Rank: GR8 Party!

GR8 Party!

This badge is given for being approved and posting at least once in the 8th Birthday Party Masquerade Event, 2015.

Members who received this rank: 62
, Merry, SikstaSlathalin, Kris, Elizabeth16, Koti~, Imp, G, ~N~, Froggy, Cicada, Juicesir, max shadow, TheDoctor, Storm, P.K., ARCTrooper1992, Halfbreed443, TheBarbarian, Naraness, Soulio, crazydawg444, Craze, Omac, Arcus, Arthera, Vestige Warrior, Toon Yoshi, Kicks, RedKayne, Derpnaster, Kourtney, Maya, Blazing Falcons, Price, Dire Hoef, Kiki, SherbetTurtle, Dnafein, Mystress of Shadows, Vanity&Ecstasy, Sonic, Sparkz, Punished Snake, AniahLiepard, .Karma., Veloci, MysticFire, Rha'az, Cosmic Avelyn, DCaesar of Wakanda, dracowerepyre, Megilwen, Griff, KodaStar, Liono, Tatsuke, Clear, AngelDellaNotte, Lorne Archer, Miyopup, spooky
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