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  1. [M] The New Vanguard (OOC)
  2. The Recovery (post-apocolypse RP) [OOC]
  3. Tokyo Ghoul OOC
  4. The League of Extraordinarily Useless Heroes
  5. The Recovery (Full world reboot) - (Reboot) - [M]
  6. The Andromeda Federation (OOC)
  7. The Robinson Family
  8. Rise of heroes
  9. SLJ: Supernatural League for Justice
  10. Vacuum Crows [M]
  11. {M} Fairven City (OOC)
  12. (OOC) Silent Lady: Mystery on Nyx
  13. Wanted, All pilots: DAGGER SQUADRON OOC [M]
  14. A Ripple in the Drift OOC [M]
  15. [OOC] Star Wars RP (name to be confirmed!) [Mature]
  16. [M] The Men in Black [OOC]