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Thread: [M] Skyrim: Rise of the Stormcloaks

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    Default Elisif Meets Jo'Kar

    Jo'Kar had woken before the others as they started to gather their belongings. Packing up after camp and extinguished the fire pits and packed the food. He watched as Lady Elisif was preparing for their long journey. He sighs as he pushed himself off of a nearby tree he was leaning on. Walking over to the Jarl of Solitude, he kept his shield and sword with his horse to show he was truly unarmed, but still dangerous.

    "Lady Elisif." He announced as he kneels down in front of the Lady. Knee on the ground, fist formed and placed on his chest, and his head lowered. A simple bow.

    Elisif woke rather early, knowing that things would need to be packed again and stored for the rest of the trip. She changed into one of her her Jarl's outfits, then combing her flaxen locks and adorning her crown with her signature gold and ruby circlet. Pleased with her appearance in the mirror, she left her tent to let her servants begin packing her things again.

    Quickly, she was addressed by a Khajit, though it was not the one that had broken the vase of wine. He looked oddly familiar.

    "Yes," She paused, looking at the Khajit man curiously as he knelt before her, "I don't believe you left Solitude alongside me and my companions. Have you business with one of my new vassals?" She asked, trying desperately to place his distinct fur markings in her mind, "Wait a moment... you have been in my service before. I apologize that I cannot quite recall your name... Things have been rather stressful as of late, sir Khajit. Please refresh my memory."

    The Khajiit was caught surprised by her words. She knew him. But could not recall his name. He thought for only a moment to decide whether to tell her his name. Or deny his existence to her. But, he had feared about the Dragonborn hatred for the Imperial Legion. If he had said, he was an Imperial soldier. An Elite soldier of the Legion. He had feared he would be cut down by the voice. A voice, which he never want to repeat ever again.

    "Lady Elisif. What do you mean?" He asked with a humble voice and a smile. "I am a mere mercenary looking for work...I may have offered my services to you before....during the war of course, and I would like to offer my services once of charge." He bowed his head once more. "Only payment I would like to the company on the road." He chuckled, "it is quite dangerous to be on for this land has many strange creatures."

    The Khajiit raised to his feet, his smile still on his face. "This one is called, 'Jo'Kar.' and I am experienced with sword and shield. My arms is ready to serve....heh, should you have me, of course?" His ears perked with curiosity. His mind pondered if she should remember about his name, and remember his service. Jo'Kar had an answer ready. "Many of my Khajiit brothers share the same name of course, and Jo'Kar is quite popular back home." Home filled his head, he remembered the dream he had. The dream of warm sands and warm sun. Not like this, cold and harsh.

    Elisif watched inquisitively as he explained himself and further introduced himself. She quirked a brow when he said he would offer his serviced for free. Surely he had some other motive...

    "Jo'Kar... I find your suggestion of working for free troubling... but I must admit, I'm not really in a position to turn down free recruits..." She sighed, brows furrowed as she recalled the many men and women who had recently fallen under her service. Thinking hard, she looked him over. He seemed honest enough-- though the stereotype of dishonesty was commonly thrust upon the Khajit and it was a difficult feeling to shake. He did, though, look familiar, and he claimed that he did serve during the war.

    "It looks as though you have introduced yourself to some of my other men and women. I suppose if they sense nothing strange about you, I'll accept you into this band. It's nonsense to not expect any payment. I shall at least provide you with food and shelter. But, I digress," She paused, "If anyone senses anything suspicious about you, I will cast you out swiftly."

    "Now, if you would, please assist in the departure of my caravans," Elisif ordered in a dignified manner with a nod, "Thank you for your assistance. I must excuse myself for breakfast. I've become quite hungry."

    With that, she took some fruit and bread from a table near the fire that had been put out and began to eat, her gaze drifting over to Starkad's tent, as she wondered how he was getting along. Surely, Amber knew how to heal him and he would be recovered for the most part. But, she still worried. Glancing around, she wondered if Amber or any of the sisters were awake yet.

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    Aura finished the sweet roll while the Orc questioned her sudden entering. Licking her fingers, she thought for a few moments, looking at the odd looking Mer. She had big teeth on the bottom that stuck out and seemed to get in the way of her smiling. She wondered if such a Mer could whistle.

    "Hmmmm... Just bored. Heard Raven talk to you about thing behind your back," She snickered, "Not hide anything from me. Can smell and hear everything. Almost. Live in dark for hundred years, you learn." Aura nodded, then folding her legs under her while she continued to get more comfortable on the floor. This Orc was interesting, in the least.

    "Can smell and hear feelings, motives, lies. All in nose." Aura poked her own nose and winked, "But, you not worry. I not tell. Mer sister smells like nice person on inside."

    "Why so scared and angry? You smell most like that." Aura flared her nostrils slightly, then licking her fingers again for the last tiny remnants of sugar from the sweet roll.

    The mention of the coin caused Che to clam up once again, and her grip ruthlessly tightened around the bag in her hand. She obviously had not been quick enough to properly conceal the gold, which prompted her to curse inwardly. Although, on second thought, no matter, she mused. The instant it had transferred from Raven's hand, it was hers, as far as she was concerned. She would never let anyone else's dirty hands touch it.

    Though, in the spur of the moment, the orc could not figure out how to best react to Aura's mention of it, nor of Raven. So, instinctively, she played as if she was clueless, which... was partially true, she supposed. The response she gave regarding Raven was nothing but a shrug and quick shake of the head. As for the rest, Che's response was much more genuine. Just what was this stranger going on about? Smelling lies? Smelling feelings? Living in the dark? All of it sounded like pure rubbish. In fairness, this woman obviously was no eloquent speaker, so perhaps she was simply struggling with the delivery of metaphors. Either way, Che was beginning to conclude that this one was a bit of a nut. So she continued listening with this degree of skepticism, until something was said that changed the tone of the conversation, from Che's point of view.

    She is one that believes that Orsimer are true mer?

    It was an opinion that was up for some debate, Che had found, depending on who you spoke to. Even she herself had grown skeptical over the idea the last handful of years, yet it had always been quite an interesting topic.

    "I'm not scared," she then blurt out somewhat defensively at the intrusive last question. What was the correct way to respond to a stranger inquiring over such personal things? While the mer did seem friendly enough, Che would not shake the fact that she barely knew her, or anyone here. "I just am tired of being forced to do things I don't want to do."

    All right, that was that. It was time to veer the subject away from herself and, more importantly, anything pertaining to the money. Che lowered herself to sit crisscrossed on the ground, all the while keeping the money carefully concealed. "Anyway, what is your name? I haven't seen you... anywhere." Once again, she found herself wondering about the woman's ghostly pale features, and the previous mention of Elisif. She could not recall this one's presence in the courtyard, but she could be mistaken on that, of course. Referring back the earlier cryptic conversation, she was beginning to recognise the hints that the raven had left, telling her that he had indeed been there; and she had not seen him, either.

    Aura sat there another moment, taking in her surroundings, though her expression was aloof. Almost so that it didn't look like she was listening at all. After a long moment and another deep breath, she finally replied, "Aura. Been here for a while. Was in courtyard eating tart when trial happen. Elisif pretended to be tough." She smirked with a chuckle, "So funny." she laughed again and then stood up, remembering that Che's neck had been cut slightly. She leaned closer to her, most probably invading Che's personal space, and saw the cut.

    "I fix small cut," Aura held her hand out and it started to glow lowly while the cut disappeared, "Not bad cut. Not know much healing, but can fix one small cut." She smiled, almost childlike in appearance.

    "Maybe 'scared' wrong word..." Aura recalled her being corrected in her assumptions, "More like, 'not sure'." She nodded and stepped back, "Don't worry. Elisif too soft to hurt you bad. You probably could leave-- she not chase you right now, I not think. But, you should stay. Have fun." She nodded with a smile again.

    Aura then paused again and folded her arms looking to the side, pursing her lips, "She going to not have healthy baby if so stressed," Aura shook her head in pity, "Oh well..." she shrugged gently and pushed the musing away, "It getting late. Goodnight Mer sister," She patted her shoulder and headed for the tent opening, "If need anything, ask. I figure it out." She turned for a moment before leaving and gave a toothy grin, "Secret safe with Aura, always... maybe..."

    The sound of laughter caused a feeling of ease to wash over Che for the first time in several weeks.

    "Oh. Okay. Well, hello. My name is..." the orc started to respond; yet, as the mer visitor began to veer a bit too close, she waffled. "It's…uuhhhh… Che…!" Not exactly sure what Aura was at, Che backed herself into the tent canvas behind her, and was nearly swaying left when a pale hand extended out, stopping her from doing so. As a dull glow began to illuminate near her neck, the orc found herself initially alarmed, yet mesmerised... so decided to allow Aura to continue. Was this the gift of restoration? While Che was well aware that such an ability existed, she had neither seen it, nor experienced it firsthand. In Orsinium, relying on magic was considered a sign of a weak body; so let the feminine Bosmer, Altmer, and Dunmer hide behind such things, the Orsimer scoffed. An Orsimer could take the pain. An Orsimer could take the bleeding. An Orsimer could take anything thrown at them, willingly, to the death.

    Once the glow had died down, Che felt a warm tingle on her neck, and brought her hand to where the cut had been. While the laceration was indeed gone, that was not what truly hurt; rather, it was the need for her to be abased for a display of strength. It was her wounded pride. What a laughably thin veil of strength the jarl hides behind. Let her come to me, eye to eye next time, and we shall see who ends up in the dust. However, as Aura prattled on about Elisif not intending to ever hurt her, she realised this was very likely true, in actuality. Raven had said so, as dubious as that conversation was... and now Aura was saying the exact same thing. Even Elisif herself had attested as much, Che suddenly remembered.

    Most likely I won't hurt you. I can't speak for some of my associates, though.

    As Aura expressed her wish for her to stay and, as she called it - "have fun" - Che scowled. "This is a nord's idea of fun?" It was a rhetorical question that, unsurprisingly, received no response. Instead, Aura once again jumped to another topic, seemingly a person of quite a short attention span. Yet, even so, mention of the jarl being with child did not go unnoticed. Nevertheless, despite the surprise of it, that was a thought for another time.


"Er, thank you. I will. Good night... uh... Aura?"

    Che raised a brow as the strange mer woman made her exit, a bit nervous as to what she meant by that parting comment. But she could not even think on that for too long. She had received such a deluge of information in a single day, that her mind could only process so much of it at once. So, she simply turned around and fell backwards into her bedroll, overwhelmed, all but forgetting about her initial intentions to go find Jo'sha.

    Have fun, the mer had said. Fine, Che thought to herself, pulling the covers over her face. She would do just that.
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    Wraith awoke to a presence in his tent. Carefully listening, he ascertained that the person had stepped just inside, and was approaching with nary a whisper to betray their tread, though the sound of leather brushing against cloth allowed him to track the movement. Waiting until they were close, he turned over rapidly, drawing a dagger even as he slammed his arm into the back of the person's leg, contorting his body as the person fell so that he was on top of them the moment their back hit the ground. At that moment, he became aware of both the sensation of breasts against his chest, indicating he was on top of a woman, and the fact that she was holding a dagger to his femoral artery even as his rested against her carotid.

    "I see we're at a bit of an impasse." He commented, raising an eyebrow.

    Talon smirked. "Not really, considering I'm threatening more than your life."

    With a grin, Wraith stood and offered a hand to help Talon to her feet, then turned to put on his shirt while she stood in the doorway to keep an eye out for others while they talked.

    "I found something yesterday. Two bodies, drained of blood." Talon said, watching Wraith go still. "No defensive wounds. Bodies mutilated."

    "Anyone else see them?" Wraith asked, pulling on his cloak.

    Talon shook her head. "No. I hid the bodies, but we should keep an eye out. Do you want to inform the others?"

    It was Wraith's turn to shake his head. "Not yet. We don't know that it's him."

    "And if it is?" Talon asked, already knowing the answer.

    "Then he'll die by my blade." Wraith said, finishing packing away his items. "Pack up the tent, then seek out Elisif and stay by her side."
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