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01-12-2010, 08:26 PM
The bomb had destroyed Sinziko. The planet that was home to the killers. The world and time had come to mean nothing as we entered the darkness.

We? Who are we? What are we? He thought as his eyes opened up to see her standing before him. Who is she? Ally, oh yeah. My sister. It turns out we weren’t even family. All the lies finally built up and father told the truth.

Ally was the princess. The princess who had no relation to me. She had no need to stay with me and yet she did. She fought and protected me from the empire time and time again. Yet here I was. Destroying her. Always hurting her. I was no better than the Empire.

“Come on Twin!” She said shaking me violently. “Wake up! We can’t stay here! The Empire is getting closer~!!!!”

She always acted like this. Even though she knew who she was... What she was..

He’s eyes slipped closed and he faded slowly into the darkness that embraced him happily.

Miss Devil
01-12-2010, 09:38 PM
The Empire wanted only one thing for the daughter of Dracula. She hated feeling used. But he knew that. Dracula had sent he's only child away long ago with no true purpose but to protect her from the senate and the empire.

It is her job to lead the country, the planets, and the senate. Her father did nothing but try to protect her. And mother was killed as punishment for her birth. Her very exsistence, my very exsistence is death to those.

The killers want me dead. And by dead I mean six feet under.

My brother is not my brother. I believed being a merchants daughter was my wholeword but now it wasn't.

My twin. He looks just like me. He would die if anyone realized who I was. They would make up exscuses for reasons why he should be exicuted! We need to get out of here like now. The was the last though as she grabbed John and started to shake him.

“Come on Twin! Wake up! We can’t stay here! The Empire is getting closer!!!” She spoke the words and knew they where true.

He didn't respond. The ship that was near by was close enough that he ended up dragging him to the ship. Once on board she swiftly closed the door and pushed him up agianst the wall.

Stay. She though mentally to herself as she slid into the drivers seat of the spaceship. She had flown Manu diffrent types of ships but this one was diffrent.

Guess I'm going to have to use the implants father put inside of me. She though accessing the implant that began telling her all about the ship and how to fly it.

Her father had put in implants when Ally had hit ten. He claimed she would need it for her future job. Now she understood what he ment by becoming the leader of the Empire.

The ship took off into the deep dark depths of outer space.

01-12-2010, 10:19 PM
He awoke when the ship took off the feeling of the ship moving at the speed of light gave him a tickled feeling in his stomach. He laughed ad then quickly calmed himself. Before they had left thier home they learned one thing happiness ccould easily be taken away.

The princess knew that to well. They where in a deep load of crap. He thought as he rubbed his eyes and walked over to his twin. He had very little idea of where the hell they where going. His sister has demanded they head to Tera. Tera is the planet that was called Earth before the Empire took over.

Truthfully the empire is a group of humans, vampires, robots, witches, shapeshifters, werewolves, and many other magical creature that they where slowly bringing to realize where truely real.

Tera was also home to the senate and the circle two groups that wanted Ally's status. Ally was the most magical creature born. She had blood of many creatures from her mother mostly. But also because of her father, her blood was mostly vampire. John always thought his father had been with another woman or that he must have been adopted. He's father had lied to them so many times he had no true idea what was real and what was fiction.

Miss Devil
01-12-2010, 11:34 PM
Tera <Earth>

Jenna was head of the circle. The circle was a group of powerful magicians also refered to as mages. Her magic was so powerful that she could travel through time and space.

Currently all hell had been broken lose on Tera. It is hard to explain what happen but the Consul lied. She has promised answers about the magic of Ally.

Ally was the child of mix blood and deserved death. She was posion to the perfection of the thrown of the Empire. Plus she was to younge for Antibes taste.

The Consul had promised an explaination of what had happen two days ago when*Ally had appeared before them.

She was only there for a few minutes but she seemed older and deadly. Then she was gone in the blink of an eye. It was like she had some how gained my power. Jenna thought uneasy to herself as a knock on the door showed a handsome Joshua.

He's frowned showed his displeasure for the whole fighting with the Consul. It's not like it was planned she thought to herself, waiting for Joshua to say something.

He's eye where steady in her's as he spoke. "Sin has been destroyed. We are not sure if there where survivers but we think there maybe. Kimaki sends word the the princess has been using magic. We are unsure what she is up to yet. We also believe the ship she is on is heading this way but we have yet to have that confirmed. Also the Consul sends word that she wishes to end this pointless fighting and try to work on the goal. Which as you remember is to capture the princess and take her back to the Empire for her to be protected." he finished his report and looked around the thrown room.

Miss Devil
01-13-2010, 12:13 AM
Ally watched her brother as he woke up. The ship was getting closer. She was so tired she couldn't describe these feeling that she was feeling. She was worried mostly about his mental state. Lately there had been many violent death that he caused to protect her. She feared he wasn't well.

When he laugh she nearly jumped out her skin. She looked at him as his face fell from a smile to a face that was deep in thought.*

She decided not to bug him as she set the ship into auto pilot. It would fly straight to Tera even if someone was messing with the wheel.

She began to cheek out the rest of the ship when she noticed the double beds.

"BEDS!" She nearly screamed as she jumped on one of them. They where so comfortable and relaxing and her eyes where so very heavy.

Once she finally decided sleep was safe the nightmare began. People talking about her. Pictures of her body without her head. She wanted to scream looking at her dead body.

The dream didn't stop there. It kept going. Showing more pictures, as an angry completely pissed off Dracula threw them on to the table.

Dracula stood there looking into the eyes of the body the she possesed. "Jenna how could you let this happen?" he demanded his voice was full of anger.

"Your daughter is still alive. She is currently in hiding from the Consul." Was the cool response from the handsome hunk next to her.

The dream ended with that, leaving her in a deep slumber of blankness.