Rank: *stare*


For completing day seven of the Writer's Marathon during the RPAPril Extravaganza of years 2013, 2016 & 2017.

Members who received this rank: 35
rabbit, Kris, SQJ, V, Cicada, La Volpe, P.K., SmileyCassandra, Leon G, Soulio, Waarnemen, Denraven, Chat Noir, Bee Bear, DoughGuy, Cereza13, Nori, Nytstalker, Arcus, Oddities, chilloice, Rice Cakes, m139, Kicks, Notty, AngelFire, Holeypaladin, .Karma., IssyEspeon, Megilwen, Griff, asharasahara, PendragonXeno94, RobynB, Evening Rain
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