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  1. Some new old news
  2. Amazon to make Lord of the Rings tv series
  3. Army dog wins medal for bravery
  4. Convicted man drinks poison in UN courtroom
  5. Is Everyone Safe? [Parkland, FL Shooting]
  6. Search team finds wreck of US World War 2 carrier
  7. So g has been lying to us?
  8. Attitude during current events advice
  9. Tears for Thousand Oaks [Borderline Bar Shooting]
  10. Rest in Peace Truest of Believers
  11. This Just In - Chocolate Spill in Germany
  12. World gone crazy again
  13. A 30-Year-Old Apple Computer Still Works
  14. #bellybuttongate
  15. I can get pretty political if you let me.... lol
  16. No words, only sorrow.
  17. Star Wars actor Peter Mayhew has passed on
  18. Feline internet sensation dies age 7
  19. Everest Insanity
  20. Writing Gives You Wings
  21. Ending of Bizet’s “Carmen” Gets a Feminist Makeover