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What is RPA?

Roleplay Adventures is an online community dedicated primarily to text-based roleplaying. We have a wide variety of roleplays, covering just about every genre, and new and original ones keep popping up all the time. In addition to the great variety of themes, we allow a lot of freedom in roleplaying: here you think your way, write your way, and play your way. We won't tell you what to post. We have some experienced and talented roleplayers who will present a good challenge to those of you who are as experienced and talented as them, and we've got a tutorial section full of tips and tricks so less experienced roleplayers can become better and learn; however, we'd like to stress that we're not an elitist forum in the least bit and even our most experienced writers enjoy roleplaying with relatively new writers. Register now and we'll show you why we're better than every other roleplaying site you've visited.

There is something for everyone on this community, but if you think otherwise please feel free to contact us at roleplay@role-player.net or by sending a private message to any staff member. We hope to see you online soon!

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The Annual RPA Awards!

We have so many fantastic members! So once a year, RPA takes time to honor our members for everything they do to make our website wonderful by hosting the RPA Awards! If you haven't nominated yet, do it soon -- once the nominations are over, it's time to vote for who you think best represents our site!

If you're new, or haven't joined yet, don't worry; they'll be back again next year.

» Roleplay of the week

Counterparts of Chaos will start with university students working for a summer as interns for an archeological dig in the Mayan ruins of Mexico. The problem is, upon arriving to the ruins a mischievous doppelgänger entity attaches to each student, unbeknownst to them. Each doppelgänger will not be just a look alike, they will also be mischievous spirit entities with the ability to appear human as a look alike.

These are not just any spirits though; they akin to a playful sprite. The spirits are not malevolent, but instead they like to play mischievous pranks, cause chaos and all around mayhem to their counterparts. The students know nothing of the chaos being caused by their counterparts until it's too late- being accused of something that they didn't do! Can you survive the chaos?

Counterparts Of Chaos

Fan of Supernatural? Ever thought about playing a role along side of them or maybe even playing one of the characters yourself? Well then here is your chance. CartelSaide and myself have made this role play that we want to put in the Persistent Worlds RP which means that we want to have three different worlds! Heaven, Hell, and of course Earth! Play a demon roaming around the world looking for your next victim, or be a hunter who just sent your least favorite demon back to the depths of Hell. Join the fight between good and evil, right and wrong.


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 What is Member Of  The Month?  It is a monthly spotlight highlighting great members of the RPA community, chosen by the staff. This individual is then showcased as Roleplay Adventures Member Of The Month!

Please stop by and check out the current months amazing Member Of The Month and congratulate them now! 

Who knows, maybe YOU could be RPA’s next MOTM!!

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