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02-29-2012, 01:59 PM
Name: Myleen Candell
Alias: MC
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Race: Elf
Build: Myleen stands at 5'7, and weighs 170 pounds. Her body my be slim and lean, but that doesn't mean she doesn't have that extra muscle on her arms and legs as well.
Hair: Her hair goes to about the beginning of her bottom, and it's light blond. In the sunlight it shines giving off a golden blond color. Her hair is pretty strait, but when she sits to much in the sun it frizzes up just a bit.
Eyes: Her eyes are a violet color, and drupe on the sides. Her eye lashes are long as well.

Distinctive features: Myleen has a scar on her right side. It starts at the top of her ribs, and ends by the beginning of her hip. Her skin is pretty tan, but at times she looks pale in the sunlight.


Clothes: Her main clothes are the ones shown in the picture, but when she goes into battle she has armor on her shoulders, knees, stomach, and feet. Not the cutest way to wear armor but it does well with her battles. (Over her main clothes of course.)


My My sword: It is a sword that she got from her father, and named herself when she was only three. She named it after herself because; the sword happened to have attributes that took to her. The handle is twisted in the shape of two snakes facing each other. Though the handle is pink, it is not as girly as it looks. On the golden blade there is venom. The venom gives her an upper hand, but it is not as deadly as some may think. It will not kill one, but it will do damage when need be. She wears the sword on her left hip to keep it close to her.


Myleen swift kick: Some may think a kick from a little girl would do little damage, but that is not true. This kick is more powerful then it seems. She gathers her energy all in one of her legs; whichever she chooses at the time. The kick can only leave one stunned, but it may be enough to get a damage attack somewhere in there.

Spin combat punch-kick: This move she came up with when she was thirteen, and took her some time to master. It is a combination of two styles of fighting Dance, and Karate I know what your thinking, dance!? The spin is from her learning dance as she fought in previous battles.

She Does not have magic spells, unless you count the control of her energy to one leg. That takes her concentration from the battle, but once she is done with this it makes her much stronger then she actually is. She takes energy from healthy things around her as well. (Such as trees, plants, moist ground, Etc...)

Other abilities/attributes:

Strengths/Strengths: Myleen is strong when she is around a healthy, and energy filled environment. The more energy that is around; the more stronger she gets. She is good when she has her My My sword, but if she were to lose it in battle she would be very helpless. As she would be strong at hand to hand combat, but if the opposite party has a weapon she would be in a complete mess.

Personality: Myleen is a walking ball of energy, and healthy to add to that. She can talk up a big amount of words, and acts hyper for most of her days. Though while in battle she thinks on her feet, and doesn't talk a whole lot of mess. She knows there is the possibility she will lose, and takes that with seriousness and respect. She shows respect to her peers, and those she battles.

Background: Myleen grew up in a family that loved to battle. Battling was there first and foremost priority. This caused her father to die when Myleen was ten, and that is how she ended up with the My My sword. Her father was in the battle of a life time, but he got the short end of the stick. Long story made simple and short her father got to cocky and died in the end.

With that being said it didn't stop her family from battling. It only made them grow stronger in that since. They continued fighting in her father's honor, and tried their best to give Myleen's father a name. Myleen grew tired of always fighting for her father, and never fighting for herself. So she decided to get up and leave her home. She traveled for some time, but soon grew tired of not living in one place.

After searching for the perfect home; Myleen found a beautiful Forrest to reside in. It gave her the power to go on, and she grew to love it more as she found out more about herself. She began training with her My My sword, and her battle moves. In time she believed she was strong enough to battle again. She battled passers that traveled through the Forrest, and trained with them as well. Until now she never believed she was strong until she actually tried to fight for herself and not for her family.