For her part, Corbin never claimed to have any sort of common sense at all. Life had always seemed to run on pure adrenaline and not much else. There were many days where death seemed more of a beautiful dream than living in this insufferable mess of a world where up was down, down was up and happiness seemed to slide through her fingertips like the wind in a sandstorm.

Maybe it was her ignorance and belief that Atris was Charlie's golden boy and she a toy placed in front of him to keep him occupied during down times. However, now it seemed there was a wee bit more to it than that.

"Don't you think this whole process would have moved along much easier if someone..say YOU..would have offered up this information in plain speech in the first place? You being death is kind of a big deal. I never understand why sentient beings like yourself can't just cut to the chase." Which was not likely to please Charlie very much. But, if the woman knew anything about Corbin, it was that she didn't hold back any punches when aggravated.

It took a few moments of stewing in silence before another word was uttered. At first, her words might anger Charlie even further. "First off stop referring to me as a bitch. If you don't provide me with truth, I'm gonna give you some flack. Two, you best leave my fucking heart alone. It's one of the only things I've ever owned in my whole existence. If and when I decide to give it away, that will be MY decision." OK, so this was not a good start. Corbin's gaze drifted to Atris only to see he had vanished and she was left to float in the verse alone. That very heart she spoke of now racked with unbearable heart ache at the idea she'd lost him.

"Just know I don't do this for you, Charlie. I do this for Atris." Inhaling deeply, causing a long pregnant pause. "I agree....I agree!"