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  1. Two Hearts for One IC: (BG & Jevan) Rated M.
  2. [M] My Fair Lady (ScottishGal/ Dark Pigeon)
  3. [M] IC. Through the ages. {Dark Pigeon & ScottishGal}
  4. Private 1 x 1 Routine, Rating, and Recruitment Rules (READ BEFORE STARTING AN RP!)
  5. [IC - PG13] Sky High 2: Past & Present [Price & Lady Celeste]
  6. 'Til the Bittersweet End [M] ( Midoripickle & Ashen )
  7. [M] A Light in the Dark [Ashen & Midoripickle]
  8. [M] Draconian Prophecy (Ushima/Ashen)
  9. [M] Heaven Sent [Ashen & LostMisfit]
  10. (PG-13) Dragons at war (Holeypaladin and P.K.)
  11. [M] Promethean Galaxy: Dynasties (Holey & Cosmic)
  12. [M]A Race for Life {IC} {Jevan & Ashen}
  13. [M] Angel of the Night (Holey & Angel) IC
  14. [M] Unexpected Deadly Romance (Me and Yvoonnnnee)
  15. [M] Anima Mundi IC (Namingtoohard and Headwrapper)
  16. [M] IC - La Belle et la Bête - Dark pigeon / Scottishgal
  17. [M] Galactic Engagement (Ushima and AngelDellaNotte)
  18. Midnight Club for Vampires {IC}{M}{J'Von & ADN}
  19. A New Start? [M] { Midori-hime && lobo }
  20. The Survivals {M}{IC}
  21. When Worlds cross (P.K. X Numbers) PG-13 (IC)
  22. [M] The Dragon, the Princess, and the Knight (Holey & lobo)
  23. [M] Pokemon: Avarice Versus Justice! (Ashen and Headwrapper)
  24. A DR who RP Between Omac and P.K. (Gale and Percy) IC PG-13
  25. [M] The Aquatic Kingdom { holey & lobo }
  26. Galactic Idols (Holey & Lobo) (M)
  27. (M) The Treasure of the Lost Mountains IC (bluemoon x Siks apocy RP) (M)
  28. [M/IC] War of the Hidden (Numbers and Naming)
  29. [M] Sengoku Romance (Holey & SecretShadows) IC
  30. [M] Mirror IMAGE (Holey & Lobo) IC
  31. Fallling for a Vampire (M) Moon and Secret
  32. A Fated Meeting [Numbers + SecretShadows] IC [M]
  33. [M]Finding Shadowed Island(SecretShadows and Pidipuuu)IC
  34. [M]The Mafia Family(IC)
  35. Woke up in a strange world, and now I'm marrying the king | pidi & secret [M]
  36. (M) Bay Water Bandits IC (Lea and Siks)
  37. IC: Bounty of the Stars [Pidi & SikstaSlathalin] [M]
  38. The Last Hybrid (Private 1x1 with Danny Phantom and Pidipuuu) (Possibly [M])
  39. [M] Grimm Tales- Ch1: From these emerald waters (SiksXKris)
  40. [M/IC] Class That Divides (Fanatasia and Naming)
  41. The Remaining Hybrids (IC thread) [Possibly M with Danny Phantom and Undead Fears]
  42. Space Cadet {M} Holey & Undead Fears
  43. Falling for a Angel. (Moon and Undead) (M)
  44. [M]Devil turned Angel(Undead and Moon)
  45. [M] Lost Dragon IC (Undead_Fears and Headwrapper)
  46. The Barrier Between Us [M] - <Rikaya & lobo>
  47. ~ 1x1 with HoleyPaladin [M]
  48. [M/IC] A Lost Heart (J'Von and Naming)
  49. [M] What Once Was Lost [Namingtoohard & Ashen]
  50. (M) Star Riot (Undead & Siks)
  51. The City in The Sky [M] >Holeypaladin & Rikaya<
  52. Ancient Enemies and Forbidden Feelings [Numbers + Rikaya][M]
  53. {M} People Like Us {Numbers & Natora}
  54. [KyoY8 & Clumsy_Mage] Science of the Dead
  55. A second time [Pidi and Clumsy] [M]
  56. Shadow Walkers (IC) (M) BlueMoon & Kiro Akira
  57. [M/IC] Under an Iron Moon (Midori and Naming)
  58. (M) Darkness Falling for Light (Undead & Pidi)
  59. Glass Rose's IC: 1x1 with pidipuu
  60. [M] Record of Dragon War (Holey & Lobo)
  61. DARE {IC}{J'Von & Undead_Fears}
  62. The Missing Kitsune: Numbers + isabella1503
  63. Magical Partnership: Numbers + Last Falconry
  64. [M] Battle of Nessus: Final Battle of the Asmodean War (Holey & Lobo) IC
  65. [M] A Reborn Ancient | Arcus + Numbers
  66. [M] Once Cursed, Twice Damned {Lyra & Midori-Hime}}
  67. Friends in the Void [1x1 RP]
  68. [M] Riddle Me This {Lyra & Argon Jaden}
  69. The Cursed Stone [M] <Rikaya & puzzlez>
  70. A New World, A New Time IC ||[ Lleona X Numbers] [M for safety]
  71. An Otherwordly Magical Crusade|| [Lleona x Cortaga] [M]
  72. [M] You're Lion to Me! || [Holey x Lleona]
  73. [M/IC] The Fall of Andrûcil (Rha'az/Lleona)
  74. a dying wish [M for Mature Pidi and yzaidkane ]
  75. [M/IC] The Lost Tales of Camelot: The Green Knight
  76. Howling in the Streets{M} DamoniquexBrokecollege
  77. [M] Imperial Battle Mage Academy [Holeypaladin and Kortaga]
  78. [M] The Knife That Cuts the Deepest [BurningKirby & Ashen]
  79. [M] I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For (Avril & Lyra)
  80. [M] Mystery In Carter Lake (Storm & Bluemoon) (IC)
  81. A Whole New World (M) Owl0430 x brokecollege
  82. A Strange Summons[M] {DamoniquexYzaidkaine}
  83. {M} Hellfire Returns {Bee Bear & Jeremor}
  84. Developing Negatives[M] {Damoniquexbrokecollege}
  85. Crown Me{DamoniquexEerieWillows}[M]
  86. {M} Amor Omnia Vincit [Ashen and EerieWillows]
  87. A Night in Harrington House (Flies_with_owls and Lost)
  88. [M] Guardian of the Sacred Sword (Holey & yzaidkane)
  89. [M] Tides of Vengeance [UshimaXLleona]
  90. Open RP,1X1,Harry Potter(my OC x any male character partisipent is willing to do)R=M
  91. Perfect Strangers[M]{Damonique&Natora}
  92. Beyond the Second World: The first Gate [M] (VaidiaxKoti~) (IC)
  93. The Last Hybrid [Possibly M] (DannyPhantom and LadyBird) (IC)
  94. {M} Our Next Battle {EerieWillows x Natora}
  95. (M) The Winter Thaw (Stormy & Siks)
  96. [IC] Broken Bond [PG-13] ( Kortaga and ADN)
  97. [M] Dungeons and Deities { Holey & Lobo }
  98. TES: The Storm's Breaking (Storm x Nyte)
  99. Life in Luna Nova (with Pidipuuu)
  100. [M] You Are Not Alone {1x1 AgroShadow, Larynx}
  101. S.E.E.D.S IC {Anti- Hero & Bluemoon} Rated M for Mature!
  102. [M] You and Me and the Demon Makes Three {Lyra & Midori-Hime}
  103. [M] Cold Steel IC
  104. [M] The 49th Annual Hunger Games {Nachthexe x Zulera301}
  105. [M] Forgotten Realms: A Princess' Whisper [Naming + Breggo]
  106. [M] Jusqu'à Ce Que La Mort Nous Sépare {Nachthexe x Breggo13}
  107. [M-Rated] The Last Hybrid with DannyPhantom & yzaidkane (IC)
  108. [M] Foundry Tales: An Ordinary Holiday for an Extraordinary Family (Holey & Lobo)
  109. Blood Line CH4: The Bloody Heart (Kris X Siks)
  110. [M] The Horrville (Holey and Kicks) IC
  111. [M] Vikings against Ragnarok [Paganpaige X SaltyIrishman]
  112. A rose by any other name...[M]{DamoniquexBrokecollege}
  113. Stumbling into the Dark[M]{DamoniquexKicks}
  114. [M] Fires Fade... (1x1 private RP with Bluemoon.)
  115. Stellar chaos (M)