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What is RPA?

Roleplay Adventures is an online community dedicated primarily to text-based roleplaying. We have a wide variety of roleplays, covering just about every genre, and new and original ones keep popping up all the time. In addition to the great variety of themes, we allow a lot of freedom in roleplaying: here you think your way, write your way, and play your way. We won't tell you what to post. We have some experienced and talented roleplayers who will present a good challenge to those of you who are as experienced and talented as them, and we've got a tutorial section full of tips and tricks so less experienced roleplayers can become better and learn; however, we'd like to stress that we're not an elitist forum in the least bit and even our most experienced writers enjoy roleplaying with relatively new writers. Register now and we'll show you why we're better than every other roleplaying site you've visited.

There is something for everyone on this community, but if you think otherwise please feel free to contact us at roleplay@role-player.net or by sending a private message to any staff member. We hope to see you online soon!

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The Annual RPA Awards!

We have so many fantastic members! So once a year, RPA takes time to honor our members for everything they do to make our website wonderful by hosting the RPA Awards! If you haven't nominated yet, do it soon -- once the nominations are over, it's time to vote for who you think best represents our site!

If you're new, or haven't joined yet, don't worry; they'll be back again next year.

» Roleplay of the week

The basic premise of it is during the events of homestuck a new wave of children get involved in the massive conundrum the others are mixed up in. New God Tiers are unearthed throguh trials, many new lands are introduced, and many different strife specibus' come to be. What will this new wave hold? Nobody knows..

Homestuck: The Next Generation

Something sinister lurks within the Sea of Trees. All but a handful of the Wardens of Nareen have fallen into a dark slumber during the eclipse ceremony, leaving their sacred charge, the Pool of Nareen, unprotected. A foul presence now inhabits Gul-Natha, the ancient temple which houses the sacred pool. Since the temple's invasion, the beasts of the wilderness have become rabid, twisted aberrations with unnatural power and an insatiable hunger for human flesh. These horrors have slaughtered hundreds of Nikarian villagers. The few Wardens that remained were forced to abandon Gul-Natha and escort their people to the southern encampment. Though a powerful shamanic ward was placed over the encampment, it has be begun to weaken as of late, with several tainted bears making their way into the encampment.

Out of desperation, the proud Wardens of Nareen have been forced to seek out the assistance of Cynbel, a ranger from the outskirts of Crometh, and an old friend of the order. Cynbel has returned to Cromerth and assembled a company of combatants from various orders across Bastion to investigate the source of these disturbances.

Tales of Bastion

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