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Thread: [M] West Hills Haunted High

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    Default [M] West Hills Haunted High

    Rated M for language. Violence and Sexual Scenes will probably hit PG-16 at the most.

    School Map
    The School has 5 floors, a basement and an attic.
    Spoiler: First Floor 

    Spoiler: Second Floor 

    Spoiler: Third Floor 

    Spoiler: Fourth Floor 

    Spoiler: Fifth Floor 

    Students do not know what the basement and attic look like.
    Second Floor:
    Room 201 - Jack "Jackie" Turner
    Room 202 -Aislinn "Ash" Morrigan Winters
    Room 203 - Rebecca "Becca" Marie Wilton
    Room 205 - Lucinda Kay
    Room 206 - Georgina "Gina" Wright
    Room 209 - Narissa "Rissa" Pardo
    Room 211 - Samantha "Sammy" Adrian Masters
    Room 213 - Rozaria Winter Cross
    Room 214 - Ryou-Kyou "Rukyo" Kazehina Eirin Houjuu
    Room 215 - Cecelia "Cece" Ilona

    Third Floor:
    Room 302 - Dave "Bro" Greis Thompson
    Room 303 - James Connors
    Room 305 - C. William "Will" Joesph Johnson
    Room 306 - Daniel Alexander Henney
    Room 309 - Shayne "Shay" Matthew Roberts
    Room 311 - Remington "Remy" Walters
    Room 312 - Travis Gregory
    Room 314 - Hartley Dawson
    Room 315 - Viktor "Drago" Procezenkov

    School Rules
    1. Students must be in uniform Mon-Fri, and on special occasions.
    2. Students curfew is 11 PM, Lights out is midnight.
    3. Girls may not be on the 3rd floor, and boys may not be on the 2nd floor
    4. No student is to be in the garden from 10 PM-6 AM
    5. The basement and attic is forbidden.
    6. No students may leave campus under any circumstance.

    Failure to follow these rules will result in punishment and possible expulsion.


    Spoiler: Teachers 

    Spoiler: Ghosts and Spirits 

    Spoiler: Other 

    Student Deaths
    James Connors
    Aislinn "Ash" Morrigan Winters
    Hartley Dawson

    - - - Updated - - -

    It was a new school year at West Hills High. As usual, the student body had shrunk, but more unsuspecting students had joined this year. Headmistress Gelda had gone through the orientation, explaining rules, assigning rooms and schedules, making sure no nosy parents stuck around. She sat in her office, studying areas of the school from a glowing glass orb on her desk. The students were all moving in and wandering from room to room, meeting each other. Grelda thought back to when she was a student at the dreaded school. No one had greeted her. No one had tried to be her friend. Scowling, she pushed away the crystal ball and picked up the ancient phone on her desk. Punching a few numbers, Grelda waited impatiently for the cook, Daphne to pick up.

    “Hello?” Daphne said, her voice low as always.

    “You’re making the special stew?” Gelda asked, straight to the point.

    “Yes, yes. I added everything you requested,” Daphne said in a low whisper.

    “Speak up,” Gelda snapped, “You sound like Weaver with all that whispering.”


    “Anyway, excellent. I don’t need these brats contacting their mummies and daddies all the time. Make sure everyone is served, Daphne. I’ll ring the dinner bell soon.”

    With that, Gelda slammed the phone down. Walking over to the bookshelf in her office, Gelda got down a golden horn of sorts. She brought the instrument to her lips and began to make an announcement.

    “Hello?” As she spoke, her filled the school, as if coming out of imaginary speakers placed everywhere. The school had no PA system of any sort, but most
    students were too nervous and excited to notice.

    “Attention students!” Filled with false cheeriness, Gelda’s voice sounded very different from before. “This is your Headmistress Gelda speaking. In 20 minutes you will hear the dinner bell. Everyone will report to the cafeteria. Everyone must come to dinner, or there will be punishment. As a reminder, Girls and Boys are the stay on the floor their rooms are. I hope you all will have a wonderful school year! This is your Headmistress Gelda.” Gelda put the instrument back on the self, and decided she should check up on the stew. She didn’t need Daphne screwing it up. She locked the door, mumbling some nonsense to herself, then headed down the elevator.
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    "Yes." Shayne said to his mother coldly.
    "Don't take that tone with me. Honour thy Mother" She told him.
    "And parents, do not anger your children" Shayne rebutted back, after hearing the bible quotes over and over, he learnt perfect comebacks for most of her mothers Attempts of an argument.
    "A man who lays with another man should be stoned." She said with cold, venomous spite. Shayne felt a bubble of anger, but managed to suppress it by responding with
    "nah, Being stoned takes all the fun out of it" before he turned and left before his mother could scream more abuse at him. He looked up at the school He smiled, it looked amazing. stable and steady, something he hadn't had since...well, ever. he approached the door to the entrance and walked down a corridor. opposite him was a large staircase and beside that, an elevator. He looked down to his black suitcase, and decided the Elevator was the way to go.

    He hopped in, and then pushed the button to Floor 3. He waited as the doors remained open for a short time, before he took the lift up to his floor. He was exhausted, all this travelling had worn him, out, and he just wanted to go to his room and collapse. yes, that's what he'd do.
    *bing* the door opened, and he walked out into his wing. The East Wing. This is where he would find his other Housemates, The other Males of the Falcon house. He pulled out a scruffy bit of paper from his pocket, with the numbers "309" Scrawled quickly on them. he was going to write it on his hands, but his mother said he should make a good impression, and that ink wouldn't help.
    "309...309..Ah!" he smiled, and looked at the room. He pulled out the key he had been sent. a small, silver thing with a simple pattern along the top. He inserted, twisted, and *click* the door unlocked, allowing him into his new room.
    it was brilliant, large with an equally large bed for him to sleep in, and decorated with almost Victorian like appendages. he smiled as he lay his suitcase by he foot of the bed, and saw that he had two other doors to use. He opened the one closest to the bed, and Looked into his new bathroom. Not as nice as the bedroom, but certainly better than a caravan toilet. He closed the door, and made a mental note to fully explore later. He wandered over tot he second door, and opened it. The view was less than appealing. he stepped out into a shappy-looking balcony. the walls were peeling, the thing stank vaguely, and "SHIT!" Shayne let out as a small, black...thing crawled over his foot. "A rat?? Jesus..." he sighed, and closed the door on the balcony. He turned to the bed, and let out a deep sigh of contentment as he fell onto the bed.
    Then the headmistress spoke. "Twenty minutes and I'm forced to eat? What a pile of Bollocks" he whined, and heaved himself up to leave, taking his key with him, he closed the door behind him. Not wanting to look like a loner, he decided to wait for anyone else who was going to come up to this level, what better time to meet his future friends?

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    Default Cecelia Ilona

    Cecelia’s first impression of the school was that of unwanted neglect. It wasn’t the building itself that suggested this, but the feel of the campus. There was an odd feel to this place, she hadn’t made up her mind yet as to if she liked it or not. After a lengthy orientation Cec left the main hall drifting through the busy hallways.

    Eventually she had found her way to her room, 215 of the east side of the school. A shiver ran through her when she entered, it felt as if the room was at least ten degrees cooler than that of the rest of the building. She quickly dug through her luggage for a sweater with a bit of a scowl. “So this is how it’s going to be,” she murmured to the room in an annoyed tone. Once she was wrapped up in her sweater she took a moment to take in the room. It was actually pretty nice, the furnishings were in rich tones and the furniture itself was rather comfortable looking. She sat on the ottoman that stood across from her bed. Other than the cold it wasn’t that bad.

    She decided to leave the unpacking for later tonight, maybe after supper. Her stomach growled at that though and as if on cue she heard an announcement ring through the school.

    “Attention students! This is your Headmistress Gelda speaking. In 20 minutes you will hear the dinner bell. Everyone will report to the cafeteria. Everyone must come to dinner, or there will be punishment. As a reminder, Girls and Boys are the stay on the floor their rooms are. I hope you all will have a wonderful school year! This is your Headmistress Gelda.” The voice that spoke through the announcement sounded very little like the woman who had spoken at orientation.

    She shrugged and grabbed her messenger bag, inside she stuffed an extra sweater, her tarot cards, a few crystals, a note book and a few pens. Everything she would need was now at hand. She started for the door then paused, maybe she should do a quick reading before heading down. Nothing like a little insight to keep her sharp.

    Cec pulled out her deck and shuffled unceremoniously. She pulled three cards and lay them face down on the ottoman. One by one she flipped them over and studied them.
    Spoiler: Tarot 

    All three were of the Major Arcana, “That’s odd…” her voice trailed off as she studied them. First was The Hierophant, it was a reminder to look beyond the everyday mundane routines. Next was The Hermit, it told of a spiritual journey. Last was The Death card, contrary to popular belief the card doesn’t actually mean death, rather it tells of an end to one and new beginnings that follow. Such a powerful reading shook up Cec a little, she wrapped up her deck and put it back in her bag. She would definitely need to keep it close by at all times.

    She quickly checked her appearance in the mirror, the whole grey, white and blue colour scheme was rather drab, she let out a sigh, not much she could do to fix that. After one last rummage through her things she found a necklace with a piece of white quartz on it, without a second thought she slipped it on and under her shirt. Hopefully it would help absorb any negative energy around her. With that, Cecelia left her room and took the stairs down to the main floor, she would ‘mingle’ as she waited for supper.
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    Arrived! x

    Gina Wright hit send to let her friend Aidan know she had finally made it to the school, and dropped her phone into the pocket of her cream trench-coat before walking round the back of the car and popping the boot to drag her suitcase out. It was a big case, but that was including all the school uniforms she had had to buy. There was something slightly depressing about being able to fit all your earthly belongings into one suitcase. She shrugged off the thought and wheeled her case round to the front of the car where her mother was standing to get a better look at the building.

    Her mum, Jenny, retied the bobble that was holding her mane of ginger hair in check and looked up at the school. West Hills High was a grand building - old, but it had aged well, with stately stone walls covered by climbing ivy. Well-maintained balconies jutted from the front side of the school, and the first rays of sunset were beginning to tint the windows orange.

    “Well, there it is.” Gina’s mum said, “The best school in the whole state, or so they claim.”

    “Thanks mum.” Gina said, smiling. “Really. Thanks.”

    “Do you want me to come in with you?”

    “No, you’re alright.”

    “You know what room you’re going to?”

    “Yep. 206.”

    Gina stepped forward and hugged her mother. It was a genuine hug, not forced or awkward like things had been between them for far too long.

    “Well, I guess I’ll see you in 8 weeks. I told your father that you’d call him tonight.”

    Gina noted that her mum looked slightly uncomfortable as she mentioned her dad, but that was still an improvement. At least she had mentioned him. And then she remembered something else.

    “But it’ll be stupid-o-clock back home!” she laughed.

    “If you call around 10 or 11 he’ll just be getting up.” her mum winked, “I trust a young party animal like yourself can stay up at least that late.”

    Like you wouldn’t believe. Gina thought wanly. She hadn't slept well since Austere. Since Yv. Since Them.

    They said their final goodbyes and then her mum drove away, leaving Gina to wheel her suitcase from the carpark to the front door. She exhaled as she got her first sight of the building interior, which was as grand as the outside. An elaborately-carved wooden staircase led up to the next floor, and a number of students were already milling about - some with cases, some already unpacked and just exploring the mansion. Gina looked at the queue building up at the elevator, sighed, and decided to take the stairs instead. She bumped her case up the carpeted stairway to the second floor and found her room in the west wing, which once again lived up to the school’s ongoing theme of grandness. She had been expecting a pokey little student room with a desk, a single bed and a shrink-wrapped duvet, but instead she got a suite that wouldn’t have looked out of place in a 5-star hotel.

    “Jesus, mum.” she murmured as she shrugged off her coat, wondering just how much her mother had shelled out to get her into this place. Her mother had always been almost desperate to keep her happy, but getting her into West Hills set a new benchmark.

    Gina unzipped her suitcase, sat down on the bed, and rubbed her eyes. She hadn’t slept well last night…or the night before that. She had been able to keep up a cheerful demeanour on the journey here - her mum deserved that much - but she didn’t feel up to meeting all these new people. Still, since she was going to be spending the next 2 months with them, she might as well try. She propped her room door open with the velvet-cushioned desk chair as a sign to the others that she was happy for them to come in and talk to her, and started using the 20 minutes left before dinner to unpack her things.
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    Looking at the building that was to be her new home, Aislinn felt like she was gazing into the past. Walking through the doors, she got a sudden chill down her spine, as if she'd broken some kind of barrier. She brushed it off, it was most likely her excitement and the new energies of this place. Inside, it looked like she'd stepped into history. Nothing seemed to have changed from the time when this place was built, which she thought was pretty neat, history nerd that she was. She found her room in the West wing, and, upon entering she grinned widely. It was, in short, her dream room. There was a gorgeous old bedroom set of carved white painted wood. Was her floor granite? "What a lovely room." she said to herself, setting her suitcase down beside the dresser to unpack later.

    The bathroom was just as impressive, and she adored the balcony. The only thing she didn't like so far were the uniforms. Red? The color didn't exactly play up the fiery orange of her hair. Oh, well, what could she do? Before she had left home this morning, she hadn't done her makeup, because she figured she'd just cry it off when leaving her family. Now that she was here, though, and had some time before dinner, she intended to fix that. She rummaged in her bag and found her makeup bag, then, carefully but swiftly she applied the eye makeup. Wishing she had more time to play around with it, she settled on a relatively simple design of a very light silvery pink and black.
    Spoiler: Eyes 

    It didn't take her long, and it was a good thing. The headmistress had just told them dinner would be in twenty minutes. Her hair she left in it's braid down her back. Before leaving her room, she touched her Brigid's Flame pendant and flung a prayer for luck, as well as some help overcoming her shy nature. Aislinn hopped down the stairs, spotting another student on her way down. The other girl wore the blue of Falcon, however, that didn't really mean much to Aislinn. She didn't exactly like the fact that they split the students down the middle like that, people were people, right?

    Once at the bottom of the stairs, she caught the other girl's eye and gave a little smile, hoping she wouldn't have to say something first. (Curse her shyness!)
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    From what she heard and saw, West Hills was a desolate, haunted circus.

    Rozaria Winter Cross threw her many bags on the floor of room 213, and laid on her back on the bed. Her eyes drifted slowly around the environment, closely studying the place she would have to live in for a year or so. She hated boarding schools, especially this particular one. Students were to wear a uniform; the same, boring and lame thing everyday. The school campus, mainly the east side, was cared for poorly and honestly belonged in a dump. From what she saw at the orientation, most of the teachers looked like they were raised in Halloween town and were only there to creep the crap out of kids who were mindless enough to attend. In Rozaria's case, the only reason she came here was because her parents liked the rule of 'unable to leave school campus no matter what the reason is.' They threw her in without further researching the place, despite Rozaria's pleads.

    The main bedroom looked pretty nice to Rozaria; it had a rustic-green tone with furniture and styles that gave off an antique sort of feeling. It wasn't as big as the rooms she was used to back home, but the elegance satisfied her. The room had extensions to it as well; two doors that were closed, one at the back, one on the left wall. Rozaria's hands reached for the knob of the left door, slowly opening it as it creaked and she poked her head inside. As soon as her eyes adjusted to the flash of light that came from the window, the girl's eyes widened in disbelief.

    The washroom was cramped and ancient. Sure, the school existed back in 1961, but Rozaria didn't expect the place to actually stay in that time period. It was clear that the headmasters/mistresses before didn't bother to update any of the furniture, and kept only half of it in good shape. With a annoyed look on her face, Rozaria escaped the room of horror and exited to the balcony, which wasn't much better.

    "Well, I won't be coming out here anymore. Ever." Rozaria simply shut the door to the balcony and locked it. The whole deck creaked and emitted a foul odour. The walls were covered in brown stains from who knows what, and the paint was way more than just chipped - there were only small segments of it left. Cobwebs laced the corners and roof, dust blanketed the floor like snow, and the railing was dented and rotting. Overall, it was an unnecessary piece of garbage that was a definite safety hazard.

    "Attention students! This is your Headmistress Gelda speaking. In 20 minutes you will hear the dinner bell. Everyone will report to the cafeteria. Everyone must come to dinner, or there will be punishment. As a reminder, Girls and Boys are the stay on the floor their rooms are. I hope you all will have a wonderful school year! This is your Headmistress Gelda."

    The announcement rang with static through the halls and rooms of the school with an obvious sugar-coated voice. Punishment for not eating dinner? Rozaria scoffed, what's so bad about skipping a meal? From the one announcement, she knew that she would despise that sugar-coating, law-enforcing, kid-hating witch of a headmistress. Rozaria knew teachers like her before, though none were as weird and revolting.

    Putting on a black chiffon top with a blueish-purplish leather jacket paired with black skinny jeans and stilettos, Rozaria strode outside her door with a smooth walk. She had a habit of noticing things she did a lot, and realized that she was still walking like royalty. If you placed books on her head, they wouldn't fall. It reminded her of home, and the lessons her parents paid for to teach her how to freaking walk. It was something she hated, but now, it was slightly nostalgic.

    "Favouritism," Rozaria stated with a scoff as her eyes scanned the west wing of the second floor. But just looking at it, she felt a spark of difference from the area. It radiated more warmth than the cold, east wing, and the doors even looked nicer. Rozaria expected the rooms inside to be nicer too, but she wouldn't know. Besides, it was hardly a surprise anymore. The moment Gelda realized a kid was placed in Falcon, her eyes gleamed with scorn. When it was a Phoenix kid however, the feeling disappeared. The placing of the students were most likely done by Gelda and definitely not random. Rozaria pushed the thought back to deal with it later, and turned the other way toward the elevator and to the dinning room.
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    “Hmph” Remy said as he looked at the school with a little bit of a disappointed tone. As he drug the stuff from the trunk of the cab, he then slammed it shut, and began dragging his stuff up through the school. His luggage had wheels and was well placed so it wasn’t going to be too big of a problem, it’s just Remy had a lot of it. He had dvds, a laptop, and many other things in his bags. As he went into the school, Remy then went to the elevator, pressed a couple of buttons, and was on his way up to the 3rd floor.

    The elevator made a ding sound as the doors parted. Dragging his “crap,” Remy finally got up to his room, 311. He then put the key into the hole and twisted it. He heard a clicking noise as the door came open, and Remy was impressed by what was in there. “Well now… what do we have here?” He said, looking at what seemed to be a luxury to him. This room was absolutely astounding. He then put his stuff on the floor and started opening and unpacking everything. He then pulled out his laptop and instructional workout dvds, plugged in the laptop to the wall plug so it could charge, and then he put in a dvd based around Yoga. Before the video loaded and pressed play, he decided to check out the room and what all it offered. He then walked into the bathroom with one of the towels he unpacked because he had to use it anyways. It wasn’t too impressive, but it was nicer than most he’s ever seen. After getting done, he washed his hands and used a towel that he brought to dry his hands with. He left the towel on the sink as he began to walk towards the balcony. “This is a load of crap!” He yelled as he saw how crappy it looked, along with seeing atleast 8 rats. One of the rats came up to one of his feet, and Remy kicked it off the balcony. “Get the hell off my balcony!!!” He started yelling as he started kicking a few of them off. He then stopped and went back into his room and made sure the door was shut very well. He didn’t want any of them wondering into his room at night and messing with his electronics. “Well… since I’m in my workout clothes, I might as well start doing something.” He said as he pressed play on the video.

    “Harder, faster, stronger!” Remy kept saying to himself as he began his usual workout. His workout was mainly stretching due to him wanting to limber up before he goes about his normal schedule. He was doing leg stretches that are normally found in advanced yoga. Remy prided himself on his bodily physique, it gave him something to brag about, plus it kept him entertained and out of depression. After a while of stretching, Remy finally raised up for some easier cool down stretches. “Ahhhhh” he said as he started to role his neck around and his fists in a fighting stance. “That’s what I’m talking about.” He said watching himself in a mirror in his dorm room. He then stood up and began posing a little in the mirror to feed his ego a bit. He began to laugh a bit as he took up his bottle of antidepressants and took one. “Shouldn’t be too much longer that I’ll need these hopefully” He said turning the bottle in his hand and looking at them with interest.

    Attention students!” Filled with false cheeriness, Gelda’s voice sounded very different from before. “This is your Headmistress Gelda speaking. In 20 minutes you will hear the dinner bell. Everyone will report to the cafeteria. Everyone must come to dinner, or there will be punishment. As a reminder, Girls and Boys are the stay on the floor their rooms are. I hope you all will have a wonderful school year! This is your Headmistress Gelda.”

    “Oh my God… are you freaking kidding me?” He said discouraged and with a discomforting look upon his face. He then quickly began to put on his uniform that he hated so much. He knew this was not going to work at all. “Ugh… why do I have to wear this crap?” Remy said as he was walking around his dorm room. He looked in the mirror, disappointed in what he saw. “I look like I’m attending some kind of funeral…” he said as he stretched his body. He was wearing pants instead of the shorts because of the shoe issue. “This freaking tie…” He said trying to adjust it slightly so it wouldn’t feel like his was in a choke hold. “Well… it isn’t all bad. Atleast I don’t have to sleep in this stuff.” Dressing up wasn’t Remy’s thing. He always loved wearing his casual clothes when going anywhere. He started to stretch, trying to get the clothes to feel less constricting, but it wasn’t happening anytime soon.

    Remy finally stopped complaining and left his dorm room 8 minutes after the announcement was made. “Well, let’s see what we have on floor 3.” He said, trying to straighten his tie again as he saw another guy hanging in the hallway in front of room 309. He walked up to the guy, looked him in the eyes in a nice, polite manner, then extended his hand, “Sup bud? Who might you be?” He said awaiting an answer from the guy.
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    James did not listen during the orientation. He knew the rules, and more importantly the ghost stories. Nobody was there to wish him luck, something he was used to. It was times like this that made him think of his sister. Both sisters really. He blamed himself for not protecting them, and it was still hard to think of those days.

    After the orientation, he walked the hallways. He was amazed so many kids were there, seeming to have fun. Have they not seen the death rate here? This was a place to take seriously, not to play with. Then a message from the head mistress came on the intercom, saying it was about time to eat. Strange, I dont see any speakers. Must have small ones to add to the mood. Sucks, Im a bit picky, perhaps I will just show up. He did not like having to rush, but it could not be helped. He walked up the stairs to the third floor. Thee was a few others using the stairs, but most appeared to be using the elevator.

    He finally made it to room 303. 303, huh? three plus three equals six. There are two three's but one zero. six, three. three six's is six-hundred sixty-six. Six six six, the number of the devil. I am over thinking this. He entered the room and was impressed. It seemed victorian, but he could be wrong. He have never been in a place this nice. He unpacked his bag. He pulled out his small rock and gem collection. Some quartz, a ruby, a diamond, some gold. He was proud of it, and put in on the table next to his bed. He pulled out a box of cookies, something he did not like to go without. He put one in his mouth then looked around a bit more. He had put his deck of cards in his pocket and pulled it out. He could do just about anything with it. Win a game of poker, do a magic trick, or tell the future. He cleaned off all the things in the room, cleaning any dust and stuff. He was about out of time so finished up. He was about to walk out when he looked at his neckless. It was a crescent moon, something he was very fond of. He smiled a little bit then wlked out of the room. He looked back at the room number again, a bit uneasy. Then he noticed something in his pocket. He pulled out a card. It was the joker. I had that mixed with the rest, how is that the one that got stuck in there. The joker, unpredictability, anything can happen. I dont like that. He put it back in his pocket then started down the hall.

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    It had only been a short while since the headmistress of West Hills had given the introductory briefing to the meager crowd, consisting of what seemed to be mostly grim-faced individuals. Dave hadn't shown up with his guardian, both Chris and Tom being busy, instead only arriving himself with a couple packs of luggage and a determined spirit to conquer whatever was set in front of him in his senior year. Some of the new arrivals like himself looked fairly friendly, and glad they could attend this school, while others seemed either anxious or bitter. Even with the mixed company, the senior was glad when the meeting finally let out, giving way to the curious and adventurous spirit to explore what the school had to offer along the route to his room. There hadn't seemed to be much in the halls so far, but everything inside seemed.....dark.

    The meeting hall itself was completely dreary, as had been all the other furniture Bro had seen as he wandered through the dimly lit hallways on his way to Room 302, of the third floor. The carpeting on the floor below was a very gaudy crimson with an inter-connecting tan diamond pattern, complete with two parallel lines of the same tan running along either side of the pattern. Even with the horrid pattern assaulting the eyes, causing you to desperately wish to look away, if you focused long enough you could see the wear and age of the dust-coated threads showing.

    Most of the furniture was pre-modern and built of firm wood that had started to show signs of water damage caused from the damp, permeating mist hanging around the grim hallways. The most common piece so far was a seemingly replicated side-table, topped by a vanity mirror and two drawers with handles of shaped brass. Curious, Dave had checked the drawers of each one he had passed, but found little to nothing of interest. For so many rooms, this school housed very few people. You would think they would use the drawers for something at least, rather than just decoration, but to each their own. The one relief that Dave had by going through the the maze of corridors- besides sating his own rapidly depleting interest- was that he had gotten used to the weight of both of his bags before-hand, each weighing enough to be deemed ridiculously heavy by the average person.

    After a short time actually bothering to find his position in the school and set a course to reach his room, the drummer finally arrived at his destination, the room he would be staying at for the rest of the school year. The door was made of a grainy dark oak carved with simple multi-rectangular indents, and fit with a gunmetal handle that curved intricately into itself at the tip. For some strange reason, the handle differed from the others in the hall, but Dave wasn't about to complain. Gunmetal was a nice color, and it matched the smokey iron skeleton key he had received at the ceremony, sliding it into the dark slot and twisting the ornate handle counter-clockwise to which the mechanism responding with the gracious steel-on-steel clack of a successfully unlocked passage.

    Stepping in to the well-furnished room, Bro was greeted with an unpleasant sight. The furniture could easily be described as detailed, but also rustic and even ancient. "Well doesn't this look like something shipped first-class from Amityville?" he said sarcastically, regarding the bed, a texan accent slightly edging into his voice even though he was from Arizona. "There is no way I'm sleeping on that thing, as intricate a design as it may have." The rest of the furnishings offered a similar style one would find in a jump-scare haunted house- Large hutches, covered tables, they even stashed a grandfather-fricking-clock on the wall adjacent to the bed. Stepping into the bathroom only allowed a further glimpse into what ridiculously creepy furniture they had stocked the rooms up with.

    "Well, this tub doesn't look at all like it's going to start leaking blood with every other water-based appliance, including the coffee maker..... Oh wait, I haven't hooked it up yet!" Dave laughed at his situation, walking back into the bedroom and shutting the joining door.

    His drum kit had already arrived in travel-worn Fed-Ex boxes, and lay scattered carelessly across the floor along with a handful of other junk that couldn't be placed in the bags. If this Bro was gonna live in Count Dracula's guest room, he would at least personalize it a little bit. Ripping open the tops off each white box carefully, Dave fumbled his hand around the filled box, grabbing anything that came into his hand and setting it on the creme desk with the large mirror, resolving to organize and place things around properly after he set up his sleeping site away from the antique mattress.

    Lowering one of the bags to the floor and opening it, Dave produced a small three-man tent and placed it in the corner furthest from both the bathroom door and the bed. The tent had been used on the few rare occasions he and Tom went on any sort of vacation. Money was scarce, so the free wilderness and tax-free camping was really the only choice for the duo to enjoy time off with. The blonde drummer had it about halfway set up before he was interrupted by a loud announcement being broadcast through some sort of hidden PA system:

    “Attention students! This is your Headmistress Gelda speaking. In 20 minutes you will hear the dinner bell. Everyone will report to the cafeteria. Everyone must come to dinner, or there will be punishment. As a reminder, Girls and Boys are the stay on the floor their rooms are. I hope you all will have a wonderful school year! This is your Headmistress Gelda.”

    Well at least that is actually nice, a communal meal system doesn't sound too bad as long as the meals are semi-appetizing and I can maybe get closer to the chef... Dave thought, exiting the room to reach the new destination. It was the first day, so the staff shouldn't mind too much about the lack of uniform....
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    Icy blue eyes with a hint of gray stared at Jack Turner. Her light blonde hair fell over her shoulders, slightly damp from walking in the sprinkling rain in between train rides with her father. The crystal clear mirror sparkled in the sunlight shinning through the partly opened curtains. Her eyes floated across its glass surface and found the shimmering pale gold frame, a beautiful floral design with leaves, vines and flowers. She ran a skeptical finger across the smooth dresser surface, also a pale gold accented with a stronger gold tone. She pulled her finger from its top, and squinted at its trail, expecting to see a trail of dust. She huffed as she inspected her finger to have dust residue. It can’t all be clean, she thought to herself.

    Lightly pushing herself from the perfectly clean desk, she did a slow rotation, clean sweeping the room. She stopped when she was facing the bathroom’s nearly closed door. Sauntering forwards in a skip-like manor, she gently, almost cautiously, nudged the door open. Her jaw dropped. Not only was all of this hers, but she had this too. She squealed when she saw the toilet-it was definitely her first time seeing one this old. She was about to flush it out of curiosity, when someone’s voice rang out in the room.

    “Attention students!” Jack cocked her head. She didn’t remember seeing speakers anywhere. “This is your Headmistress Gelda speaking.” Headmistress? This was a school? No, that wasn’t right. Jack attended a public school back in London. Where was she? “In 20 minutes you will hear the dinner bell. Everyone will report to the cafeteria. Everyone must come to dinner, or there will be punishment. As a reminder, Girls and Boys are the stay on the floor their rooms are. I hope you all will have a wonderful school year! This is your Headmistress Gelda.” Dinner actually sounded quite nice. Jack’s confusion was quickly replaced with hunger, and she quickly pulled the toilet’s string, giggling quietly to herself.

    She wondered where her father had wondered to, she had been talking to him moments earlier…right? She walked out of her room, eyeing the shadow on her balcony. She scanned the room quickly and made a quiet yet speedy move towards her bag, grabbing the tire iron out of her blue duffle bag. If anyone wonders what the tire iron is for- Even people who forget things become paranoid. The last year, she had walked in a local bank to withdraw money from her father’s bank, when she had been hit with the butt of a gun in her side, later forced to cough up over two million dollars.

    Slowly stalking towards the door, she kicked it open and cracked the window with her heel. Apparently the door went in and not out… A scared, sudden gasp sounded outside. The door flung open, sending Jack stumbling backwards. The tire iron went flying into the bathroom, landing in the bathtub with a loud clank. Jack stared at her father, a rather handsome man, with slowly graying hair, and a five o’clock shadow. She hadn’t inherited her father’s olive green eyes-they had come from her mother. She had gotten his smile, however. Beautiful, naturally straight teeth. Her mother looked like the Joker with her horrid smile. He smiled and trapped her in a bear hug.

    It seemed like one look into his eyes and she was suddenly very aware of her situation.

    “I’m going to miss seeing your beautiful face in the mornings.” She sniffed, before pulling back.

    “I’ll miss your wrinkles.” They both laughed, before she was fully released. “You should get back to the train…” Her voice trailed off.

    He nodded, a sorrow look on his face. “If you feel lonely, write to me. Send me pictures, and please make friends. And stay my little girl, okay? Don’t go gothic while you’re here. No piercings, and don’t do anything to that stunning hair.”

    She smiled, before lightly laughing. “Dad if I make friends, I will forget them within the next sunrise. Love you.”

    He kissed her on the forehead and hugged her once more, before leaving her room and shutting the door behind him. She sighed, before leaving her room herself; after turning off the lights and closing her curtains again. She closed the door quietly behind her, and turns to see a hallway of other students.

    “Hey, I think this might be a school.” She muttered to herself with a smile.

    She began to quietly hum to herself, sounding somewhat like a lullaby a mother would hum to her newborn baby. She leaned against her room’s door, not bothering to try to keep to herself but instead drumming her fingers against the door and humming to herself.

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