Name of your roleplay : The Uncanny X-Men
When it was started : 2/25/19
How many players you have : Just myself, one prospective player.
Type of Roleplay : Marvel Superhero Science Fiction
What level of skill required : Moderate.
Plot Summary :
It is the year 2019, over the last two decades a long hidden subspecies of human has emerged: Homo-Superior: Mutants. These individuals are by all means human, but for a single, major difference, an X-gene that gifts them with abilities that range from mundane, to extraordinary. Frightened by the prospect of losing their place in the world, humans and their respective governments around the world have been quick to respond with anger and hostility towards this ever growing and, (mostly), peaceful group of individuals.

Sensing the coming turmoil, renown scholar Charles Xavier is secretly forming a group of mutants to train them in the use of their powers for humanity's benefit, and to show the world that Mutants and humans can exist in peace. These extraordinary individuals are known as the X-Men.

Link to Out of character Thread :
Link to In Character Thread : Coming soon
Miscellaneous Information : Thanks for checking out my RP!