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  12. The Remaining Hybrids (OOC thread) [Possibly M with Danny Phantom and Undead Fears]
  13. (M) Star Riot (Undead_Fears and Siks Bounty hunter RP.)
  14. SHADOW WALKERS OOC (M) (1x1 with Kiro Akira and Bluemoon)
  15. Crystal Cavern: Double Team (P.K. and Omac)
  16. [M] Once Cursed, Twice Damned {Lyra & Midori-Hime}
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  20. (M)The Winter Thaw OOC(a StormyNyte x Siks RP)
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  30. A rose by any other name...[M]{DamoniquexBrokecollege}
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  32. Reclamation Postulation [OOC]
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  35. Avatar:Kindling[M]{DamoniquexAshen}
  36. The Lost Princess
  37. Blood is thicker than water or... [M] {Damonique x Panu}
  38. Valkyries: Warpath (Koti X P.K.) Rated M