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07-30-2011, 12:23 AM
Mission.....Start! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZIKAu3mGC9Q)

It was time, he knew that. Time to move, time to act, time to....awaken. A man sighed as he got out of bed, the day he had been waiting for had finally arrived. The day when he could finally bring out his great-great-great-granfather's creation. They were the reason he had gotten into the field, growing up on stories told to him as a child. Storied about powerful warriors who with one alone could turn the tide of a battle. The Omegas, genetically altered super soldiers. Stronger, faster, smarter they're perfect.

Taking a quick shower he changed. Black pants and shoes, white shirt, red tie, black vest and belt. He put on a white lab coat and clipped on his badge. Leaving his quarters he made his way to the Mess Hall for a quick meal. "So is today the day?"

The scientist stopped listening to the taunting of his co-workers a long time ago. Once they learned about his fascination with the warriors they never let them hear the end of it. Aas time passed the warrior's greatness and victories were forgotten, except by those who had a hand in their making and those who were fortunate enough to serve with one, they of course told those stories this scientist heard. Though he couldn't help but smile. Little did the others know that the day before he recieved a call, direct from the Emperial Council. They told him to awaken the Omegas.

Finishing his breakfast he made his way down the ship (http://fc08.deviantart.net/fs16/f/2007/133/d/7/Ogame_Space_Ship_Wallpaper_by_ToBiOh.jpg). The Research facility, Red Dawn, flew through space toward it's objective. The rest of the crew did not know of this change, except for him, the captain, pilot and navigator. He could only imagine the reaction of the rest of the crew once they realize they were near the planet Sodonis. Approaching a big steel door he scanned his security badge at the computer to the side. Then he had his eyes scanned then his palm. "Welcome Dr. Michael Richards." The automated voice said as the steel doors opened automatically. He was in the deepist part of the ship, while most of the ship was new and updated this reeked of old age. Standing there he took in the scene as the doors closed behind him. Directly in front of him was a console, the control for the pods. It'd display everything from temp controls to the vitals of the occupants. This batch of Omegas was small but he had assurance they were some of the best. On the left of the room was a line of pods, on right was some equipment he'd need to check over the Omega's status once they emerged. And on the far wall was one more pod, holding the squad leader.

The pods gave the room a spectral blue glowing effect and the room was cold, very cold. But nothing the doctor couldn't handle. Touching the console he imput the codes for reactivation. "Time to wake up." Hitting the button on the holographic display the green lights on the pods changed to red, they let out a hiss and a blast of air. They began to open.....

07-30-2011, 02:39 AM
Master Sergeant Tacy Neza was the first one to wake up in her pod. The pair of brilliant bright green eyes popping open after who knows how long. Her pod door creaking some as it opened fully as the Medic sat up straight, sat on the edge rotating her head to stretch it out. Wearing a standard blue suit to better protect from the initial freezing process she stood up stretching tall as her eyes caught sight of the man in the control room. Giving a nod and single wave indicating she was just fine Tracy looked around the room...no one else was up just yet but all pods were activated...only a matter of time now. Hearing a tap on the glass from the Dr. she turned her head seeing him pointing to lockers against a wall each with the names of the Omegas containing their usual clothes that each prefered. "Roger Dr. Richards thanks!"

Grabbing her articles of clothing she went behind one of the curtains, soon emerging out feeling much better. Her long hair partly up; tank top, shorts, and sneakers on she placed her dog tags on over her head not tucking them in her shirt.

-Tracy Neza....Omega Medic...Master Sergeant -

No other information was needed on the tags...their group was elite the less known the better. "Well, time to wake them up more...." As her pod was the closest to the control room she proceeded down the line her fist hitting the pod doors one by one. "Thunk ..Thunk..Thunk...Thunk..Thunk......" Until she reached the squad leaders brushing off the frost reading:

--James Steel....Omega Captain--

Turning around she leaned up against the Captains pod... "Knock Knock Knock Knock"
Smile forming on her lips..."let the party begin...."

07-30-2011, 03:49 AM
Cain awoke irritated, because all he could remember was arguing about being put into a cryogenic sleep, and then he felt something hit the back of his head. Cain heard a solid thunk come from the outside of his pod, and his red eyes popped open, grunting he saw that the pod's doors were slowly opening, but he pushed it the rest of the way. You could hear the doors gears squealing as the door was forced open. Cain stepped out of the pod heavily taking in a deep breath of the fresh air. He had on absolutely no clothing, and all of his muscles were seen shifting as he stretched. He breathed out slowly and observed his surroundings, and saw that across the room stood a random man that Cain had never seen in his life. He also saw Tracy across the room leaning against another pod, he smiled at her waiving, before walking to the lockers.

Cain went towards his locker and opened it to pull out a black tank top, and a pair of camouflage shorts. He went behind the curtain putting on the clothes, and was annoyed when he saw his dog tags. He had at once been a Lieutenant, and looked up to on the team, but the marines just kept stripping his rank till he was nothing more than a Chief Warrant Officer. Growling he put the dog tags on his neck, and walked out from behind the curtain with a frown on his face. All he had ever tried to do was help his team, but every time he did he was demoted soon he would be nothing more than a private. He grabbed a pair of black sneakers from his locker, and left his hair wild. It hung around his shoulders, and was split at some of the ends, but he could care less. Cain looked around the room not seeing to many more pods, and was wondering where the rest of the Omega's were. There were supposed to be more than the number of pods that they had placed in this room. Cain brushed whatever bad thoughts that he kept in his head away, and grabbed his personal combat knife. (http://t2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSiStvxLSJ46hoM9hvEZEYkQMPmApx_2 Zy8ME8tPmBBfBkZP8XUCQ) It was a good 2 and a half feet long, and he put it in his sheath, and hung it from his belt. He had used the knife in more fights then he could remember, and it had came in handy quite often.

07-30-2011, 04:41 AM
George leaned forward and yawned. The sound of his lungs refilling and the air passing over his trachea was joined by a metallic his. The soft smell of ozone clung to his breath like the nicotine of a heavy smoker. As he lurched forward out of the cryo-pod his immense shoulders brushed against the sides of the hatch. If it wasn't for seeing the thin coils of steam coming from his nose and mouth he would have had no idea that he was in cryogenic stasis. He flexed his hands as the audio sensors built into the sides of his skull activated. A high pitched wine washed out to static and then rebalanced so that he could hear the soft hum of the ship the vents and pipes built into the walls. With a little more tweaking he could make out the sound of metal moving over metal coming from his hands, the click of prosthetic finger bones and artificial tendons. He could detect the numbing pressure sensors assigned throughout his body... what he had received in exchange for his ability to feel pain... or anything for that matter. He rolled his shoulders and heard the dull but satisfying thump of the pressure cuffs built into his shoulders locking into place.

He lowered his hands and squared up his feet. With all the routine efficiency of an assembly machine he folded his hands just over where his tailbone used to be and said "CWO Pink, reporting for operations." His voice had the same synthetic latency that his yawn did, an after effect of the chemical scrubbers and environmental scanners grafted into the lining of his wind pipe.

07-30-2011, 05:31 AM
Thomas leaned up shaking his head rubbing his hair as he stretched. He climbed out the pod and waving as he grunted, he was not a morning person. Thomas opened his locker and smiles as he spotted a pack of strawberry gum his favorite he quickly opened a piece and begun chewing as he walked behind the curtain putting on his black pants white muscle shirt and black shoes he grabbed his dog tails and yelled "What the fuck I been demoted!" He quickly ripped down the curtain he walked off to the wall pissed. "You crash one fucking space station into a mining colony and they make you a private!" Thomas mumbled under his breath. He stopped and looked at the man in the lab coat he pointed and asked out loud "who's the nerd?"

07-30-2011, 06:36 AM
Cassius blinked awake as soon as the door to his pod began to open. He simply continued to lay there, staring up at the opening door of his pod. He was slightly disoriented, but that little thing in the back of his head, his enhancement chip, began to sort all of his memories clearly in his head, and he remembered. He heard a loud thunk on his pod door and he let out a sigh, rising up and pushing it the rest of the way open.

He looked around to see several of his teamates getting out of their pods and getting dressed. He got out of his pod and slowly walked to his locker, rubbing his head with his hands as he went. He opened it and took out his clothes, a simple outfit consisting of a black jacket, black pants and boots. As he got dressed, he thought about why they had been awakened again. He remembered his last meeting with the leaders of the omega project, the one where they had decided to close it down. They had said we'd only be taken out of cryo sleep if we were needed.

Cassius picked up his dog tags as he heard other members complaining about their ranks being changed. No, he was still second lieutenant. He smiled slightly as he tucked his tags under his jacket and turned to face everyone.

He looked at Thomas, who, unsuprisingly, had already managed to get a hold of some gum. "Who's the nerd?" Cassius shifted his gaze to the man, probably the one who had woken them up. He looked like a doctor, and he realized that this man would undoubtedly begin explaining things soon. With that in mind, Cassius leaned against his pod with his arms crossed, waiting.

07-30-2011, 10:13 PM
The first thing Evangeline heard was the hiss of the pod doors as they slid open. Her slate blue eyes flickered open, immediately scanning the room. At first all she could see was the mist of the cryogenic chamber, but as she delicately stepped out of her pod the rest of the room quickly came into focus.

The small glint of red in her pupils flickered as she took in the faces of the people around her; Cassius, patiently awaiting instructions, Thomas who to no one's surprise was already chewing gum, George was stretching, Tracy knocking on James's pod door, and judging from the ruffling of fabric Cain was behind the curtain changing. Her eyes briefly glanced at the man who had awakened them, knowing immediately the respect he garnered for being trusted to awaken them. Evangeline gave a nod of respect as she passed him, going towards the curtain to clothe herself.

The first thing Evangeline noticed was her dog tags; she was a First Lieutenant. She did not question her rank, knowing her superiors gave it to her for a reason. On her slender frame she pulled a simple black tank top and a pair of grey camo pants. On her small feet she put on black sneakers; boots were too bulky for her.*She kept her shoulder-blade length ash-blonde hair loose, strapping her black utility belt (http://www.google.com/m/search?site=images&source=mog&hl=en&gl=us&client=safari&q=black%20utility%20belt&sa=N#i=2) around her waist. It felt oddly light without her gun; they must have taken the rest of her supplies out of it too.*

When she had finished changing, Evangeline came out from behind the curtain, awaiting her orders silently.

08-01-2011, 07:54 AM
The open plains saw two large groups engaged in hand to hand combat underneath the midday sun. Without warning a shadow descended growing larger with each passing moment. The fighting came to a stall as more and more of the combatants realized that something was zeroing in on them, and within seconds both groups began to work together. Casters from both forces began to heal and buff those around them.

If a dragon could smile, Carver would. He had been living the life of a great red dragon for so long that time no longer held any meaning to him. Not that time mattered, at this moment the lesser races of this world had offered themselves up as a buffet, and he planned to eat well this day. He let loose with a breath of fire, only a few would actually be hit by it as he was still too far up to do any damage. It did however have the desired effect. Anyone with a ranged weapon or spell let loose at the dragon. Like the dragon’s breath weapon, their weapons were also too far out of range to do any damage, however they now had less options in their arsenal to fight the dragon with.

With a mighty roar Carver barreled into the lesser races and swallowed three whole as he swept back up in to the air. With an aerial cartwheel Carver began his second dive. That was when it happened. The world went black and he suddenly found himself in the emptiness of a data void. Carver sighed inwardly, he was about to wake up, play time had ended.

Stan opened his eyes slowly. Sure enough he found himself back aboard the Red Dawn. The cryo-bay looked just like he remembered it when they put him to sleep. Before he stepped out of the pod, he reached up to the left side of his neck and detached the data port connector that he had the techs hook up before going to sleep. He smiled slightly as he realized his hair had not grown out while he was sleeping. He then stepped out of the pod and walked over to his locker uncaring that he was completely naked. He put his boxers on, then a tank top and finally his dog tags. He did not bother to look at them when he put them on, as he already knew that he had retained his rank as a Warrant Officer, earned mere days before being put to sleep. He then turned to face the stranger in the room, and as the others had already done assumed he was a doctor.

“Ok Doc,” he spoke up, “what happened?”

08-02-2011, 04:39 AM
Time, time did not matter to him. Long has he been frozen, stored away. Waiting for a time the Council needed him to kill again. He was the sword of the Council as well as their shield. Given orders to fight and slay his enemies without a care in the world as to why he had to fight, why he had to kill these people. He was as cold as the pod he was stuffed in. No, time didn't matter to him anymore. All that matter was he get out and continue his mission to fight. That's all he knew, after all. And he loved every part of his life. Lived the fighting, the killing, the pain he received, the pain he caused others on the battlefield. A machine, sometimes it was to much for his handlers to take. When the recieved his mission reports, the details, the pictures.

Now it was time for this machine to activate and kill again. With a hiss the pod door unlocked, filling the room with a cold mist the hung waist level. Slowly the door opened. At first you couldn't see him, the mist level intensified when the door opened. But soon you could make out a figure. His body carried the scars of battle. The only clothing he had on was a pair of black briefs. Moving his joints popped, after nearly two hundred years his body was stiff. Gripping the sides the nineteen year old pulled himself up and stepped out.

He said nothing as he made his way to his storage locker, imspecting each piece of gear they assigned him. Black boots, a pair of digital camo pants (http://www.armysurplusworld.com/custom/photos/urbandigitalbdupants.jpg), a Project Omega shirt (http://image.spreadshirt.com/image-server/image/product/15744125/view/1/type/png/width/378/height/378/black-omega-t-shirts.png). Around his waist was a black belt, attached to that was a leg holster (http://www.pyramydair.com/images/acc/UTG-Concealed-Ankle-Black_PVC-H190B_holster_sm.jpg), on his right leg. The most unique item in his locker was a pistol (http://www.gamestop.com/gs/images/bonus/Section%208%20Pistol_bonus1LG.jpg). The real name for the weapon was the Mk III Emperor Magnum. And the last, but most important piece, his dog tags. James Steel, Captain, Sniper. The only three things listed on his tags.

James took in the room, noting every figure. He seemed to stand out, thus to him meant he was important. So approaching the man James shoved another out of the way. "Identify yourself." James ordered.

"Um." The man got caught off guard but recovered quickly. "Dr Michael Richards." Richard fumbled with his jacket. James knew what the man was looking for and wasn't surprised when he pulled it out of his jacket. It was only a piece of paper. "Authorization Codes for Omega squad eleven. Three, x-ray, four, november, seven, seven, seven, foxtrot, five." James nodded, that was the correct code. Right before he was frozen he was given a code that had to be told to him directly before they could carry on. If they didn't speak it and they were awakend James was ordered to kill whoever did before reactivating the cryo stasis.

"Wait, Richards? Any relation to Carl Richards?" James asked.

"Yes he was my grandfather." Richards left out the greats to that, to many to count. "As you know he was the Director of the Omega project, you know, before it was shut down. Sorry about that."

"Guess that makes you director now since you're the only one here." James said. "Congrats on the promotion."

The situation finally caught up with Richards. He, like the other scientists, were employeed by the military. And they, like soldiers, had to obey chain of command and show respect. So, Richards' legs snapped together, he straightened his back and saluted James and called out. "Captain on deck!" That was the signal for every to salute said captain, or else be reprimanded for disrespecting a superior officer.

08-02-2011, 07:50 AM
Tracy waved back to Cain as well as to Evangeline and the others giving everyone a quick body check after they were dressed. Everyone was healthy enough it seemed...which would make her job a bit easier for the first few hours at least....most of the members she knew well though some not so much. Though like it mattered much considering they all will be working very close together, they would know the ins and out of eachother soon enough. The only thing she didn't care for was the lack of memory durring the cryogenic time span....there would be much they all would need to be briefed on. Seeing their Captain awake him being the last one to awaken and dress into what suits his tastes, talking to Dr. Richards that woke them with due cause. Her body snapped together tall and straight saluting the Captain as per protocal "sir!!"

Hoping soon all their questions would be answered....rolling her shoulders to get the tension of a long time frozen body back to good form.

Ok first thing I'm doing once we get to our suites....longest, hottest, shower on this ship!!!

08-02-2011, 04:26 PM
Before Richards was able to respond Stan was moved aside by the latest team member to awaken. This was not too surprising when he realized that it was the Captain; a no nonsense all business team leader. As good as he was at his job; Stan wished that Steel would loosen up a bit. If the team did not take the time to blow off some steam and relax a little, they would break at a critical moment, and then all of the training they went though would be for naught.

The interaction between Steel and Richards was brief and ended with Richards calling everyone to attention. Following the others he stood rod straight and saluted the Captain. When Steel returned the salute Stan relaxed and turned to the computer station behind Richards, pulled out a data cable and jack in to the system. As he had expected the system was more advanced than the system he was last jacked in to.

“Going to need some upgrades,” he started talking aloud to himself, “probably time to go wi-fi as well. Best to keep the hard line port though as well. Never can tell when someone is smart enough to sniff for wireless activity. Oh! Looky here, new electronic gear. Let’s see…”

His self intended dialogue trailed off as he started a deeper search focusing on the advancement of electronic technology since they had been put to sleep.

08-02-2011, 05:28 PM
Evangeline saluted, her entire body rigid. The position was familiar to her, and in an odd way she found it comforting which to her was a foreign concept in and of itself.*

Two hundred years they had spent in cryogenic suspension, and for a good portion of them, Evangeline had experienced...visions. Ones that left her with unsettling questions, but she knew that now was neither the time nor the place to ponder them.

Evangeline met James's eyes as he glanced throughout the room, observing his team. She was met by an approving nod. At his salute, she went into at ease. Evangeline remained silent and alert, aware of everything around her.

James was as cool as ever, a model specimen. Evangeline had always admired him as well as held an overwhelming respect for him. She was normally indifferent to most things, but she could say that she was happy to be serving beneath him.

Dr. Richards' breathing was slightly troubled, his heart rate elevated. The chips in Evangeline's eyes were able to give her a vitals reading. He was nervous, as to be expected when you revive the deadliest special ops squad in the solar system.

"First Lieutenant Evangeline Noelle requesting Permission to speak, sir." Evangeline asked. James nodded. She allowed herself to crack a small grin despite herself. "We did not meet personally before cryogenic hibernation, but I have heard much about you. I must say it shall be an honor serving below you."

08-02-2011, 06:35 PM
Cain stepped up next to Evangeline, and saw that she was promoted. He had at once been the leader of her squad, before they had went into cryo stasis. Cain ad been moved through plenty of the Omega squads, and was even sent off on his own for some time. Thats how he knew all the Omega's in the room. At one time or another he had met them, and worked with them. He was never the best leader always joked off and jepordize the missions to save the people under him. Then when he stood at attention he had realized he was saluting James. Cain had originally been under Cain's command before he was promoted, and given his own squad. James looked diffrent, from when Cain had first been working with him. James had a diffrent look in his eyes now though. Something cold that creeped Cain out.

After the salute ended Cain relaxed a bit and gave James one last look over, before looking over at Evangeline as she asked for permission to speak. Hearing that Evangeline had been promoted he smiled at her. He was proud that she had been promoted, Cain always thought that she deserved to be leader of the squad that he commanded. Evangeline had been his second in command at that time now he would be under her as well. Patting her on her shoulder he smiled at her saying "Congratulations you deserve that promotion." Leaving his dog tags out in the open so everyone could notice how he had been demoted showing that it didn't bother him. He had done what he believed what was right, and thats what got him demoted.

08-02-2011, 06:39 PM
Thomas heels clacked together as he saluted "Sir yes sir!" Thomas yelled. Thomas blinked twice as his eyes changed from brown to a light green as his nano bots kicked him. He was able to see the condition of the ship and plotted course the pilots, weapon loadout as well as the objects in space within a 25 mile radius. Thomas blinked his eyes changing back to normal.

Thomas popped in another piece of gum as he relaxed he turned towards Evangeline as she spoke and he began to scan her body slowly nodding to his self in approve, he reached over holding out his hand "Hi Thomas Fairfax world's best pilot nice to met you."

08-03-2011, 05:23 AM
Evangeline allowed her humanity to shine through momentarily to smile back faintly at Cain. He had been her squad captain before they were put into cryo. While he was brash and emotional, Evangeline admired his dedication to his subordinates. She nodded in appreciation of his kind words, silently noticing his demotion; probably from their last mission. Cain had jeopardized the integrity of the mission to save a newer recruit.

Evangeline suddenly noticed a hand outstretched in her peripheral vision. She turned to it, seeing that she did not know its owner. The man gave her a smile that she supposed other women found attractive.

"Hi! Thomas Fairfax, world's best pilot. Nice to met you."

Evangeline smiled, registering her training in social situations. She took his hand, making sure to emphasize her strength in her grip.

"Evangeline Noelle, top-ranking assassin, espionage specialist, and six-times certified lethal weapon." Evangeline smiled, showing in her expression that she knew that he was checking her out. "Nice to meet you too."

Thomas visibly gulped, maintaining a calm composure. She had to admit he masked his surprise well. In the background, she could hear Tracy giggle. While Evangeline did not have friends beyond her squad per say, she found the woman's company enjoyable.

08-03-2011, 06:53 AM
Cassius saluted his new commander and began to think about what was going on. He knew James was one of the best soldiers in the Omega program, and an excellent leader as well. James' ability to form tactics and use his intuition on the battlefield was close to Cassius' own, and that was with a nano-chip in the back of his head. He had gone on missions with him before, and he realized that whatever reason they had been woken up for, it was now definitely important if James was leading it.

He looked around the room again and made note of all the other soldiers here. Pretty much all of them came from different squads, although that didn't really matter much, most of them had all served with one another at least once before.

Cassius let out a sigh and shifted a little, but remained leaning against his pod with his arms crossed. He was still curious as to what was going on.

08-04-2011, 04:01 AM
Thomas shook her hand somewhat surprised at her strength as he replied "So your a ice cold killing machine you and cap. Steel should become best of friends then. Thomas looked over at Cain as he spoke. "Long time no see buddy ." Thomas walked over holding his hand out to him. "I never thanked you for saving my life last time we was out."

As Thomas shook Cain hand he looked at his dogtags then back at his eyes. "You did what was right. I know 3 of us owe you our life." Thomas blow a small bubble of gum, popping with his tongue he looked at James "Sir do we have our orders?"

08-05-2011, 12:37 AM
James returned the salutes and greetings. "You." He pointed to Stan at the console. "Get away from that."

"Yes, please. We must proceed to the breifing room." Richards turned towards the door. "Follow me please."

"Alright let's go." James spoke to his squad. Leaving the Cryo room the followed the Dr through the corridors. They passed no one, though only sounds were their footfalls and the sounds of the ship. It was sorta unnerving, to be locked away for so long and not seeing anyone. Finally the came to a room, Richards typed in a code into the keypad and unlocked the room. Inside was three long tables, each on risers, a large monitor that took up the entire wall and in front of that was a console.

"Take your seats please and we'll get started." Richards directed before going to the console. The Omegas took their seats. "This." Richards hit a button on the console. "This is the planet Sodonis (http://www.faqs.org/photo-dict/photofiles/list/3904/5241planet.jpg). Colonized twenty years ago. Now the Council had a good foothold on Sodonis for about ten years." Images of landscape, towns and local wild and plant life. But the Insurection of course reared it's ugly head and they wanted to pull away from the Empire. This planet is so far out that it's a prime target for a headquarters."

"So you're saying theirs some H.V.T.s in there?" James asked. "Sounds like a standard black ops team could take that."

"Yes, but that's a secondary objective for you." This time after pressing a few buttons a set of blueprints came up.

"Oh my god." James' jaw dropped. "What is that thing?"

"These are the blueprints for the Hell Assualt (http://fc09.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2010/144/9/2/Blood_Asp_Blueprint_by_Walter_NEST.jpg) mech." He gave the Omegas time to take in the mech. "And one month ago, our only prototype was stolen by the rebels. We tracked their movements here to Sodonis. You're assignment is to infiltrait the rebels' ranks and either find the mech or where they've taken it. And as I stated before, capture any high value targets before you're extracted." Richards shut off the monitor. "Now you'll need cover IDs and the correct paperwork which I'll get started on soon. Any questions?"

08-05-2011, 12:50 AM
"No, sir." Pink said flatly. Saying the mission was simple would be an understatement. Deploy onto world, make contact with enemy force, kill anyone worth killing, and potentially deal with a bipedal warmachine. A few bricks of C4 and a hunting was all any honest soldier would need. The only question George honestly had was what kind of undergraduate numbskull would design a bipedal weapon platform with all of its weight and munitions bulked around the torso and suspended only by a pair of slender, recurve legs. Sure it could probably trot at a good speed but any kind of worthwhile explosive to the knees would severely disable it. Not only that but the fact that it was weighted at 90 tons meant that they'd need a sizable housing facility for it. 90 upright tons wasn't exactly discrete. No the only question was how he was expected to conceal the fact that he was seven feet tall and weighed three times that of even his most hearty counterpart.
I'm ready to go as soon as possible."

08-05-2011, 03:12 AM
"How long till we arrive in Sodonis's orbit? Has there been areas scouted out for us to set base camp or are we shooting blind? As I am left to assume this ship won't be in orbit for long until this mission is deemed successful." Tracy's mind was already working with the little pictures that were shown...if she didn't have the supplies needed for medical durring the mission heads were going to roll. It has been awhile since she smacked someone upside the head, didn't really matter what rank they were as no one wisely chose to mess with medical too much.

Sitting at the 2nd table middle rise her long toned legs were resting on the table, crossed. Arms crossed over her ample chest she had yet to check out her medical ward purely for the Omegas on board. That and see what new music there is in this time that she can dance to when no one is looking. Tracy knew quite a bit about everyone in the squad thankfully, noticing with her sharp eyes that some did get domoted, others promoted; to each their own, though their small numbers did bring a degree of concern. Noticing Evageline nearby she gave a smile and wink with a " we'll make this squad rock" look. They always did make sure the guys stayed in line...for the most part.

08-05-2011, 04:09 AM
Cain shook his head as Thomas said that he had did the right thing. If only his commanding officers also thought that he did the right thing maybe he would have been leading this squad or been second in command. Cain remembered the mission as if it had just happened yesterday. It was supposed to be a routine infiltration mission, but that had all changed twenty minutes in. Cain and his team where supposed to be retrieving a VIP, and Thomas had gotten captured somehow. Cain and his squad had found the VIP, and were going to keep him alive until they got back to Command. But the VIP made the mistake of trying to use Thomas as leverage to get out of the situation. Cain had promised the VIP that he wouldn't be taken in so as soon as the VIP gave the location of Thomas Cain beheaded the VIP without blinking a eye infront of all of his squad. That was one of his darkest moments where it seemed that he was a complete soulless person. Cain, and his squad saved Thomas from the enemy forces, and once back at Command Cain had gotten chewed out by his C.O.about the mission was more important than saving a friends life. Cain had then been relocated to a diffrent squad, and left leader of it till it was time for Cryo stasis. Cain still tried to think about who could have possibly of knocked him unconscious.

Following Richard, and the rest of the squad he noticed the empty hallways, and was sort of nervous. What if this was a trap set up to take out the Omega's. Cain kept his hand on his knife just in case things turned bad. Once in the room he looked at the big monitor and whistled as he sat down next to Evageline. He listened closely, and when he saw the Mech his eyes got wide. Something like that was going to be extremely dangerous in the Insurrectionist hands. It looked as if though that it had a few spots that they could take advantage of. Once he was able to ask questions he stood and asked "Do we have any type of support, and what type of equipment do you have ready for us."

08-05-2011, 04:30 AM
Evangeline sat in front of Tracy, her hands folded neatly on the table. She caught Tracy's wink and smirked halfheartedly; it was easy to relax around her.

Cain had taken the seat beside her, noticing his hand hovering above his knife. Evangeline was impressed how alert the man was, even during a mission briefing. Cain had always been a dedicated soldier and an even more dedicated friend. She felt sorry that such a dedication had caused him to be demoted. Regardless, she had faith that he would easily move back through the ranks again. She had enjoyed working under him on their missions, and was glad he had been part of Project Zero regardless of the stint he pulled with the VIP.

However as she listened to the mission brief, she could not help but think about Thomas's words in the cryo room.

"So you're an ice cold killing machine. You and Captain Steel should become best of friends, then."

Evangeline glanced towards her captain, her slate blue eyes flickering as she scanned his face. He was the ideal soldier, a model specimen. But he was not a cold-blooded killing machine. Being trained in espionage for 18 years, Evangeline was very talented at reading people's true natures. From what she has seen and heard, Captain James Steel may perform like a machine, but only because he was able to subdue his humanity. Deep down, James still had the beating heart of a human being. Something Evangeline was sometimes doubtful she had.

Evangeline had known no love or kindness as a child. She was bred to kill. Sometimes she would lie in bed, plagued by the sights of fearful eyes and blood. But what seemed to bother her the most was actually how little killing bothered her. She mentally shook her head. Now was not the time to think of these things.

"Both Master Sergeant Neza and Chief Warrant Officer Dantanian bring up excellent points," Evangeline stated, her voice level and stoic. "It would be unwise to enter a territory such as Sodonis without a definitive position for HQ. Especially knowing that this Hell Assault mechs are looming around. Will we be simply capturing targets or eliminating them? Is there any specific details that we should be making a conscious effort to discover, or is it gathering general information?"

08-06-2011, 01:50 AM
Stan disconnected his data cable and backed away from the console with uttering a word. He then fell in step behind the others as they followed Richards through the empty corridors of the ship and in to the briefing room. He thought the picture of Sodonis was pretty, and sighed in disbelief when the image of the Hell Assult mech came up.

“Someone took their love of gaming a wee too far.” Stan commented. The bipedal mech design was nothing new to him, having seen too many versions like this in the video games he played over the years. It struck him as a sick joke for someone to actually take the design concept seriously enough to develop such a weapon system.

He sat in silence as everyone listed off their questions. He had some of his own, well, maybe more like request than questions, but he waited patiently for the others to finish up before he started in. He realized that every question asked so far was a good one, showing just how well this team was likely to work together. When Lt. Novelle had finished her questions he spoke up.

“That is one ugly weapons platform. I’m going to need the tech specs for this beastie. Also going to need a copy of the main computer operating system and all known access codes. Then at least two of us are going to need the run down on how to pilot this thing if we manage to bring it back.”

08-06-2011, 04:29 AM
Thomas gluped his gum down as he looked in awe. Hearing all of the question being ask his eyes widen when stan metioned plioting it raisng his hand. He spoke "I would like to go over the specs withhim sir and I can pliot it out of there. Might I suggest that I also be one of the first in undercover sir?"

Thomas pulled the pack out of his pocket hoping to open another piece he sigh as he was out of gum.

08-06-2011, 05:12 AM
Cassius sat in silence as Dr. Richards explained their mission. He began thinking about potential risks and surprises that could pop up during this operation, but he didn't even need his enhancement chip for this. This plan was a good one, but the chance that they would end up getting caught was high. He chose not to say anything because he knew that the doctor had anticipated this. The doctor knew that their infiltration would only last so long. Cassius smirked slightly. And that's why he needed Omegas.

He continued to listen as the rest of the team asked questions, but he couldn't help but stare at the schematic of the mech before him. That thing was huge, and it looked devastating. He knew that there were people in the group that could probably operate it much better than he could, but damn, if he got a chance to drive that thing, he was going to take it.

08-06-2011, 06:07 AM
Pink looked to the others in awe. "Bring it back?" He repeated "Why on Earth would you want to bring it back?". He looked to the Doctor and in a very plain tone said "You have the blueprints, right? Considering that you're showing us technical diagrams I'm going to assume you do. But if you have the plans on hand to make another one then why bother bringing this one back? I know I'm not a scientist, and I'm certainly not the sharpest tool in this shed but why am I the only one that thinks the idea of trying to pilot this thing at all is complete lunacy when it could just as easily be crippled beyond repair or destroyed outright. It's a solitary weapons platform that it's big enough to mount weaponry that can reach orbital vessels. Does the enemy even have a means of transporting a NINETY TON ROBOT off the planet? It could be just as easy to go after that then to bother with this thing. Because if they can't move it anywhere then it's basically useless, am I right?" George folded his massive arms across his refrigerator sized chest. If he still would have had external veins there would have been one throbbing in his forehead, he was sure of it.

08-06-2011, 06:28 AM
"It's not that simple," Evangeline cut in. She stood up, walking over to the slide to explain. "If you notice here," She said, pointing to the tech prints, "This is a miniature nuclear core reactor. These things are powered on nuclear energy. If we were to so much as improperly dismantle these things without properly disabling the core reactor, they'd go up in a ball of flames. Basically, it would be like hugging a hydrogen bomb as it detonates."

She made her way back to her seat, continuing to speak. "Since Sodonis is a relatively small planet compared to Earth as well as a newly colonized one, we do not want to jeopardize the lives of the colonists, nor do we want to pollute the planet with nuclear fallout. The most effective course of action would be to remove these hazards from the planet altogether."

Evangeline looked to the doctor and then to Thomas. "Sir, if there is to be any espionage involved please allow me to do it as a solo recon assignment. I have the most in-depth experience in this area, and it would decrease the risk of exposure."

08-06-2011, 06:59 AM
George smacked his chest and a metallic clank emanated from the point of contact. "Beneath this rubbery stuff I'm made from inch thick plates of a Tungsten-Osmium alloy." He shrugged slightly and added "I'm not say I'd enjoy it but if you wanted me to I could do a lot more than hug a hydrogen bomb. But to stop it you wouldn't even need to take out the core. Just the legs. Or blow up the cockpit. I'd love to see the enemy try to rebuild whatever kind of fire control mechanisms that monster has before the full weight of the military bent them over a table."

08-06-2011, 07:47 AM
“Let us not forget the best use of this platform if we can secure it.” Stan paused for effect. “There are insurgents there. The need to be dealt with. What better way to do so than with a weapons system they already have on planet and believe to be safe. We need to keep the bigger picture in mind as we go forward.”

Stan let all of this sink in as he gauged the facial expressions of the rest of the team. Nothing showed at first, and he expected nothing less. However he also realized this mission would go beyond the Hell Assault mech. With an enemy base on Sodonis there would be little chance of them being extracted before it was rendered useless. To do otherwise would be to waste a perfect opportunity.

“I agree, if we cannot take control of the mech we disable it until we can remove it safely. Best option though is to use it to our ends. As for insertion, I offer up the following: give the specs and codes for this beast as I have already said, then let me go in as a turn coat and offer my services to ensure that the mech is fully operational for them. With direct access to the core systems I can place backdoors and failsafes to help ensure we control the beast and not the other way around.”

08-06-2011, 08:00 AM
Thomas walked around streching his legs " I say me, stan, evangeline and doc tracy make a mock crash landing on the planet we should let it be know that we are escaped omegas that could get us in quickly who wouldn't jump at the chance to get us on their side? Once in we could have stan hack the system and have evangeline do recon and gather any intel and find our .h.v.t. I can pliot the mech out while doc can slip some night night pills to the h.v.t's. Just a idea I have.

Thomas sat back down after speaking letting out a long sigh again for not haveing gum. He leaned over whispering to Cain "psst psst Cain you got some gum?"

08-06-2011, 03:26 PM
"Absolutely not," Evangeline said sternly. "If we let them know what and who we are, they will watch us like hawks. Omegas are not known for*desertion. We are known for being the best at what we do. So yes, while they would be chomping at the bit to get us, we would have to earn their trust even more so and would be put through much more challenging means of doing so.*

Not to mention that would jeopardize our identities on future missions. So if we go, we go in cover. No flashy entrances, no parading ourselves around. We go in, quietly do our work, and get out with as little casualty as possible."

Evangeline was a very patient woman, but the idea that Thomas had just suggested blew her away. They had no time for games. She just wanted to go in on her own, report what she found, and progress from there. None of this nonsense about marching in and selling themselves over as glorified traitors.

08-06-2011, 04:48 PM
“Well sitting around here fighting over who is doing what is not going to get the job done.” Stan looked around the room. “Captain. Doctor. Perhaps a bit more commanding and little less relaxing is in order.”

With that said Stan took his data cable and jacked in to the ship’s computer network and started looking for all the recent activity surrounding Dr. Richards, the hell Assult mech and the Omega Project. Something about how this operation was being conducted did not sit well with him and he wanted to know everything there was to know about current affairs. It was clear to Stan that Dr. Richards was not going to be forthcoming, and that was assuming that Richards actually knew what was really going on.

08-06-2011, 08:24 PM
James looked over at Stan. "Stop doing that." He ordered. "That could get you dishonorably discharged." To bad for them that meant death at the hands of the C.O. and he'd really not want to start the mission doing that.

"You all will be boarding a stealth drop ship[url]. From there you will land two miles south of the village. There you could easily make you way to the main road and approach Sera, the town." Richard brought up a picture of the town. There you will blend in and gather intelligence on the mech's location and any other informtation on the rebels you can get." James nodded.

"Where are we right now?" James asked.

"We're orbiting Sodonis now and a military ship is about sixteen hours away. Once that arrives I'll be transfered over there to continue monitoring your mission. There you will have five squads on standy waiting to pull you out in case it gets to dangerous." Richards explained.

"What sort of gear are we allowed to take?" Was the next question.

"Some low grade civilian stuff as far as weapons go. The bigger military grade stuff will have to stay on the drop ship. I'll go over the equipment when we go to the armory." James looked down at his pistol. "Don't worry that's the civilian model." The young captain sighed in relief. "Any other questions?"

"When do we leave?" James asked the all important question.

"In," Richards looked at the time on the screen. "Five hours. Enough time for you guys to relax a bit after being frozen for so long. Get some real food in you for a change, instead of that life support they've had you on."

"Alright listen up!" James stood up and went to the front of the room. "This is our first mission since cryo stasis, I will not have any of us dropping the ball. We're the best of the best, that's why we were chosen and given this task. We will find this mech, and we will get it back in one piece." James didn't want to give the council any reason to shove them back into cryo, or even worse make them leave the military. "Now we need cover IDs. We can use our original names but we need a past, job history, schooling, shit like that. I'm sure when we enter Sera people are gonna want to know who we are."

"Yes that's important, very important." Richard hit a few buttons on the console, removing the data on the screen. It was replaced by the council's [url=http://images.wikia.com/memory-gamma/images/4/40/Romulan_Star_Empire_logo.png]seal (http://images.wikia.com/pts/images/d/dc/PTS_Dropship.jpg). That was enough for James to know that this was legit. "If you have any requests for your new ID please imput them on this console, it'll make the process a bit easier for me."

"Where is the mess hall Director Richards?" James ask, his stomach rumbling.

"Out the door, make a left and at the end of the hall. I suggest the chicken, very delicious." Richard waved his hand as he talked, just like his great-something-grandfather. Nodding James went to the console, typed in what he had in mind, and left the room.

As he left he said to his squad. "Meet me in the mess when you're done. No getting sidetracked."

08-06-2011, 09:09 PM
George stood up and smirked slightly. "A Cover ID" he repeated "If anyone can come up with a cover ID for someone seven feet and made of metal then I'll be waiting in the mess." Pink stood and left, shaking his head in a combination of disappointment and amusement.

The other Omegas were about as threatening security personnel. He had been told that he'd be part of an elite fighting unit. That his training and sacrifices were the cost to go to battle with the most professional band of soldiers his benefactors had to offer. Not a bunch of snarling junkyard dogs desperately trying to out posture each other. He mulled the word sacrifice over in his head and wondered if any of them honestly knew what it meant. Minor discomfort after surgery and a cramped social life? George gave up his very senses. His eyes and ears were now sensors. His sense of small was gone. His skin was a memory. Even his tongue had been excised to make room for the metallic housing that now composed his jaw. It was what his military had asked of him, an entrance fee to serve with the best. But so far the "best" seemed to be a band of angst ridden school children.

He reached the mess without issue and took a seat at the end of a table away from where the rank and file troopers were eating. He lowered himself onto the molded plastic bench carefully and made sure to square his feet as he slowly descended. He felt the bench groan against his weight and the metal brackets strained to hold him. He glanced around at the others that were enjoying their meals and socializing. He hadn't eaten in years. There was no room within his reinforced clockwork innards for a stomach. He still remember the smells though. Chicken, breading, spices... they were all there. Unattainable.

08-06-2011, 09:31 PM
Evangeline's mind was already whirling, thinking of a backstory and profession, running the story through her head and working out any holes or inconsistencies. She did not want to use her real name, but decided to shorten it to keep it familiar. Once she had the general thought down, she stood up and walked to the computer to enter her data.

NAME: Eva Noel
AGE: 20
BIO : Born*December 22, 2447 on Earth's moon. Youngest daughter of six siblings, born to Antoine Noelle (weapons technician for the Emperial Council moon base) and Jeanne Noelle (Homemaker).
EMPLOYMENT HISTORY: Engineer for Sun Co., a company that develops civilian-available weapons and mech technology. Sent to Sodonis to collect field-based research on the needs of the colony and to develop tech specs for machines to meet said needs.
EDUCATION: Attended the Ivory Lunar Academy for first grade through high school, and attended the Mars Planetary Technical University with a major in weaponry mechanics and civil technology.

Evangeline was well aware that she could be sent down with an ID completely different from the one she had designed, but it was always better for the techs to have as much detail to work with as possible. Satisfied that she had given as thorough an identity suggestion as she could, she made her way to the mess hall as per James's orders.

While the ship had changed over the past two hundred years of service, Evangeline had found it easy enough to find the mess hall. Grabbing herself a plate of roast chicken and potatoes, (noting mildly how much nicer the food that officers were given than the enlisted men,) she took a seat at the table where James was seated.

Evangeline did not say anything to him, realizing that sometimes silence was more welcomed than a voice. Besides, she had her own thoughts to go over.*

Much had changed since Evangeline had been put into cryo, and the lack of familiar faces on board was surprisingly startling. She had no issue being on her own, but being thrust into a world where everyone she had known before was nothing more than a memory was unsettling.*

More so, the entire time she was in cryo all she saw were blurred visions of a woman with beautiful eyes and a man with ash-blonde hair. She had to now come to terms with the fact that even had they existed, they had died long, long ago.

08-06-2011, 11:36 PM
Tracy never did bother with giving her requests for secret identity. There was only so many ways to say "kick ass doctor." Proceeding to the mess hall for somefood as 5 hours would least be enough to see if the squad suffered any small injuries or sideeffects for the cryo. Hearing the familiar groaning of metal under immense weight she grabed a solid steel chair thankful to find out that her muscles didn't deteriorate. Setting it beside George with a smile. "Hey George hows that plating favoring you hmm?" Hand on his shoulder, "make sure to see me before we go on the mission I want to make sure there's no ice particles between them that could limit your mobility...don't need you rusting and groaning on me." The medic made sure to know each squad member very well as she serve as an all around Dr. for them all. Her tone was very upbeat when she spoke to raise their moral.

Grabbing a salad and steak to boost her protein lost in cryo. she sat to herself letting her intense memory and eyes finish processing everything.

08-07-2011, 12:00 AM
In a deadpan tone George replied "Tungsten doesn't rust, it's a non-ferrus metal. For me to properly oxidize at all you'd need to heat my entire body to over three thousand degrees and then cover me in head to toe in pure carbon." He leaned forward on the table, causing it the bend slightly and added "I appreciate the thought though doc but the only parts of me that are still alive are my brain, heart, and lungs and they're all wrapped up in so much electro-conductive mesh and suspension housing that you'd need twelve hours and a cutting torch to even get a look at them." His eyes moved down to her salad and if the atmospheric filters interlacing through his trachea would have allowed him to sigh then he would have.

08-07-2011, 01:51 AM
James made no motion to announce that there was a captain in their pressence, he didn't care enough at that point. There was something bothering him, besides his empty stomach. So first he had to fix that problem. James grabbed a tray, loaded it with food and headed to the table, the Omega table. The young captain grabbed a chair and placed it at the head of the long table and sat down, placing the tray in front of him. Cutting into the chicken he took a bite. "Mhmm, so good." He ate a bit more than took a drink. "Alright we need to clear the air a little bit." James looked to the biggest member of the squad, then over to Tracey and finally to Evangeline giving a nod to each of the two women. "So right now I'm opening the table, anyone got something to say? Cause I'm sensing a lot of tention." James raised his hand and circled George. "Especially from this area right here." James took another bite. "So who's first?"

08-07-2011, 02:28 AM
Listening to all the suggestions that came up on how they should deal with the mission made Cain shake his head in disbelief. It seems like it would be better if they all went in together less chance of casualties, and it would be easier to conduct the mission. Once the briefing was over Cain walked up to the console putting in his name, and walking away, and putting his profession as a janitor. He didn't care if they took him serious or not, and left the meeting room. His stomach growled all the way to the mess hall. Stocking up on the chicken, potatoes, and salad. Cain walked over and sat at the table with James and everyone else, and got busy on his food. He was absolutely starving and he cut the chicken with enough precision that it was chopped up into equal sized squares. Once James brought up the idea of letting their feelings out Cain gulped down a mouthful of food. Looking around the table at all of the other people there he shrugged he didn't seem to have any problems with them. "Sorry James, but I'm not in this I hold no quarry with anyone here, or any of the other Omega's." Cain said looking into James eyes.

08-07-2011, 03:00 AM
"I agree with Cain." Evangeline said. "I hold no grievances towards anyone here."

It wad true, Evangeline found no reason to argue with anyone. All fighting would do would jeopardize the mission. And while she did not like so many working in her field of expertise when she had no information of their experience, Evangeline knew that she was being childish to hold any anger over it.

"I would like to voice this however, sir." She said to James, refusing to let herself relax enough to forget her superior officer's rank. "As far as espionage and undercover work goes, I will dare to sound egocentric and say that I know that I am the best in my field. And I do not let anything compromise my assignments.*

If there is to be recon, I volunteer myself to lead the squad, and I guarantee that they shall be held to the highest of standards-mine."

Evangeline was fully aware that her statement came off as aggressive and self-centered, but she found no other effective means of communicating her feelings towards the matter.

She had seen too many good men and women die in the field during recon assignments due to carelessness and even slip-ups. Evangeline was placed in the Omegas to be a spy. Her job was to keep her team safe with the information she collects, and she would be damned if she let anyone-even those she was meant to protect-interfere with that.

08-07-2011, 05:42 AM
Thomas typed in his name at the console and left everything blank. He walked the mess hall gatheering all the meat he could carry on one trip he sat down at the table just catching the tail end of what james said. "I have no tension I just wanna do the mission and not get shoved back into a frezzer again."

Thomas finished off his meal and walked over to the vending machines he stood there for a couple minutes before leting out a loud "Thank YoU God!" He had found some gum but wit no money and his pockets he held his head down and mumbled "Why do you tease me?"

08-07-2011, 06:04 AM
Cassius got his food and walked over to the rest of the omegas sitting at their table. He sat down as Evangline was proposing that she lead the recon squad due to her superior ability in the field. He rolled his eyes as he began to eat. He finished chewing befire speaking, "I don't think we'd be needing any recon. If we are all going in with civilian disguises, we could easily learn the situation from inside the area itself, without much risk of creating a dangerous situation."

08-07-2011, 06:05 AM
Tracy sighs tossing Thomas a big pack of flavorless gum "you'll give us away if they can smell peppermint gum." Done with her meal she leans back in her chair some thinking before sitting up straight. "I have no problem with anyone here as most of you I've worked with in the past...I just have a problem with the lack of information after 200 years in cryo. Usually those in Cryo gets a few days to adjust, catch up on the present technology..and I can make sure everyone is recovering well! I mean if we're to blend in but can't even use their technology..well Omega is a sore thumb in a crowd. Not saying there isn't a way to get around it at all." Motioning to Stan knowing he's just itching to plug in." Basically we all need a major information download." Grins as she loved to work her memory...that and hoped the technology catched up for medical tools where the darn glitches in the body scans got worked out or killed off all together.

08-08-2011, 01:05 PM
George tapped his finger tips together and looked back at the Captain. "No." He replied in a clear voice "No animosity here. I just the entire mission is a waste of time." He put his hands down on the table and continued "You're telling me that in 200 years no one's made any sort of improvement to us? We were cutting edge, best of the best two centuries ago. What makes you think we wont be behind the times? Two hundred years was the same amount of time it took our ancestors to go from muskets to remote controlled aerial drones. He shrugged and added "I've at least got physics on my side. Tungsten is still tungsten. But I can't speak for the abilities of any other member of this team. Not anymore." He folded his arms and straitened his back, taking care to not flip the table. "And then there's the mission which to be frank is possibly the worst use of our abilities I can think of. A 90 ton bipedal weapons platform on some backwater world? Am I the only one that doesn't care? It doesn't have the superstructure to pack orbital weaponry to it could easily be outranged by interstellar craft. Not only that but it's alone. The military could drop down an armored battalion and it would be gone within a day. There's no way in hell it could carry enough ammunition and armor to stand up to more than three times its number in conventional armor. And it's not like the enemy could hide it. It's 90 tons and stands upright. Just find the biggest building or the bunker with the biggest entrance and bomb it off the map. He pointed an accusatory finger and added "And don't give me that crap about a fusion core. I've seen a tactical nuke go off and yes, it's pretty terrifying. But we're talking about a planet here. Put a fence around it and move on. It's not going to affect an area greater than a few miles. Unless that area is made out of diamonds its value hardly outweighs the potential threat."

08-09-2011, 02:23 AM
“With all due respect Captain,” Stan replied, “I’ve been jacked in to the Dawn’s systems since they put me to sleep. I just kept a low profile to keep my benefactor from being punished. By the way Doctor, whoever is running the ship’s IS department needs to go back to school. They allowed five major breaches in the last six months. Oh ya, you’re welcome.”

Stan didn’t bother to unplug just yet. He had very clear intentions of getting upgrades completed before they departed the Red Dawn. Sifting through multiple levels of archived files he finally found the ones he was looking for. Besides using the system core on level D for running his MMORPG’s, he also spent some time designing new interfaces for when he was finally de-thawed. With a couple of clicks he sent the designs to the IS engineering deck and then signed off and unplugged.

“Ok, now that that is done, time to ensure that they get built properly. After all, it’s not like any of the current crew have dealt directly with Omegas.” Stan stood up and didn’t bother to look at the expressions of the rest of the team and added cheerfully, “No worries though, I’ll be in the mess before the five hours are up.”

Without looking back Stan left the room and started off towards the engineering deck. He really didn’t care what the Captain had to say, he knew what he was going to need in order to make this mission a success. The direct approach to regaining control of the stolen mech was doomed to failure. Even infiltrating those who took the mech would result in failure. What really stood out to Stan was the fact that no one mentioned the possibility of accessing the mech remotely.

It would be idiotic to believe that back doors and remote access and control were not designed in to the mech’s control system. The key would be to determine what was put in place; and whether or not they had already been compromised. That of course was a minor obstacle. What he needed to know first was whether or not he would be able to slice the mech’s computer system without a physical connection. Not that would stop him, it would just take longer.

Before Stan realized it he had arrived on the engineering deck. As he expected no one recognized him, and it actually saddened him. Before being put in cyro, he had spent most of his free time on this deck working with the crew. Passing by the stations he was not interested in, Stan walked right up to the Sergeant that was looking over his designs.

“Morning Sergeant,” Stan started off and offered his hand. “Warrant Officer Carver. You can call me Stan, I never liked all of that Sir crap.”

The Sergeant came to attention, “Sergeant Wiles, Sir. I take it these are your designs?”

“That would be correct. I need to assemble and implant these within four hours. What do you say?”

Sergeant Wiles returned his gaze to the designs before him. “Implanted where Sir?”

“Why in me of course.” Stan smiled. “I am an Omega. I have been asleep for far too long, and I need upgrades. Computers have come a long way since I closed my eyes and I need to get back on the cutting edge.”

“I see, Sir.” Wiles didn’t turn from the designs. “I take it you plan to help in the assembly process?”

“Wouldn’t be here for anything less.”

“Very well Sir. Murphy! Thomas! Jones! Over here now, we have work to do.”

With the preamble out of the way, Stan, Sergeant Wiles, Murphy, Thomas and Jones set to work. Ignoring the others around them, they worked right up to the deadline that Stan had set. At the end of four hours he left the engineering deck with a new physical data port, capable of interfacing with the latest hardwire connections in use. The other upgrade was a wireless interface. Now he would be able to access systems on the go. The only drawback was the limited slicing he would be able to do over this interface. Too much and he would trip security protocols and get locked out.

Stan had a smile on his face as he finally walked in to the mess. He saw the team members that had already gathered here at one table talking. From the sounds of it, they had started talking about more light hearted matters. Before joining them he walked over to the serving line and ordered up a burger with some fries. On the way over to the table he grabbed a soda and then sat down.

“So,” he took sip from the drink, “what’s the word?”

08-09-2011, 03:09 AM
"Georgy, Georgy, Georgy." James sighed and shook his head. "God I can't believe you didn't figured it out already. It's so obvious." James couldn't help but chuckle. "This mission is a test. To see if it's worth it to keep us around and to bring the other's out of stasis. So look at it this way, we do good we get harder missions. We screw up big, we get stuff back into pods or worse, executed. And I for one do not wish to have either of those happen." James ate a little more food. "So just suck it up already." James hated it when people whined about missions, he never had a problem with any missions even if some were a bit beneath him. "And the mech is a prototype. Probably hasn't even been through the testing phase. All I know is that it could probably do some massive damage on the battlefield. We need to get it back before the Rebels can harness that tech and who knows what they'll do with it." James looked over his team. "I know some of us have worked together, and some of us haven't. But I promise you that no matter how this mission goes, I'll be bringing all of you back in one piece."

"Hope you all are enjoying your meal." James didn't even notice Richards approaching. "Oh Captain. One of your men is in engineering, just thought you should know."

"Director Richards." James nodded. "Done already?"

"Stop calling me that." Richards sighed. "And yes." Richards handed out folders to each member of the team. "These are your papers. I'll explain a few. George here was a mechanic on the military ships when he was involved in an accident an received shrapnel to the throat. Docs saved what they could except the vocal cords, which is why he sounds like that. Now he is just getting away from it all, to recover and possibly relocate to the planet." James nodded. "Tracey here graduated top of her class at the University on Saturn's moon Titan and started traveling the universe opening a string of medical clinics for newly developing worlds."

"Yeah ok, excuse me." James got up from his seat and left the mess hall, making his way to engineering. Richards was right behind him. "Who is incharge here!?"

"Who be asking?" Came the reply.

"Captain James Steel that's who!" Everyone instantly snapped to attention. "Now, what did Warrant Officer Carver come in here for?"

"These sir!" The Sergeant incharge showed some designs. "Wanted them put into himself."

"That's impossible." Richards got a look at the designs. "The mech can't be remote accessed, we didn't want to risk hacking into it."

"This is also impossible cause you lot aren't trained to operate on Omegas. But if he wants to risk permant injury then let him." James said. He decided to let them work, wanting to disappoint the Warrant Officer once he arrived. "Christ seems no one wants to follow orders." Returning to the mess hall James sat back at the table. "I apologise for my sudden departure. Please continue."

"Right, where was I?" Richards scratched his head. "Oh yeah, Cain. Janitor and all around handy man. Didn't think we'd take your idea seriously huh? Cassius will be a teacher, your area of specialty is the history of your era. Something you should be familiar with am I right? Stan is a scienetist doing field research on the planet. Thomas is a transport pilot looking for new contracts." Richards turned to the last two members and smiled. "And for you two, with Evangeline gathering information she obviously needs a way to tell you without anyone listening in. So with this cover it wouldn't be weird if you two suddenly decided to sneak away from everyone else." Richards reached into his lab coat and tossed something to James. It was a black velvet box. "Ladies and gentlemen I give your Mr. and Mrs. Steel."

"Meh, wouldn't be the strangest cover ID I've ever had." Smiling James opened the box, took out a ring and put it on his finger before going over to Evangeline, took her hand, got down on one knee. "Will you marry me?" He joked, sliding the ring onto her finger. The rest of the four hour seemed to slip by as the crew waited patiently. They couldn't return to their rooms, those didn't exist anymore. So finally when the time came up Stan returned.

"So what's the word?"

"Word is you waisted your time. Sorry to say that's four hours down the drain." James snorted. "Mech doesn't have remote access, we're gonna have to do this the hard way. Which is good, it's always more fun that way." James tossed Stan his folder. "Your ID. A reasearcher, coming to do....well....research. On what, don't know. Think they'll leave that up to you. Least it gives you an excuses to have your gadgets and all that." James was very annoyed with Stan right now. "And next time please don't leave in the middle of a meeting, it's very rude."

"Right so." Richard spoke up. "Let's go to the hangar shall we and get you lot geared up."

08-09-2011, 05:02 AM
Thomas had slipped away doing all the talking he went into the hanger and began tinkering with the shuttle. He walked in and smiled as he popped a bubble of gum he just blew "Now if we are rebels why would we have a brand spanking new shuttle?" Thomas spoke to hisself out loud as he pick up a socket wrench and screwdriver and went to work to fix up the shuttle.

"Thomas removed all of the guns,and rockets mounted on it. "We are refugess not warriors we don't need this plus I can evade anything." He kept talking to hisself as he went inside of the shuttle. Going under the pilot controls, he cut and twisted a couple of wire jumping from the sparks shooting out. "Gotdamn he yelled as his head his console panel trying to get up.

Thomas finished his rewiring and walked back outside the shuttle. He picked up a can of paint remover and splashed it on the vessel making it look more older then it was, he climbed on the wing and jumped up and down on it bending it a little and started kicking the flap to put a dent in it. Thomas was in mid jump right when Captain james and the team walked in.

08-09-2011, 08:10 AM
"Well have fun with that." George replied "But I don't do testing. If anyone wants a measure of my abilities they can look at my combat record." He stood and the table groaned in satisfaction. One of his hands moved up to the bicep of his fatigue blouse. He grasped the Omega unit patch and with a twist ripped it clean off. He deposited the bit of embroidered felt on the table and started walking away "If you need me I'm re-enlisting." he called over his shoulder.

08-10-2011, 03:55 AM
Cain chuckled when he saw that they took him serious, picking up his folder and looking through it he had a smile on his face not minding at all being a janitor. Looking up when Dr. Richards said that James, and Evangeline would be husband and wife as a cover up, Cain felt a sharp pain that seemed to stab him in the heart. Feeling a cold rush in his head, he felt the presence that he had been with him forever. Cain had named this part of him Ant. Ant was the part of Cain that was pure violence, Cain had to constantly keep Ant at bay for years, but when he was lose people tended to end up dead or injured. I told you, that you should have told her. Taking a deep breath and trying to clear his mind he thought towards Ant I thought I told you to leave me alone.

"Ah that hurts if it wasn't for me your friend Thomas wouldn't be alive." Ant said to Cain.

Cain getting annoyed replied with "Yea he would have! Plus I wouldn't have been demoted. Now leave me alone!"

Ant sighed before saying "Fine, but don't blame me because you didn't take the chance to go after that girl." That cold presence had disappeared, but Cain still felt angry, and stood up leaving the mess hall to go clear his mind. He now had a major migraine which was usual after having to talk to Ant, grunting he tried to tell himself that the marriage was just a cover up, but couldn't get over and spun punching the wall leaving a dent and a few spots of blood on the wall. He had feelings for Evangeline ever since he was the leader of her squad, but he had never told her how he felt. Now it might just be to late, and he would have o step aside or did he. You could always kill him. Ant said in a retort before disappearing again. Growling Cain leaned against the wall and sank to the floor. After sitting in the hallway for a while, he heard footsteps and decided to leave and head towards the hanger. Once inside the hanger he saw Thomas stripping down and beating up the ship. Walking inside of the ship he sat in one of the seats and started to relax and started to take a little nap.

08-10-2011, 04:01 AM
Tracy met eyes with James seeing him that all too familiar look that most captains use with her. "Yea yea .." standing up walking around to the head of the table hands on his shoulders from behind as the woman leaned to his ear. "I'll see what I can do about George..you get the rest to the hanger I'll be there shortly with or without him. Patting the Captiain's shoulder she waved to the others and trotted off to catch up to the obviously more than on edge George. Sliding her arm under his linking the two arm in arm she touched his bicep softly with her free hand.

"Come on now George....let us walk and talk." Guiding him to turn around and casually in a slow pace walk towads the hanger, Tracy spoke. " You know all of us have been through far to much to be tested again. So I can't blame you for being upset and wanting to re-enlist. Be that as it may....Omega has been your life for many hundreds of years now. Always taking your transformation with a calm, collected stride; however if you re-enlist they will work on doing another transformation to make you appear, to become more of a human male specimen. What you carry now was and still is granted only for Omega squads. To have an enlisted soldier as such is far too much of a risk." Tracy looked up at him with soft caring eyes "You know me better that I am not trying to scare you, only bring out the facts and concern I have for you George. And yes, even though they are testing us...what did you use to say to me?" A grin on her face "a challenge must be met forth with a cunning mind, strength of the heart, and a free spirit to guide us. I think it's time that you remember your own wise words and rethink your previous actions yes?" Reaching the hangar bay Tracy opened her hand revealing the torn unit Omega patch that once was on his sleeve. "What do ya say then George....prove your words to me one more time?"

08-10-2011, 05:31 AM
George looked at the patch with disdain but his organic mind still felt something. It wasn't a sense of pride or justice but rather an obligation. As he stood in the doorway he pushed her hands away slightly before raising his own massive paws up to his chest. Tracy watched as his fingers pulled his shirt open and pressed into his chest just below his collar bone. She watched his nails curve under and then rip away the rubberized false skin. As the flap came loose she could see beneath. There was no bone, no meat, not even blood. All there was were broad metal plates in a dull grey color but etched into the panel that rested where his sternum should have been was the Omega unit insignia. In a heavy voice George replied You're right. I might be able to get rid of the patch but unless you've got a plasma torch and some time to kill I'll still be an Omega."

08-10-2011, 06:30 AM
Stan was amazed at the ignorance Captain Steel portrayed when it came to the electronics that were typically used in any given weapons platform. Ok, so he says there is no remote access to the mech’s mission computer. That just meant he would need to create one. Not that difficult to do once he hacked in to the system. This didn’t even need to be done with a physical connection. A weapons platform like the Hell Assault mech would need some form of information data link in order to get up to date battle field information. A system f this nature would be tied directly to the mission computer. Send in a data burst that was actually a remote access subroutine and a new back door would be established. Then it would be just a matter of what radio system to use to gain entrance.

“You may see it as wasted time Captain,” Stan said between bites, “but having the latest in data port technology is going to make or break my ability to be a contributing member of this team on this mission. Besides, I would have thought as the team’s commander you would want us to be at our peak. Can’t do that with outdated tech.”

He went back to his burger as he looked over the cover ID he was presented. A researcher. That does leave his cover wide open to play with. With remote access being a prime idea in his head, coming in as a communications researcher should work out quite nicely. A new computer, a few radios and he would be good. Of course a field engineering kit will be needed as well; after all new components will surely be needed. A big smile started to spread across his face as he ran through more and more ideas that would fit his cover and prove valuable to the mission.

“This ID will work nicely. Provided the gear we are given is current, and out outdated.” Stan finished his meal. “And for the record Captain, I did not leave in the middle of a meeting, Director Richards gave us five hours to relax and eat; and I believe he still outranks you.”

Having spoken his mind Stan stood up and took his tray to the wash bin and then headed out of the mess and to the hanger bay. This mission is going to be extremely interesting if the Captain doesn’t get his head out of arse and wake up to reality he thought as he continued down the passageways and entered the hanger.

The shuttle he saw was nothing special but Thomas was dealing with that shortcoming. Stan saw the cosmetic changes that he had already finished and saw Thomas jumping on the wing. Odd Stan thought, would have thought he would want that wing in an unbent manner, oh well. He then went up to the shuttle and sat down on the ramp and waited for the others to arrive so they could get geared up.

08-10-2011, 10:15 PM
Evangeline listened silently as Stan snarled at James. A sudden feeling of anger settled in her stomach as Stan snapped at James. She was livid. Seeing him storm out of the mess hall, Evangeline stood.

"Forgive me, Captain. I have some business I must quickly attend to." With that, Evangeline made a bee line for the door.

Her footsteps were silent as she trailed behind Stan. Once she was sure there were no witnesses around, she spoke.

"Officer Carver,"

As soon as Stan had turned around she had him pinned against the wall, her forearm pressed against his throat forcefully. She made sure to let him feel how strong she was.

"Now I understand that you may not like or respect Captain Steel," Evangeline said, her voice as cold and stoic. "But while Doctor Richards outranks him, Captain Steel still outranks you. And as such, while you may not like it you are to keep a respectful tone that is expected of a soldier of your supposed caliber."

Her eyes locked with his. "And another thing. You were given your cover for a reason. It is in that time that you are to upgrade. And before you act as if you know everything about the technology that is concerned with this mission, I suggest that you know what you are talking about beforehand.

Captain Steel was briefed separately after he departed on these mechs by their original programmers. He knows what to do, and unless you want to get killed by your own pride I suggest you shut your disrespectful mouth, follow your orders, and learn your place."

With that, Evangeline released him, turning around to return to the mess hall; surely it was her turn to get her ID.*As she entered, she saluted to James, apologizing for leaving.

"I apologize for my sudden leave, sir. The duty I had to fulfill is complete." Sitting down, Evangeline waited patiently as Dr. Richards handed out the rest of the IDs.

"As for you two..." Dr. Richards said, tossing James a small velvet box. "I now present to you Mr. And Mrs. Steel."

Evangeline paused, for the first time unsure if she had heard correctly. Wait, what? But before she could voice her concern, James had taken the opportunity to goof around, getting down on one knee.

"Will you marry me?"

For the first time, Evangeline did not know the proper reaction for the situation she was in. Her superior officer, her captain, was on one knee in front of her in the middle of the mess hall asking him to marry her. Suddenly, Evangeline was hyperaware of all of the pairs of eyes that were now on them.

She opened her mouth, but bafflingly she could not speak. She merely nodded, seeming almost...bashful. James gave a smirk, sliding the ring (http://www.westonjewelry.com/media/catalog/product/cache/1/small_image/222x222/5e06319eda06f020e43594a9c230972d/d/i/dia892i-GIA-pear-cut-diamond-engagement-ring-platinum.jpg) onto her thin finger. Evangeline stared down at the ring, mesmerized by the shimmering gems.

As she stared at her new ring, Evangeline felt an extremely strange, foreign feeling in her chest. A slight tickling sensation became apparent in her stomach, but Evangeline could not honestly say she minded it. A strange feeling of heat rushed to her cheeks.

So this is the moment all of those women would be talking about back in command?

Evangeline did not understand it. It evoked strange feelings within her that were both foreign and uncomfortable. She had no idea what to do with herself, and one thing Evangeline did not like was feeling unsure.

Oddly enough, however, as she watched James' back disappear through the mess hall doors to lead them to the bay, she could not help but notice that he had very broad shoulders. Evangeline glanced down at the ring on her finger, thinking back to her Captain's face. More so, his eyes.

Evangeline supposed that they were a very appealing shade of a color she found a hard time placing.

08-12-2011, 03:27 AM
Patting George's chest acknowledging what he said about always being an Omega. “Come on then, let’s get on the shuttle then and see what chaos we can do.” Winking with a smile Tracy walked over to James giving him a single nod letting him know that it seemed George was back on board. Tracy couldn’t blame anyone on the squad for having mixed thoughts. At 5 hours from cryo. The Omegas were already heading back out to the indefinite unknown. Grabbing a touch pad that was on the last of the boxes being loaded up the medic selected the medical file, overlooking the check list of supplies that were provided for her. Leaning against the boxes behind her, the woman shook her head. Sure enough there were some improvements in medical technology...that was great news; most of it she was well familiar with as nothing evolved quickly. Too many doctors bickering over the smallest new tool that could cut into someone with no scar afterwards took least 10 years to resolve. Sadly as a doctor opening medical clinics all over as per her cover up…good ol’ bandages, shots, antibiotics, antiseptics, etc were a large portion of what she had. Noooo she couldn’t possibly get some of the good stuff to speed things along or be less damaging to the human body. For crying out loud the cryogenic recovery shock pill was even denied…instead she had the big ass needle shot that knocked the patient out cold for longest 3 hours. Setting the touch pad down Tracy got on the floor and began to stretch out her body in many yoga positions; glad to see her flexibility hasn’t changed. But her mind wasn’t on that…all she was thinking was:

“yep they screwed the medic over the table again…and I didn’t even enjoy it….kick ass medic to the rescue with not to full par supplies. Yep! I am royally fucked!!

08-13-2011, 11:39 PM
James entered the hangar. "...."

"....Oh what the hell!?" Richards ran to the ship Thomas was dismantling. "What the hell are you doing!? Who gave you authorization to do this!?" James chuckled, walking over.

"Let me guess." He stopped by the doctor. "This isn't even our assigned drop ship?"

"No! Yours is over there!" Richards pointed. "I need a team over here to fix this!"

James walked over to the ship (http://images.wikia.com/halo/images/3/3d/1219679502_Pelican_dropship_front.jpg). He inspected it, not much has changed from when they were put into stasis. "Hell if it ain't broke don't fix it." Richards came over, rubbing his temples. "Ok?"

"It will be." He moved over to a table, it was loaded with weapons. "Now then normally it be weird for you guys to be going in armed. But considering we're on the brink of the Council's territory things are a little wilder out here."

"It'd be stranger if we weren't armed, right?" James asked.

"Correct. This far out, you better be prepared." James showed a set of pistols. "The standard Magnum (http://images.wikia.com/halo/images/1/1d/M6C_Magnum_Sidearm.jpg), the civilian model of the one you're carrying. It's power is a little lower but it'll get the job done." There were three of them so he gave one to Cain, Stan and Thomas. Cassius and Tracey received Vipers (http://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20110514071756/brink/images/6/6a/Select_0038_Kalt_Security.jpg) small but highly reliable. Good for the people they'd be pretending to be. George and James got something a little heavier. Dragon Revolvers (http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20110514074535/brink/images/1/15/2.jpg), James knew he'd have to keep his magnum on the ship and use this while he was undercover.

"Damn, I really liked this one." James said, drawing his Emperor and placing the Dragon in the holster. Evangeline was given a Heat (http://images4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20110514074223/brink/images/c/c6/Select_0041_Tokmak_Resistance.jpg). "Ok doc, what do you got that's special?"

"Well George is getting a Justice (http://images4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20110423052049/brink/images/e/ed/Mossington_Render.jpg) shotgun. Sorry but that's the heaviest you're allowed to carry while undercover. There's bigger stuff on the ship but that's only incase of emergancies. We have Titans (http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20110514090255/brink/images/7/72/Select_0036_Hjammerdeim_Security.jpg), Deathbringer (http://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20110514085629/brink/images/6/6d/Select_0034_Gotlung_Security.jpg) and AR-27s (http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20110514083516/brink/images/0/08/Select_0014_Gerund_Security.jpg). And for you James we have a Reaper (http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20110514081938/brink/images/d/db/Select_0003_Barnett_Resistance.jpg), attached is a times twenty scoope (http://images.wikia.com/brink/images/e/e6/Snoop-R.jpg)."

"Perfect. These will do nicely." James picked up the rifle. It felt good to have a sniper back in his hands. He loved picking off targets from a thousand yards, the feeling of causing your enemy emense fear and they have no clue where you are. James entered the back of the correct ship and inspected the other gear they were given. Binoculars, body armor, C4, other military items, along with the other guns. Stan was given some electrical equioment that James was pretty sure he knew nothing about what they could do, probably for his cover. Tools for Cain as a Janitor. All sorts of medical equipment was stored for Tracey. Exiting the ship James gave the order. "Check weapons and ammor, make sure you're ready. We deploy for...."

"Mission Zero."

"Mission Zero in twenty minutes." James himself began a further inspection of the gear he was assigned as he sat at the table.

08-14-2011, 11:39 AM
George looked over the weapons he had been given and asked. "Does the ship have a tool kit in case we need to make repairs to it or our equipment in the field?"

08-14-2011, 09:23 PM
Cassius walked through the hallways of the ship to the hangar, deep in thought. He had looked at several accounts about the history of his time, and he had found it shocking. All the major events were recorded, and yet, there was so much that he felt should've earned a spot in the books. But he did find it humorous when he reached a section about a rebellion that had occured long ago in what was then the outter reaches of Earth's colonial territory. Cassius had lead the team that assassinated the rebellion's leader and stopped the revolt, and the written history said the rebellion had ended through peaceful negotiations. But Cassius understood that that was how the government had covered up many of the Omega's operations.

Cassius reached the hangar shortly afte James and Doctor Richards did. He walked over and joined the rest of the group as they began to recieve their weapons.

He took the Viper that was handed to him and held it up in front of his face as he looked it over. He always preferred smaller weapons over bigger ones. They were much easier to handle and allowed more mobility. Besides, it didn't matter if a weapon had more firepower or not. The right bullet in the right place would bring down anybody, regardless of strength.

After he finished his examination of the gun, he entered the ship behind James and looked over all of the good equipment they had. Cassius hadn't been in any heavy combat situations for a while, and with all of these weapons in front of him, he felt a strange longing for it again.

He finally sat down with a small smg (http://guidesmedia.ign.com/guides/14349125/images/full/carb_9_smg_security.png) and went throught the process of taking apart and re-assembling it. It was always helpful to know what made your weapon tick, and he had twenty minutes to kill.

08-14-2011, 10:52 PM
Evangeline twirled the heat in her hands, getting a feel for the weight of it. It was a small thing, not much power or range. However, accuracy and reload time for it was ideal, not to mention that Evangeline had a magnificent shot. Twirling around, she fired a round at Thomas, shooting the stick of gum he was about to put in his mouth right out of his hands. Evangeline smirked.

"This will do nicely."

Sliding it into her belt holster, Evangeline made her way towards the table where James was seated. Sitting next to him, she began disassembling her gun to know the ins and outs. She spoke as she removed the magazine, first checking the chamber for any unfired rounds.

"So Captain, how did you and I meet? I should know a bit about my fiancée, after all."

Being open and personable was something Evangeline was very unused to. But for the sake of her mission, she had to squash all of her normal behaviors and actually partake in socializing.

08-15-2011, 02:53 AM
Thomas climbed off the wing of the ship and walked over towards the table picking up his gun. "Sorry about the ship." He said to richards as he walked towards the ship he paused in step and unwrapped a piece of gum opening his mouth. Thomas licked his lips slowly rasing his hand towards his mouth, as the gum was shot out of his hand he yelled at Evangeline with such firece in his voice. "WHAT THE HELL!"

Thomas walked onto the ship putting a piece in his mouth. Thomas jumped in the cockpit studing the controls slowly he blew a bubble as he blinked his eyes twice turning on his nanobots. His eyes turned from brown to light green, trying to interface with the ship his nanobots begain to go offline. Hjis eyes turned back brown as he looked dazed and confuse Thomas could not interface and react with the ship his nanos were 200 years old and had not been updated. "Guess I got to do this the fun way. Hey Stan come be my co-pilot again i need you to link up the ships mainframe." Thomas chuckled as he said that thinking about the history that him and Stan had, thinking about all the times Thomas would toture Stan by doing barrel rolls and all the close calls. "I pause to fly right this time."

08-15-2011, 10:08 PM
Cain woke up once he heard Dr. Richards start yelling. Walking out of the ship Cain admired how much damage Thomas had done to it and laughed a bit as he walked towards where everyone else was standing. Taking the gun from Richards he examined it and liked the feeling of balance and disassembled, it putting it back together to see how it ticked. After putting the gun back together he marveled at the work, and advancement they had made to the new guns. Cain looked around for something to practice his shooting on, and found a piece of scrap metal laying on the ground a few feet away.

The metal was thick enough so he could be sure that the bullets wouldn't go all the way through. Throwing the metal into the air he drew the gun shooting three quick shots, and drawing his knife throwing it. Three solid clucks echoed throughout the hanger, then one loud screech came, as he saw his knife go all the way to the hilt into the metal. When the piece of metal clanged to the ground he pulled his knife out examining the damage done. The three bullets had weaken the metal enough for his knife to penetrate it. Picking up the spent shell casing Cain lined them up on a table in a row. Throwing his knife it went through all three of them slicing them clean down the middle. His reflexes hadn't been lost during Cryo,which made him happy. Hearing about the other guns Cain walked onto the ship, and started to inspect them, and fell in love with the titan. To bad he couldn't take it with him unless there was a emergency. He saw a box and rolled his eyes realizing that those were for him, but he still loved how they took him seriously maybe he might get lucky and wouldn't have to work. Taking a seat in the ship he noticed Evangeline talking to James, and felt a cold wave coming, but set up a mental block to lock his other conscious out. Trying to keep himself calm, he looked through the tools seeing if they gave him anything that would come in handy.

08-16-2011, 01:52 AM
Tracy collected her viper, proceeding to just as everyone else take it apart for her own inspection looking at the cartrige carefully before putting it all back together. "What? No poisen bullets? But I was looking foward to see the enemy's skin boil and shrivvel up before dying!" Saying in an obvious sarcastic voice, though she really did love the poison bullets she helped crafted 200 years ago.

Walking on board the ship Tracy went straight to the cockpit left arm resting on the headrest of the pilot's seat where Thomas was leaning against the side. "Sooo Thomas, are you going to piss everyone off with all your loops and twists? Or are you going to be a good pilot so I don't have to spend all night giving out shots and massages just to center everyone again?" She had an iron stomach but even Tracy would be stumbling out of the ship if he over did it. Patting his right shoulder the medic left the cockpit and sat down beside Cain, buckling her seatbelt and tapping her foot in rhythm to a tune stuck in her head while they waited.

08-16-2011, 02:45 AM
James pulled the bolt back, blowing into the hole. Holding it up he looked down the sights. While the Reaper was magazine fed it still required a bolt action to eject a spent bullet casing. That was ok with him, he loved bolt action rifles. It forced him to slow down, take his time, and he never missed cause he was in a rush to aquire new targets to shoot. "Perfect."

"Does the ship have a tool kit in case we need to make repairs to it or our equipment in the field?"

"Really?" James asked by. "You need to ask? Of course." James attached the scope to the rifle and zeroed it in quickly. Finishing that he set it out and grabbed his revolver.

"So Captain, how did you and I meet? I should know a bit about my fiancée, after all."

"I say we met when I moved into the house next to you and our families hated each other. But we fell in love and ran away, willing to start over from nothing. But we knew that as long as we had each other we'd be happy." Ok so he had read a few romance novels in his time on the base. When he'd lose a bet he was forced to read them for a month. "We just need a place to settle down then we can officially become husband and wife. That's why we've come to Sodonis, a fresh start together." He reached over and squeezed her hand. "I know you've never been in this sort of cover before, but you're a good spy. You'll catch on quickly, of that I have no doubt." James finished with his revolver and stood up. Patting Evangeline on the shoulder he climbed up the back of the ship. "Alright gear up! We're Oscar Mike! Thomas start this bad mother up!"

08-16-2011, 05:26 AM
"Right" George said as he scooped up one of the Titans and marched onto the ship.

He set the weapon down on one of the seats and in short order located the tool kit as well. He flipped it open to reveal an array of hand tools and a collection of motorized devices as well. Everything he'd need was there. He sat down on the floor and folded his thick legs over one another. As he assumed a cross-legged stance he began to disassembled the Titan, making mental notes as to its composition.

Twelve gauge.... helical magazine... manual operation... semi-auto by way of roller delayed blowback...eight shell capacity...

One the weapon was totally disassembled he placed the rear of it on his knee. The pistol grip and stock were one continuous piece of solid polymer, a perfect means of absorbing recoil for most shooters but it was also roughly half the overall mass of the weapon. George picked up a hand saw and set to work. The teeth ripped into the stock with a dull grinding sound like that of a crocodile gnawing a bit of bone. The artificial muscles and plating behind each cut sped the blade through the stock and within minutes the entire shoulder rest fell of leaving only the pistol grip and the bracket that held the receiver in place. George then picked up a screw driver and meticulously detached the sling mount from the severed stock. Once it was off he reattached it to the rear receiver bracket, using his own strength to drive the screws into the remainder of the polymer.

George reassembled the weapon and checked it over once more. Everything worked fine except now there was no pesky shoulder stock. He stood back up and replaced the tools he had used before walking back out of the ship to join the others.

Pink tossed the severed stock out on the equipment table and said "I don't need that." He held up the now stockless Titan and added "I need a single point sling. Preferably adjustable, a sheet of aluminum, and a holster that will fit that revolver."

08-16-2011, 11:16 PM
Thomas smiled as he looked at Tracy. "Of course not I will be on my best behavior by the way nice shorts shows off your lovely legs." Thomas said as he watch Tracy walk away. Thomas heard James telling him its time a smile came onto his face. Thomas jumped in the seat he began running takeoff sequences closing the bay door of the ship. Thomas opened the hangar door as the ship got into position to launch " This your captain speaking sorry for the delay folks but the runway is clear and we are a go for takeoff please buckle your seat beat and put your tray in its upright position thank you for flying omegas airline." Thomas slowly pressed on the pedal moving the ship forward he pulled back on the throttle as the ship exited the hanger door.

Thomas piloted the ship towards the planet he pulled on the controls turning the nose of the ship upwards as the enter the atmosphere.

08-18-2011, 02:35 AM
"I know you've never been in this sort of cover before, but you're a good spy. You'll catch on quickly, of that I have no doubt."

Evangeline looked down at his hand. She could feel the callouses on his fingers as he squeezed her hand. When he stood, he patted her shoulder.

Evangeline was completely out of her element. She had never seen a romance up close, but she had seen them in passing while undercover. They were sweet, caring. The two people would be wrapped in each others' arms, laughing and smiling. The closest Evangeline had ever come to being in a relationship was working undercover seducing politicians for information, or targets before killing them.

It had to be a test, she figured. Everyone was out of their elements. Tracey had no decent medical supplies, George had to maintain a sense of normality, Stan was being sent in without an in-depth knowledge of all technology, and she had to take a cover that she had no experience with. They were trying to see how the Omegas could function when faced with a task that forced them to adapt.

If Evangeline could do one thing, however, it was adapting. She was known as the Chameleon in the world of espionage. In mere moments she could find a disguise, change her entire personality and background. She covered her tracks, and left no trace that she had ever existed. If the organization needed her to prove her skill again, so be it.

Standing up, Evangeline trotted up to James, cutting him off. Now was her chance to dust off her acting skills.

Giving him a flirty grin, Evangeline put her hands on James' chest and to everyone's shock, kissed him on the corner of his mouth before pulling back.

"Thanks for the support, Honey." She smiled. "I love you."

Without waiting for a reaction, Evangeline turned on her heel and entered the ship. She sat down next to Cain and Tracey. She turned to them, knowing they had seen.

"So," She asked, knowing she needed feedback, "How was that?"

08-18-2011, 02:37 AM

08-18-2011, 03:09 AM
As soon as Stan heard that his gear was already aboard the shuttle he stood up and went in to the cargo hold to take a look. The laptop they had for was just about to become outdated, but that was not surprising, computer technology was still considered old the day it was first released to the consumers. The tablet sitting next to it on the other hand was the latest and most powerful model on the civilian market. He would need to modify it a bit to bring it up to military standards though.

The electronic field kit was a usable set up. It contained all of his old tools and even a few new ones, which always put a smile on his face. He wasn’t able to inspect too much more when Thomas called out from the cockpit. With a sigh and a sinking feeling he activated his new wireless access port and started the boot routine for the mission computer.

“Main computer is booting up!” He called back to the cockpit. He then closed the lid to the container with his gear, grabbed the tablet and made his way to the cockpit and sat down in the copilot’s seat. “Ok, I’m here Hermes. I am linked with the main mission computer. Nanobots not connecting?”

Before Thomas could answer his question Tracy popped in to the cockpit to give Thomas a hard time about his reckless tendencies in flight. There was no surprise when Thomas responded and Stan just shook his head as he monitored the shuttle’s systems as they came on line.

“Tracy, when you get a chance I need a sample of Thomas’ nanobots, looking like they need some firmware upgrades.”

Then the order came from Captain Steel, it was time to fly.

08-18-2011, 04:01 AM
Thomas yelled out of the cockpit "EVERYONE BUCKLE UP WE GOT INCOMING!" Thomas quickly grabbed the flight stick taking evasive actions dodging incoming mission, he broke throught the atmosphere still taking fire "Cap. steel we got plantary defenses firing premission to shot back?" Thomas keep evading the fire as he began to bring the weapons on line "Stan I need you to find out what all they got down there."

08-19-2011, 04:43 AM
Stan grimaced as Thomas put the shuttle through a series of roles and rapid turns. He knew he was just having some fun at the team's expense, but it made his stomach queasy as the inertial dampeners tried to keep up with the sudden maneuvers.

"What do they have?" Stan shouted out, "spit balls and paper airplanes! What do you think they have. Damn Thomas, I'd hate to see what stunts you'd pull on an actual combat drop."

Stan laughed as they continued to make their decent and started to work on the firmware programming to upgrade Thomas' nanobots.

"Smoother sailing if you please."

08-21-2011, 06:44 PM
Tracy nudged Evangeline with a wink when she sat dow to her other side. "Well executed hun I must say! Though I'm still undecided if I want to be sleeping in the tent beside you two or not....my guess is not and add some head phones."

Soon after they launch into orbit the medic was gripping the netting lining the wall against her back to help keep balance and a strong stomach. "Thomas you better be thinking of a plan to get me to change my mind!" Yelling it clearly to make sure she grabbed his attention. "Cause right now you're going to HATE me getting a new sample of nanobots from you!!!" The last few words met with a steady shuttle evening out once for. Tracy even dared to breath a sigh of relief knowing others may be feeling worse off than her right now. Trying to occupy the time until they landed with ways to make the extraction the worse experience in every possible way outloud to the others for added effect. "Alright I'm thinking a 5 gauge 4 inch needle up his neck into the skull! Talk about bad dreams that night! Come on guys we got time I love to brainstorm." Grinning big with a wink.

08-21-2011, 06:51 PM
Thomas leveled the ship out "sorry everyone been a minute since I flew and Tracy please no!" Thomas made a once around the colony as he landed 5 miles away by a rock formation. "Thank You for flying air Thomas you may not exit."

08-25-2011, 03:33 AM
James froze as Evangeline kissed him, calling him hun and saying she loved him. He really wasn't expecting that and it further proved his point that she could adapt to the role well. "Alright let's go." The shuttle door closed and the ship lifted off.

"Good luck guys. Infiltration will be all clear." The heard Richards' voice over their radio.

"Thanks doc." James went up front to the cockpit and braced himself in the doorway. "Ok Thomas nice and easy." The ship entered the atmosphere and Thomas looked over the readings on the dash, noticing everything was fine. "Excellent we're officially on Sodonis. Thomas, cloak the ship." The ship went invisible as they approached the city. "There it is, New Haven." James was looking at the images on the ship. "We're passing above it now. It's an average sized settlement with a population of about two hundred fifty plus. Shouldn't be to hard to extract the information we need." After passing the town and flying about two miles out James ordered Thomas to land.

"Omegas, listen up." James was in mission mode. "This is it, we're deep in enemy territory, limited supplies, and help is about eleven hours away." James would feel a little better if those marine squads were at least orbiting the planet, but what you gonna do? "From here on out we're disguised as civilians travelers looking for a new start. We all met on the same shuttle and got to know eachother over the journey here. That'll cover how and why we're traveling together." The ramp to the ship lowered and James picked up a backpack and put it on. It was filled with basic survival essentials any civilian wouldn't be caught dead without. "We won't be coming back to this ship for awhile so make sure you got what you need, ID's, ammo for your weapons, and your tools for your civilian jobs." James exited down the ramp. "Let me know when you're all ready."

08-25-2011, 06:31 AM
“Alright, I need a few more hours to finish up the firmware upgrade.” Stan said to Thomas as he got up from the co-pilot’s seat. “So figure in one to two days max, and once Doc gets the nanobot sample I will be able to hook you up.”

Stan smiled as he made his way back to the cargo area. He had a fair amount of equipment to take with him and wanted to get himself organized. When he entered the bay he went straight for his field kit and realized that he would not need a hand truck to carry everything. The field kit was small enough to carry, but held the majority of tools he would need. Instead of a bulky a bulky computer, Stan had the latest tablet PC available and that fit easily in to his duffel bag with his clothing, IDs and the Magnum sidearm and ammo that he had been given. As he stood there waiting for the others he started to wonder if this was how it felt to be a teenager getting ready to leave home for the first time.

“Alright, all set Sir.” Stan sounded off. He then turned to face Tracy. “Once you have that sample from Thomas please let me know.”

Stan then went down the ramp exiting the shuttle thinking to himself that he had best remember where they landed.

08-27-2011, 02:34 AM
Tracy nods at Stan about getting the nanobots from Thomas's body while doing a quick scan of what bare essential medical supplies she could stuff into a secured ruck sack.... Fact of the matter was that no matter how she could do it, with the nano-extraction kits she was supplied with; and the fact that she wasn't going to waste the pain numbing gels. This was going to hurt like nagging bitch in his ear, but she would see what she could do for it.

Attaching her survival bag onto her rucksack which had her clothes, tent, mre's etc. Tracy got it on her back adlusting the straps to balance the weight and walked out of the shuttlecraft. "Alright, I'm ready here James....no one going to like minimal pain reliever/numbing agents but hey what doesn't kill you makes you stronger right? Consider Omegas another degree stonger."

08-27-2011, 03:44 AM
Thomas climbed out of the cockpit and strapped on his backpack and walked outside as he checked his pistol cocking it and placing it on a side hosteler. Thomas eyes squinted as he looked up at the sky and said "One day." Thomas looked back at Tracy as he popped a piece of gum.

08-31-2011, 02:00 PM
Seeing Evangeline kiss James, almost sent Cain over the edge of insanity. Cain saw nothing, but white and saw images of himself snapping Jame's neck. Cain felt the feeling, and knew he would have loved to do it, but he came back to reality and felt ashamed of himself. Staying quite the rest of the ride down to the planet he played with his knife flipping it, and spinning it inbetween his fingers. He had a urge to throw it at James, but got over it. No use holding a grudge, at least not while they were going on this mission. Once the ship landed he walked off of the ship after grabbing his equipment, and slid his knife back into his sheath. Cain gave James a nod, and continued on stopping a few feet away, and looking back at the rest of the team. They all seemed to be prepared for it, hopefully after this mission they would make it out with everybody in one piece. Cain didn't plan on letting anyone here dying, he would put his life on the line for every one of them if it came down to it.

09-05-2011, 12:23 AM
"Let's move out." James and the group entered the forest. "Remember your roles everybody, this mission depends on blending in. We're outnumbers three hundred to one on this planet, so let's try and not have people shooting at us." It was a short walk but they made it to the main road.

"James. James come in."

"Richards." James drew a radio from his bag. "We've landed successfully and are on the main road heading toward the town."

"Good. This radio is for emergancies only, though I hope you don't need it. Good luck, Richards out."

James felt more comfortable now that he had a direct line back to Richards, a direct line back to help. Deciding to slip into character he fell back to walk next to Evangeline on her left. Reaching down with his right hand he took her left hand and intertwined their fingers. They needed to portray a happy young couple. It was a good cover for them. They could slip away when they wanted, claiming wanting to be alone for certain couple things. James didn't have much time to think as the walls of their destination were before them and a guard was asking for his papers. "Here you are." James handed him the information.

Looking over them the guard looked at the photo and then back at James. Once satisfied that it was legit he checked the rest of it. "So why you out this far?" The guard asked.

"Our familes couldn't accept that we were in love." James pulled Evangeline closer. "So we ran away to get married and settle down with a family." The guard clearly couldn't handle all the mushy crap James was talking about so he quickly handed back the papers, saying he was all clear. "Wonderful." James took back his information and waited for the others.

"Next." The guard called out.

09-05-2011, 02:58 AM
Thomas walked up smacking gum loudly as he handed his papers to the guard. "What brings you here?" the guard ask Thomas shook his hand as he spoke "Thomas the name flights the game I just here looking for some new contracts." Thomas dropped the man hand as he the guard said "No now move along Next!" he said in a stern voice.

Thomas walked past Evangeline and said in a low tone "You can sneak your way in but I can annoy my way in better."

09-05-2011, 04:13 AM
Evangeline was very focused on the road ahead of her. Her mind was swirling with a faint sense of paranoia, a feeling long forgotten by the experienced spy. This cover was a foreign concept for her, and Evangeline for once in her life had no examples to act upon. Sure, she had played the seductress on numerous occasions, but never had she witnessed a loving, happy couple. The idea completely baffled her.

Evangeline was so deeply concentrated on her thoughts that she almost jumped when she felt James' fingers interlace with hers. She glanced up at her captain, her 'husband', her eyes scanning his for a sign or signal. She noticed that he had on a rather content expression on, and a small grin on his face. Evangeline assumed that this was her cue to slip in to character, so she tried her best to mimic it.

"Here you are."

Evangeline watched as James handed the guard the papers, his eyes scanning them up and down suspiciously. Evangeline just smiled at him, her eyes flickering to James for a hint as to what to do.

"So why you out this far?" The guard asked.

Evangeline fought the urge to jump a bit as James pulled her in closer. She wound her thin arms around his waist, leaning her head on his chest as she looked up at the guard with big blue eyes. She fluttered her long lashes for added effect.

"Our families couldn't accept that we were in love," James said, giving her a squeeze, Evangeline smiled, nuzzling against him in what she hoped looked like an affectionate manner. "So we ran away to get married and settle down with a family."

To emphasize their cover, Evangeline took his arms around her waist, resting one of his hands on her stomach, as if she were expecting. She batted her lashes again, smiling at the guard. It was obvious that he was uncomfortable with all of the blatant affection the two were showing. Evangeline took this as a good sign.

"Next," The guard said, handing James their papers. She wound an arm around his waist as he rested an arm around her shoulders. Evangeline giggled, trying to sound like those annoying secretaries in the base offices that would always talk about relationships and romance. She normally paid them no mind, thinking that their topic of conversation was dismissible.

"Convincing enough?" Evangeline whispered, throwing a small smirk at James. He returned it. Suddenly, she heard Thomas behind her, causing a scene. Again. She sighed, resisting the urge to smack her forehead. She bit her tongue as he approached her from behind.

"You can sneak your way in, but I can annoy my way in better."

Evangeline sent an icy glare towards Thomas' back. He always had to throw in a snarky comment, no matter what. It irritated Evangeline to no end.

"It pays to remember that if you don't let anyone see your back, you won't give them the chance to put a target on it. Why do you think animals have camouflage?" Evangeline asked airily. "The animals that stick out are the ones that are picked off first."

09-05-2011, 02:24 PM
Shaking his head as he took her papers "alright what's your reason for being out here?"

Tracy smiled as the guard looked at her paperwork. "I'm to be the resident doctor here...going to set up yet another clinic out here now." She was sure to speak in a cheerful manner which wasn't hard at all as that was how she usually was anyways. Taking back her papers stuffig them into her very large rucksack, lifting it back onto her shoulders. "Well least that's some good new doc, been fighting bad cold as is myself" the guard said in a lowtone so no one else would hear taking the next omega's paperwork in hand. "Well won't be long till I'm set up..hand in there and plenty of rest!"

Going at a quick pace to catch up with the others she didn't care for Thomas's annoying encounter with the guard that could have put them all at risk. Picking up a small stick from the ground Tracy walked beside him casually putting the sharp end against his base of neck. Talking low so only the omegas present would hear "nanobots Thomas...take it a few dials down would you?"

09-09-2011, 07:53 AM
Stan said nothing as they made their way to the town; though he did snicker as he saw Evangeline jump when James took her hand. Serves her right he thought, the self righteous… Stan let the thought trail, her warning on the ship still had him thinking. If she took too much interest in his doings, she might lose sight of the mission itself. That would not be good for the team. Stan shook his head to clear the thought from his mind; he had other issues to worry about. Once Tracy was past the guard Stan walked up and didn’t bother waiting for him to ask why he was there.

“I’m here to do field research for a new comm. system.” He handed the guard his papers and was waved through, the guard looking happy that he had not dragged out the encounter as the others had done.

Now that he was inside of the town he looked around. It was nothing special, and in fact Stan that it was a miracle that it warranted being called a town. The buildings were not too high, which was both good and bad. It meant that any transmissions would not get hindered from light of sight issues inside of the town, but any natural obstructions outside of the town, like the trees, would cause problems and there was no where to place an antenna that would overcome this. Right away Stan realized that a hover platform would be needed that or an extendable tripod. The second option would most likely be the best course of action to pursue, though he would wait and see what goodies he could find in town before finalizing that decision.

It also meant the Hell Mech was not in this town. So a vehicle was also going to be needed Stan thought. That should be easy enough. After all, he thought, I need to be able to put some distance between my radios if I am going to do any worthwhile testing. Then it hit Stan, he was going to need to find a suitable place to live. Something with enough room for building some prototype systems to say he is testing. Something with a garage was a must. This could be tough he thought.

09-12-2011, 05:21 PM
Thomas looked at Evangeline "and those who hide in the shadows also hide from themselves at least I don't jump in shock of new emotions." Thomas felt a sharp stick against his throat as Tracy spoke "Hey how many pilots do you see around here in this backwood planet this is suppose to be a rebel planet and anyone who is a decent pilot would get questioned more then any doctor or a couple looking to run away from daddy and mommy. I just annoyed him to keep from getting ask where you learn to fly at and how long you been flying." In a way Thomas knew he made since as he looked around and noticed no ships in the sky not even a decent launch pad. "What the next step Cap.?" Thomas asked James as he walked behind them spitting out a old piece of gum.