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    Name of your roleplay : The Uncanny X-Men
    When it was started : 2/25/19
    How many players you have : Just myself, one prospective player.
    Type of Roleplay : Marvel Superhero Science Fiction
    What level of skill required : Moderate.
    Plot Summary :
    It is the year 2019, over the last two decades a long hidden subspecies of human has emerged: Homo-Superior: Mutants. These individuals are by all means human, but for a single, major difference, an X-gene that gifts them with abilities that range from mundane, to extraordinary. Frightened by the prospect of losing their place in the world, humans and their respective governments around the world have been quick to respond with anger and hostility towards this ever growing and, (mostly), peaceful group of individuals.

    Sensing the coming turmoil, renown scholar Charles Xavier is secretly forming a group of mutants to train them in the use of their powers for humanity's benefit, and to show the world that Mutants and humans can exist in peace. These extraordinary individuals are known as the X-Men.

    Link to Out of character Thread :
    Link to In Character Thread : Coming soon
    Miscellaneous Information : Thanks for checking out my RP!

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    Name of your roleplay: Search the Stars
    When it was started: 4/15/19
    How many players you have: Two, with several interested RPers
    Type of Roleplay: Sci-Fi
    What level of skill required: Moderate
    Plot Summary: Earth is dying, and its only chance of salvation is a team of select individuals searching the galaxy for a miracle.
    Link to OOC thread: Here
    Link to IC thread: N/A

    Iím always ready for roleplay. Always.

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    Name of your roleplay : New Skies, New Home
    When it was started : OOC thread posted on 5/04/19
    How many players you have : 2 thus far, myself and one other
    Type of Roleplay : Mature Sci-Fantasy (fantasy, sci-fi combination of sorts)
    What level of skill required : moderate, be able to post a paragraph at least, have decent punctuation and know differences between words that sound alike (such as their, there, and they're)
    Plot Summary : You and other 'humans' wake up in cages, soon you'll find you're not human anymore, and will essentially be dropped off on a currently, nearly entirely, barren planet as all new weredragons. Not only that, you're also breeding stock to establish new lines. So, take up your bags of meager supplies and survive, in any way you can.
    Link to Out of character Thread :
    Miscellaneous Information : Please be 18+ and able to handle some mature themes. There will be little blood, no gore, but swearing and sensual situations will be frequent, if not continuous.
    Spoiler: Frequently Used Characters 

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    Name of your roleplay : (Required)
    When it was started :
    How many players you have :
    Type of Roleplay : (Required)
    What level of skill required :
    Plot Summary : (Required)
    Link to Out of character Thread : (Required)
    Link to In Character Thread :
    Miscellaneous Information :

    Is this only way to promote a game? This only place to promote game? How do we actually start a new game forum/thread on this website? I'm a newbie here but have been GMing on other game forum sites for years.
    New to this site but looking to continue 3 games I've had running for years on another site that sucks and shall go unnamed... LOL

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    Name of your roleplay: Reckoning

    When it was started: 30th October 2018

    How many players you have: 4 (plus 2 inactive)

    Type of Roleplay: Warhammer 40K persistent world, telling the stories of soldiers, spaceships, secret agents, and the civilians back home waiting for them

    What level of skill required: All are welcome!

    Plot Summary: An entire subsector has seceded from the galaxy-spanning Imperium. The Adrantean Patriots are fighting for their independence. The forces of the Imperium call them traitors to the God-Emperor. Choose a side (or both!) and help determine the course of the war.

    Link to Intro and Rules thread:

    Link to IC threads:

    Miscellaneous Information: Always recruiting! The missions are specifically set up so that new players can jump in at almost any time.
    Spoiler: My RP links 

    PM me for novelised versions of any of my RPs, or ones that I have participated in. Set by the awesome Karma.

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