Atris jumped at the loud cracking of bones and concrete, mixing in the spatters of blood and roaring screams. He placed his hand on the wall and pulled himself upward. He staggered a little not to his surprise but kept his foot and scanned over the people running as fast as they could in the opposite direction of the demon. The worst thing was that there was no real way out accept through him. In all the years they'd been in that tunnel they'd never managed to find a good escape route without the ceiling collapsing and having to re-dig it out, sure there places to hide, but it wouldn't be enough. At some point small demons would breach in behind the bigger ones and even small holes weren't gonna stop them.

"I..." Atris kept his eyes on the demon but had no real ideas on how to deal with the breach. "I have no idea, but standing here doing nothing is worse than trying anything." He lifted his gun and fired several consecutive shots at the beasts face. "Come on ugly! I've killed enough of you to know you're nothing special!" If he could maybe catch the attention of the big guy atleast some of them could run. "Corbin...I think we might be in trouble here." He said as the head horns angled down at them and the demon wailed with a loud screeching roar.

While the demon moved closer Atris fired a couple more shots only this time the winged colossus was easily close enough to watch the bullets connect. "The new face paint looks good on him I think." Atris even under duress wasn't known for going quietly or even trying to be serious. "I'm pretty sure if we find the right eye shadow we can pass him off as pretty. What do you think Cor?"

He smiled a little laughing at his jokes while trying desperately to hold himself together.