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  1. Class Schedule & Calendar of School Events.
  2. Spells
  3. House Points
  4. Staff & Students
  5. The Start of Term Feast
  6. Looney toons {Dawn and Katrin}
  7. Lionwolf and Wheelsnake meet at last (P.K. X HaelKatrin)
  8. A Charming Lesson (first years)
  9. Into the Viper's Nest (Slytherin)
  10. The Nightmare
  11. Private Lessons in Defense Against the Dark Arts.
  12. A Tidy Solution (Professor Medina, Ella Archer, Damara Liakos)
  13. A test of skill (Professor Grimm & Caryxander Mordushku)
  14. That's What Friends Are For (Caelin Grimm, Hael Shurley & Katrin Edlund)
  15. Good morning, first years. (Slytherin First Year Girls & Ella Archer)
  16. An Intervention for a Lonely Girl (Katrin Edlund, Tryee Kinnarid, Nathara Macfarland)
  17. A Pride of Lions (Tilly, Dexter and Fira)
  18. A Window into the Dark Arts; And the Defense Thereof.
  19. Meeting Lions at Dawn. (Professor Heal and Dawn Scamander)