Rank: The Golden Snitch

The Golden Snitch

Award given to members that continued the journey and took part in at least 2 parts of a group Roleplay series.

Members who received this rank: 40
Mysteria, Anne Bonny, Atrum Daemon, Kris, StormWolf, Evil Troy, Rook, RisingPhoenix, Housemaster, Minkasha, Repent!, V, Koti~, Wattz, Aureyon, ~N~, Aheris, Prophet, Epostle, Setsa, Death of Korzan, Azazeal849, kardar233, dakkagor, PaintSerf, TheDoctor, Storm, Jarms48, Kicks, Lil, RedKayne, Salroka, DizzyMaelstrom!, Iwazuma, Derpnaster, Scottie, ☆Catwoman☆, Mariel, Thrannix, Sickly
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