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  1. The Stilted Guide to Character Making
  2. Illusiounary Nothings Guide to RP'ing
  3. The Great Wall of Text... and why it's bad
  4. GD's abraisive guide to Battle RPs
  5. Stream's General Combat Guide
  6. Tips, Tricks & Helpful Hints: A Mentor Thread.
  7. RPA Bulletin Board Codes
  8. Familiarís Treatise on Making an Awesome Character!
  9. ~Creating Characters~
  10. Cartel's Guide to the Extreme Basics of RPing
  11. The Croze Guide to Modern Weapons (In Service, but incomplete)
  12. World Building Guide
  13. MP3 Code
  14. Siksta's Insider's Guide to RPA!
  15. Shop Guide and FAQ
  16. How to Spot Spam