Rank: The Golden Gavel

The Golden Gavel

For contributions as a judge in any of the various contests held on the site.

Members who received this rank: 48
, Merry, The Imposter, Insanity, SikstaSlathalin, Kris, Aurelia Courville, Lord Tully, bluemoon, Mosaic, Alice, AngelicAsylum, Imp, G, Jacogos, CartelSaide, ~N~, Alanoth, Anti-Hero, Setsa, NecroNama, Azazeal849, dakkagor, Sinderella, Storm, P.K., Extraordinaire., Soulio, DistortedReality, Cfavano, Chat Noir, Omac, Wobbles, Kicks, Salroka, Scottie, Price, Dire Hoef, BumblingBee, Dnafein, InfraredHero, Holeypaladin, .Karma., Fanatasia, Griff, PendragonXeno94, mcstringer, RobynB
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