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  1. (M) The Rogue's Gallery OOC
  2. Beyond the Second World: The First Knight [Rated M]
  3. Scarlet Ice- new & accepting~ fantasy rp
  4. The Hunted - Uprising {M} {REVAMP} {OOC}
  5. [M] Desert Roses (OOC)
  6. Dungeons and Dragons: The Ailisdarian Arc
  7. The Order of the Charitable Knights
  8. Materica [M]
  9. Gate to Giavala [Pathfinder Isekai RPG]
  10. Adventurer's Inc [Starfinder guild TTRPG] OOC
  11. (OOC) Dersei Angels [M]
  12. Furries among us
  13. Trials of the Forsaken - OOC
  14. The Gods Themselves
  15. The Nine Jewels (OOC)
  16. The Greed of the Seven Seas
  17. The Return of Arcanum (OOC)
  18. Fragments of Draconia OC
  19. The Adventures of the Mixed and Messed up (M)
  20. The Mystic Isles [OOC]
  21. I thought we were just going to play D&D! {M} [OOC]
  22. 5 Star Desert (Western Fantasy OOC) [M]
  23. [M] The League of Villains (OOC)
  24. (M)Resolution for the Messed and Mixed Up Alteration(OOC)
  25. [M] The Brumal Horde (OOC)
  26. [M] Specs in the Ocean (OOC)
  27. [M] Heroes of the Realm (OOC)
  28. [M] The New Champions (OOC)
  29. Soldiers without purpose. (SwP)
  30. [M]Would-Be Heroes Off to Help Save the World(OOC)
  31. Fur-Covered Cogs [OOC]
  32. (M)Through the Barrier to Time Travel(OOC)
  33. Dragons and their partners OOC
  34. (M)Quest for the Restoration(OOC)
  35. Haku
  36. Tales of the Highland
  37. Tales of the Highland [OOC]
  38. Seeking Long term writers/friends.
  39. [M] Dragonslayers (OOC)
  40. The Throne of Gods: Memories of Divinity
  41. (M)Unexpected Encounters of the Knights(OOC)
  42. Rebellion OOC (u/c)
  43. Mooncrest Academy! (OOC) [Group Roleplay]