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  1. -New Blood- OOC (M)
  2. Something Wicked This Way Comes [Mature]
  3. Something Wicked This Way Comes
  4. -New Blood- [reduex] (M)
  5. RUSTED RAPTURE [The Zombie Apocalypse|Rated R]
  6. [R] Aslyum (OOC-Signups)
  7. Shattered Memories - A Ghost RP (Rated M) [OOC]
  8. [M] Survival Horror Zombie OOC
  9. Castle from Hell [NC-17]
  10. The Demonata [M] (OOC)
  11. Terror Town (work in progress)
  12. Terror Town
  13. Field Trip... Of the Dead?! OOC; [M]
  14. [PG-13]If There Weren't Slayers
  15. [R]Project Z: In the Making/Recruitments
  16. [M]Dead New York (OOC sign up)
  17. [M] Dead New York
  18. Field Trip... Of the Dead?! OOC; [M]
  19. Field Trip... Of the Dead?! IC; [M]
  20. Predators: Deadly Game (OOC) [R]
  21. [R] One Bloody Summer!
  22. [M] Bloodbath: The Hunting
  23. [R]Blood Lust
  24. OOC Trembling Sky: The Beast Below [M for extreme violence and horror]
  25. [M]Winter of Discontent -a "Zombie" Fantasy rp-
  26. [M] Pathogen - Zombie Story [M] OOC
  27. [R]The Masquerade Ball (Modern Murder Mystery RP)
  28. [R]RP (Masquerade) Modern Day Murder Theme
  29. The Block-A New Take on a Zombie RP [M]
  30. //Undead Underground Zombie//Cinderella Deadly// [M]
  31. [M]Midnight at Mirnon Manor - a murder mystery rp.
  32. Midnight at Mirnon Manor [IC~rated M]
  33. [M] Murder Under the Moon [OOC]
  34. [M] Murder Under the Moon
  35. Push Me-- OOC [R]
  36. Dollhouse; [M]
  37. Diaries (Zombie Apocalypse) OOC [M]
  38. Diaries (Zombie Apocalypse) [M, Always Open]
  39. Zombie Apocalypse RP (M)
  40. Field Trip... Of the Dead?! OOC; [M]
  41. Field Trip... Of the Dead?! IC; [M]
  42. Asylum [M]
  43. [M] Austere
  44. [M]Austere IC
  45. [M] sαи g υιs
  46. [M] Mirnon Manor re-awakened...
  47. [M] Are you afraid of the dark? IC
  48. [M] The hunted IC
  49. [M] The Chain Letter Murders +IC+
  50. [M] The Last Hope of the Hybrids
  51. [M] New Era Of Darkness OOC
  52. [M] New Era Of Darkness IC
  53. [M] The Murder Train - OOC
  54. Rusted from the Rain [18+ Zombie RP] -IC-
  55. [M] The Murder Train - IC
  56. -M- The outbreak at manor Oakly (IC)
  58. West Hills Haunted High [M]
  59. [M] West Hills Haunted High
  60. [M] Post Apocalypse| Zombie Survival
  61. [M] Missing~ [OOC]
  62. The Countdown [OOC] [M]
  63. Welcome to the Circus~ [M] [OOC]
  64. [R] Epidemic (Zombie Apocalypse RP) -OOC-
  65. [R] Epidemic (Zombie Apocalypse RP) -IC- New members always welcome
  66. The Sick Game ~ (OOC) [M]
  67. [M] A supernatural convoy. (Parody/Horror)
  68. [M] Toxic Wasteland
  69. [M] Welcome Aboard the Murder Train! OOC
  70. [M] The Gang: Recall
  71. [M] Toxic Wasteland
  72. [M] The Artifact [Horror/Sci-Fi]
  73. [M] The Artifact [Horror/Sci-Fi] IC
  74. [M/R] DeadSpace: Fire Team Seven OOC
  75. [M]Dear Diary... (Mature Mystery Horror)
  76. [M] Apotheosis OOC
  77. [R] Epidemic (Zombie Apocalypse RP) -OPEN-
  78. [M] Day Zero (A zombie apocalypse RP)
  79. [R] Epidemic (Zombie Apocalypse RP) -CLOSED FOR TIME BEING-
  80. The Buckminster Murder Case (M)
  81. FUBAR (Zombie Spec-Ops) (M)
  82. [M]The Veil
  83. [M] Zombie Apocalypse RP [OOC]
  84. [M] Zombie Apocalypse RP [IC]
  85. [M] The Haunted
  86. [M] Zombie-7
  87. Zombie-7 M
  89. Zombie group roleplay? rated r
  90. Zombie group roleplay? rated r
  92. The Buckminster Murder Case [M] OOC
  93. (R) Unhinged Duality - Horror Roleplay
  94. [M] Curse [vampires]
  95. The Z-Word [M - OOC]
  96. Dead Zone OOC [M]
  97. Code Red [M] OOC
  98. Arisen: A New Mystery [M] (IC)
  99. [M] Transylvania Chronicles- IC
  100. {M} Lunacy C-9 OOC (Sci-fi Survival Horror)
  101. [M] Breakers (OOC)
  102. [M] Breakers (OOC)
  103. Midnight at Mirnon Manor [M]
  104. Midnight at Mirnon Manor [IC - Rated M]
  105. [M] Whodunnit: Let's Play Murder Mystery
  106. [M] The Hollow - OOC
  107. [M] The Hollow - IC
  108. Highschool fieldtrip [Zombie survival] (M) (IC)
  109. The Game Show (R) (Romance/Horror will have violence, sex later)
  110. [M] The Devils Rejects [M]
  111. Whodunnit: Let's Play Murder Mystery {IC, Rated M}
  112. [M] Demons of Halloween (Reboot) - OOC
  113. [M] The Devils Rejects [M]
  114. [M] Demons of Halloween (Reboot) - IC
  115. ᴛʜᴇ ɪɴsᴀɴᴇ ᴀsʏʟᴜᴍ [M]
  116. The Murder of Mr. Abbigton [M-OOC]
  117. The Murder of Mr. Abbigton [M-IC]
  118. DOOM: Rise of the Damned
  119. RPApocalypse: The Reborn {M ~ OOC}
  120. RPApocalypse: The Reborn {M ~ IC}
  121. [M] Dead Space - Enlightenment
  122. [M] LPIC: Dominari In Tenebris Sumus.
  123. Murder Nation - IC - Rated M
  124. Day Z: Exodus (R)
  125. Reality Bites [M]
  126. [M] Risen Ashes: Episode 2: Dead Slumber [OOC]
  127. [M] The Corpses Bleed red
  128. [M] The Corpses Bleed Red
  129. Reality Bites [M - IC]
  130. Walmart Apocalypse OOC (M)
  131. [M] The Facility [Take Two]
  132. [M] Project Z (IC)
  133. [M] Living in Hell OOC
  134. [M] Living in Hell IC
  135. [M] Sin Reapers (OOC)
  136. The Portolage [M] - OOC
  137. The Portolage [M] - IC
  138. {M} Captive OOC
  139. Reality Bites [M - OOC]
  140. [M] Sin Reapers - IC
  141. A Shadow of a Killer [M]- OOC
  142. Reality Bites [M - IC]
  143. {M} Demonic Sufferage OOC
  144. {M} Demonic Sufferage IC
  145. [M] Bondage of Blood (OOC)
  146. [M] Shedding Skins IC
  147. [M/R] RPApocalypse: Entropy
  148. A Shadow of a Killer Redub [M]- OOC
  149. A Shadow of a Killer [M]- IC
  150. Heroes against Evil
  151. [M/R] RPApocalypse: Entropy
  152. [M Horror] - The Town Time Forgot (OOC)
  153. [M] - The Town Time Forgot (IC)
  154. [M] The Omen: Reincarnated
  155. [R] Forged in Death
  156. [M][OOC] Springvale Asylum
  157. [IC] Springvale Asylum.
  158. [R] Hellbound: The Circles
  159. 「R」 【Blood by Night: Ashes Before Dawn】 「OOC」
  160. [R] Hellbound: The Circles | IC
  161. [M] The Devil's Rejects [M]
  162. H {M // R} Catasrophony OOC - Bell, Hoef, and Cartel ♥
  163. [M] Spirits of Halloween (Main OOC)
  164. [M]The Devil's Rejects
  165. [M] Spirits of Halloween (IC)
  166. [M] The Game of Life
  167. H [ᴍ] ᴛᴇᴀʀs ✝ sʜᴀʟʟ ✝ ғᴀʟʟ [ᴏᴏᴄ]
  168. [M] Trapped in Hel
  169. H LIMBO \\ OOC \\ R
  170. H [ᴍ] ᴛᴇᴀʀs ✝ sʜᴀʟʟ ✝ ғᴀʟʟ [ic]
  171. H LIMBO \\ IC \\ R
  172. Quarantine Zone {M}
  173. Quarantine Zone {M} {IC}
  174. 「R」 【S T R A N D E D】 「OOC」
  175. Reality Bites; Revamp [Rated M - OOC]
  176. 「R」 【S T R A N D E D】 「IC」
  177. Reality Bites [Rated M - IC]
  178. [M] Black Creek Manor [OOC]
  179. Night Terrors: Fear Itself [M]
  180. The Search - OOC [M]
  181. [M] Black Creek Manor [IC]
  182. Zombie Apocalypse of Hell {OOC + Signs Up} {Rated M}
  183. [M] Bleeding Ganymede [M]
  184. [M]Zombie Apocalypse of Hell {IC}
  185. The End of All Things OOC [M]
  186. [OOC - M] Equinox [Action/Horror]
  187. The Outbreak: Zombie apocalypse [M]
  188. [IC - M] Equinox [Action/Horror]
  189. [M - Gore] Denizen of the Caves
  190. (R) The List
  191. (R) [IC] The List
  192. Valkyries: Occult Warfare (OOC)
  193. [M]Valkyries: Occult Warfare - Ch.1
  194. [M] The Fog [OOC]
  195. [M] The Fog [IC]
  196. Immortui Island _Resort Reception Desk
  197. Blood in the Chocolate OOC M
  198. The Wondrous Dark
  199. Wellspring High [M] OOC
  200. Wellspring High [M] IC
  201. Crescendo (Police Procedural/Survival Horror; Open)
  202. 「M」【A Descent into Darkness】「OOC」
  203. [M] Degeneration into Nothing
  204. The Cursed Ruins of El Santa Fe - OOC - M
  205. [M] WASTE - Survival Sandbox RP
  206. [M] WHODUNNIT? -- OOC
  207. [M] WHODUNNIT? -- IC
  208. [M/OOC] Night of the Raven (Mystery/Supernatural)
  209. {M} The Rift OOC
  210. [M/IC] Night of the Raven
  211. Seasonal: The Game (Horror Human Survival) RP
  212. {M} The Rift IC
  213. (M) Outbreak: Genesis
  214. (M) Outbreak: Genesis IC
  215. [M]The Echoes of Hunger: Sealed in Blood(OOC)
  216. [M]The Echoes of Hunger: Sealed in Blood(IC)
  217. Back to hell (Howling RP)
  218. The Howling: Back to hell
  219. Lockdown
  220. Lockdown
  221. R - Dire - A Horror Fantasy - OOC
  222. The Shadows that walk among us (M) OOC
  223. R - Dire - IC
  224. (M) The Shadows that walk among Us. (IC)
  225. [OOC REBOOT] Calling All Creepsters! [PG-13]
  226. [IC REBOOT] Calling All Creepsters! [PG-13]
  227. [OOC] NYC Noir [M]
  228. Armageddon to Promiseland Gameshow! (OOC and Recruitment)
  229. [M] Reality Horror Show OOC
  230. Isle 13 (OOC)
  231. Swallowed By The Moon OOC [M]