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Name: Samara (doesn’t remember last name)

Age: 300 (looks 23)

Gender: Female

Initial Race: Human

Current Race: Chaos Space Marine

Alliance: Chaos Undivided (not attached to any legion)

Voice: Samara’s voice can range from a loud female voice to a booming and thunderous voice. Typically she prefers to speak in what she calls her “lady” voice which is considered a high pitch squealing by her comrades who have learned to interpret her sounds that she makes.

Personality: Samara's personality is unusually bright and cheery for what she is but she is known to have a mean streak that becomes visible if you make her angry. She also has a mischievious(sp) side when it comes to messing with people and enjoys tormenting her foes.

Appearance (without armor): Samara’s attire usually consists of a pair of old, worn out jean shorts, a white tank-top, and no shoes. Her hair is uniquely one of the only aspects about her appearance that gives her a “girlish” look about her. Despite the battles she has been in her hair has remained retained its rich green color and its delightful bounce, however, she does have two horns that have grown from her head as a result of her expose to chaos. Her eyes are grayish white and she has numerous scars on her body from the multiple implantation and injection sites. Being a space marine she is around 8 feet tall and weights close to 300 lbs, most of which is muscle and extra organs added for enhanced abilities.

Appearance (with armor): Samara uses her World Eater armor which is a rustic red color that has the stains of many different types of blood as well as soot from the gun and other weapons. Her armor is outlined with a tarnished gold trim. Her armor bears the insignias of chaos, which are the eight pointed wheels, along with the symbols of Khorne and is adorned by chains which are embedded into the skulls of enemies she has killed.

Weapons: She wields a chain-axe along with a bolter pistol. She is trained more in the use of her axe since she was part of the World Eater’s Legion for a time but can also use a bolter since she was also trained in the Black Legion. She also has frak grenades at her disposal.

Abilities: Being a chosen champion of chaos she has the ability to summon her rage for a short time which causes her to go berserk or enter a blood frenzy where she gains attack power for a short time. She also can inspire other chaos marines to fight beside her but her morale check is very low so usually she relies on her berserker mode to help win her battles.

Background: Being a renegade chaos space marine has led her to many great battles all over the galaxy but recently she has settled for a less than exciting life in one particular part of the galaxy. Having grown tired of constantly fighting she now seeks to make friends and show them how great chaos is through friendly manners which goes against what she was taught. But Samara never much cared for rules or for sticklers of the rules.

History: Before Samara was a space marine she was a regular human and an Imperial citizen of a hive colony. The Black Legion, led by Lord Val’deric, attacked her planet and kidnapped many of the children and young adults to use as test subjects to make into new marines. She was one of the only survivors and responded well to most of the implants except a few that did not take. Lord Val’deric who saw how well she progressed decided to make her a chosen champion of the Black Legion and thought she was a rather obedient marine, but she proved him wrong when she started to talk back to him and question his orders. Infuriated by her insolence he attempted to have her undergo a lobotomy but she escaped before the procedure could be done on her and the two have had a rather touchy rivalry ever since.