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  1. Notes and Information on The Hunger Games [M]
  2. Private 1 x 1 Routine, Rating, and Recruitment Rules (READ BEFORE STARTING AN RP!)
  3. [M]The Avatar Without a Name (Nacht/Zul)
  4. A DR who RP Between Omac and P.K., you know this is going to be amusing. Pg-13
  5. (M) The Treasure of the Lost Mountains OOC (bluemoon x Siks apocy RP)
  6. Finding Shadowed Island(SecretShadows and Pidipuuu)OOC (M)
  7. OOC: Pidipuuu & SecretShadows | Woke up in a strange world, and now I'm marrying the
  8. The Remaining Hybrids (OOC thread) [Possibly M with Danny Phantom and Undead Fears]
  9. SHADOW WALKERS OOC (M) (1x1 with Kiro Akira and Bluemoon)
  10. [M] Once Cursed, Twice Damned {Lyra & Midori-Hime}
  11. Reclamation Postulation [OOC]
  12. The Lost Princess
  13. M - Supersedure - A Superhero Mystery - 커비 & Pyro OOC
  14. The Stray Dog (OOC) with DannyPhantom & Southernbelle
  15. OOC - 1x1 - "Ad Memoriam" - a Skyrim RP (Post-Apocalyptic) Scrivener x Sylent
  16. M | OOC | Roses on Sullied Hands | Dire Hoef x Luminous Heaven
  17. [M] Sanctuary: Twilight's Requiem (Breggo x RedKayne OOC)
  18. M - Touch of Monkshood, a Forbidden Romance - (The Cockatiel & Pyro) OOC
  19. A city devided (1 x 1 isabella1503 and AngelDellaNotte)
  20. Vision of Valor (M) Damonique and SouthernBelle OOC
  21. Luck of Tomorrow (SaltyIrishman x Midori-Hime)
  22. Scared Mate (TheBaron and SouthernBelle)
  23. The Prince With a Plan - 1x1 LostMisfit x DreamDragon101
  24. {M} Light lost in the Night (TheBaron-isabella1503)
  25. Wonder as we wander (Adora Bell x Sear)
  26. {M} Wilds Things Calling (TheBaron-DreamDragon101)
  27. {M} Realms Collide (TheBaron-Sear)
  28. Crystal Clear (Adora Bell and Omac)
  29. Role play OOC
  30. A lawyer's Mistake
  31. {M} Dead Nation (TheBaron-J'Von)
  32. One big Family(Ooc)
  33. [OOC] Falling in Love with the Enemy (Danny Phantom & Larsen and Zoe, M-Rated, 18+)
  34. (M) southernbelle and moonlightsky
  35. [M/OOC] Behind the Mask {Lyra x Omac}
  36. {M?} OOC ~ Awoken ~ { Quetzalcoatl x spoon_car}
  37. M | OOC | Necromancers | Dire Hoef x Quetzalcoatl
  38. M | OOC | City of Angels | Dire Hoef x Kiro Akira
  39. m | song of the bell tower | {larson and zoe & spoon_car}
  40. [M] Dakota Jack and the Island of the Man Eaters OOC (Dna and Moon)
  41. [OOC] An Angel In Love With A Demon? (Danny Phantom & Moonlightsky) [Possibly M]
  42. [OOC] A Bitter End [Lady Celeste & SaltyIrishman]
  43. Falling For The Darkness OOC (P.K. Larson and zoe) Rated M
  44. Los Noctis Special Investigations Unit [Rated M]
  45. Chasing Shadows[M]{Damonique&EerieWillows}
  46. Secret Safe? MATURE 1x1 with NoviDome
  47. Tied Fates: A Siks and Koti story(OOC)(M)
  48. (M)When the moon shines down. ( Siks and CF RP) OOC
  49. [M] - Broken
  50. [M] - Broken
  51. The beginning OOC [D&D] [accepted forensics people only] [possibly M]
  52. Werewolf Romance RP (M) OOC with Larson and zoe and I
  53. 1X1 Mature Dog roleplay with umbreon
  54. Random Plot RP w/ Undead and Kiro (M) OOC
  55. The pathways at night (P.K. and Umbreon) PG 13
  56. Escaping Salvation OOC [M] (A PK and Koti Story)
  57. The Last Hybrid (OOC with Clumsy_Mage & DannyPhantom) [M]
  58. out of character roleplay
  59. Tale of Mizhana OOC
  60. Rouge Investigations [A Bluemoon&Koti~ Story] [[M]]
  61. rp's with shadow
  62. [M] - Broken (Takando & Undead_Fears) OOC
  63. [M] Dragon War OOC (Cosmic & Holey)
  64. Title TBD, Holeypaladin and Lu321
  65. The High Seas, Larson and zoe and Lu321
  66. arranged marriage (pidi and Lu321)
  67. My Knight, My Love (OOC, DannyPhantom & Lu321)
  68. The Dragon's Appropriation (Kyngrat & Lu321)
  69. Moonlight Meetings OOC (Kiro Akira & Lu321)
  70. A Rose Among Thorns | OOC | Lauriee-Angel & EnglishBelle
  71. [M]Rise of the Sun and Moon[OCC](ADNxMoonlit_Fae)
  72. DEAD CITY [M] OOC (Bluemoon & J'Von)
  73. |M| {Stellar by Starlight} |1x1 OC| |Alura x J'Von|
  74. (M) The Light within the Dark OOC (Alura x Siks RP)
  75. [M - OOC] Afterlife Agency [Siks & Celeste]
  76. ZOMBIE ROAD OOC [M] A zom-com featuring Moon and Siks
  77. [M|OOC] The Coronation Game (Alura and Naming)
  78. (OOC)SecretShadows and Cfavano
  79. [M] OOC - Unforeseen Circumstances - trouble.muffin & ElizabethStark
  80. The Last Werehog [M] (DannyPhantom & Tessa1436) (OOC)
  81. (M)(OOC)Quest for the People of Vorronga(GodlyD&DXTessa1436)
  82. The Big Bad!! (LostMistift&Pidipuuu)
  83. Royal Lies(Laura & Koti~) OOC M
  84. Islaetarry, academy of the arcane (1X1 Koti~ & Moonlit_Fae)
  85. [M] Rise Of A Crime Lord (1X1 Pilot and Storm) OOC
  86. [M|OOC] By the Book (Naming and Koti)
  87. OOC Mysteries in the Neighborhood 1X1 GodlyD&D and Maya Qwan
  88. The Awakening (OOC) (SecretShadow & Moonlit_fae)
  89. Out of Time (OOC) (NoviDome & Moonlit_Fae)
  90. Star Wars: Bureaucrats [Hannelorian x Kach] OOC
  91. [M] On the Knife's Edge: Love or Loyalty OOC [Hannelorian & moonlightsky]
  92. [M] Darkest Before Dawn OOC [Hannelorian & Corvina]
  93. (OOC) Dragonslayer [SaltyIrishman & Alura]
  94. Rags or Riches? 1x1 with SecretShadows
  95. [M] The Chosen and the Teacher [Hannelorian & MaskedBee] OOC
  96. [Closed Planning] [M] Chaotic Cam and Zeebat [Title TBD]
  97. What Darkness Finds ~M~(NamingtoohardXLostMisfit)
  98. Nature of the Heart[M]{DamoniquexBrokecollege}
  99. [M] The Price of Freedom [OOC - Damonique & Hannelorian]
  100. (M)The Wizard's Resistance [GodlyD&D & Hannelorian] (OOC)
  101. (M) Pursuit in Land of Troubles (GodlyD&D and V) OOC
  102. The Appalling Strangeness of the Mercy of God [M - OOC Hannelorian & DuchessLivilla]
  103. Waxworks OOC [Lady Celeste & DuchessLivilla]
  104. [Mature] Westward To The Heart OOC [Kach x DuchessLivilla]
  105. The War of Spies 1x1 [M] Discussion with Undead_Fears
  106. Artificial connection [M] NoviDome & WildMoon OOC discussion
  107. (M)Torpolia and the Threatening Creatures(GodlyD&D and Isabella1503)
  108. [M] White Night: the Heart of the Demoness | ElizabethStark & 커비 | (OOC)
  109. The Observers and the Secret (GodlyD&D and Malyka) OOC
  110. Finding the Key to Return (GodlyD&D and NaesTheFox) OOC
  111. Crash Landing -- OOC [M] { Prae & Hannelorian }
  112. The Alpha & Omega --- OOC [M] (Primrose & Prae)
  113. A Treaty of Peace [M] --- OOC (Primrose & Devil)
  114. The Serendipitous Contract [M] [Hoef x MD]
  115. A United Front [M] --- OOC [Primrose & Hannelorian]
  116. [M|OOC] Confessions of the Untamed (Naming and Miss Devil)
  117. PITCH BLACK〔M〕〔OOC〕「Hoef & Hannelorian」
  118. BEJEWELED〔M〕〔OOC〕「Hoef & GodlyD&D」
  119. [M] War and Peace ~ Breggo & Hannelorian [OOC]
  120. KINGDOMCOME〔M〕〔OOC〕「Hoef & DreamDragon101」
  121. Finding Some Threat from the Wilderness (GodlyD&D and PRINCESS SARAH)
  122. DAYS AFTER〔M〕〔OOC〕「Hoef & MidKnight」
  123. [M] Codetta to Coda [Hannelorian & ZiekwaltZier]
  124. [M] Deepsea Dweller & the Dweller of Asher Skies (OOC) [ZiekwaltZier & NoviDome]
  125. [M] Forever Bound to You (OOC) [Charming Primrose & ZiekwaltZier]
  126. [M] Sniped Through the Heart [Hannelorian & Iwazuma]
  127. 1X1 with NoviDome ~Witchy Business~ discussion
  128. The Games Afoot OOC {Thccgthwitch & ZiekwaltZier}
  129. Babylon OOC M (MidKnight & ZiekwaltZier)
  130. DEUS INFERNA〔M〕〔OOC〕「Hoef & ZiekwaltZier」