching his staff to the boy's chest. Alessandro's clothes began to sparkle, and soon dissolved into motes of gold dust. The boy's flesh began to do the same, his body turning into glimmering light that persisted for a moment, struggling against the darkness, giving off a last spark of radiance before fading into the abyss.


    Alessandro's vision was blurred. His eyes hazy. He could smell lavender distantly, but all he could make out was a glimpse of silky black hair.

    Moments passed, and now his sight took in a delicate body, the form of a woman. A pair of slender arms wrapped themselves around his body, pulling him close, into a tender, motherly embrace.

    And then blissful oblivion.

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