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Thread: The RPA Tribune revival edition - July 17th

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    Default The RPA Tribune revival edition - July 17th

    As the Tribune slaves staff members were hard at work, their noses inches from their screens, chaos erupted through the newspapers' office. Tune had returned, and she and G were engaged in the newpaper tug-o-war, the most sacred of editorial power struggles.

    The battle raged on, the duo knocking over shelves and scattering ballpoint pens as they fought on. After what seemed like months, the fragments of newspaper-confetti had settled, and the two stood side by side, their breathing ragged, each clutching a perfect half of the paper.

    "Oh, right, that works." As suddenly as the epic battle of the editors began, it was over, and the Tribune staff trembled cheered, relieved terrified at the prospect of two editors, rather than one.

    Now that we've finally got the office tidy, it's time for some -

    Breaking News!!!!

    With RPApril having drawn to a close, the winners with prizes in hand, the air has been filled with song for RPA's latest contest -
    Are you RPA's Talented Idol Who Can Sing?

    Another new feature to the site is a second Roleplay of the Week, each week; selected from the boards by the staff! This new addition will be featured alongside the traditional roleplay of the week.

    Plus, don't miss your opportunity to congratulate July's member of the month, Ushima!
    Congratulations, and well-deserved!

    The Storyteller

    This edition, we're featuring a wonderful standalone piece by CrumpetCannon.
    Thankyou so much for sharing this with us!

    I Know Its There
    by CrumpetCannon

    I slammed the door shut behind me, It wouldn't hold, I had to act fast.
    The house was dark, but I had long since abandoned the childish fear of the gloom, it was hard to be scared of such trivial things as the dark when I knew what stalked me from afar.

    I felt for the light switch and flipped it, nothing. Of course, it must have cut the power, this thing was smart, and it was finally going to finish it tonight.

    It had been there for years now, watching me in plain sight behind shop windows and within busy crowds, no one else saw it, my own personal demon, stalking me and only me. Doctors said it was all in my head, but I didnt believe them, I know what I saw.

    I ran to my study, retrieving my gun with shaking hands, my movements practiced to the point that I didn't need to see through the thick blackness of the house.

    They said I was crazy, not to my face, but I saw the signs, they thought I was loopy, not right in the head, but thats not true. I saw it clearly, standing stock still, always at a distance, watching me. I had always known it would come for me eventually, it seemed today was the day.

    I stood in the living room, eyes fixed on the exact darkened space I knew the door was, prepared to unload the gun, I would get it before it could get me.
    I would show them all, I'd show them I'm not crazy when I brought it's ruined body to them, I'd show them and I'd laugh, laugh at their ignorance, at their blind eyes that couldn't pick out the monster in the crowd.

    Cold terror overcame me as something brushed against my leg, I brought the gun around and pointed it into the face of my dog. I let out a shuddering breath at the thought of what I had almost done.
    My gaze returned to the front door. It stood ajar, rays of moonlight intruding into the threshold.

    I turned madly, and there it stood, immobile, mocking me silently from the other end of the room, in it's face I saw oblivion, this was my hunter, and I was it's kill.

    The gun sounded over and over, it's dark skin cracked like ice, but still it stood upright, basking in my futility, not resting until it had it's prize. My arms dropped to my sides, the gun falling from my limp grip, I slumped to my knees and wept, my head in my hands, resigned to my demise.

    * * * * * *

    Sat at his crying master's side, the dog regarded the figure that crouched and held it's head in it's hands, mimicking the state of his master. Confused, his limited intelligence couldn't comprehend why his master and the cracked figure across the room were both partaking in the strange ritual, he never would.

    Dogs couldn't grasp the concept of mirrors.

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    ~ Roll up for the Roleplays ~

    Got your Tickets? This way...


    In the year 2384 parents can pay for their children to be inserted in a tank that lets them live out any and all dreams. But the government is now beginning to purge the Realitanks and kill all the children.

    This is Your Reality


    The Life and Times of Deadpool.

    Roleplay Spotlight Transmission...
    The beeping sound as a transmission was received alerted the tired Staff Members of the Tribune in their break-room. Green systematic letters scrolled across the screen, flashing the name for this issue's Roleplay Spotlight.

    Interstellar Cruise Ship Scorpio, a roleplay that originated back in July of 2011 - which spent over a year of activity - finally reached a new destination. Interstellar Cruise Ship Scorpio - Earthbound is the second installation of Enigma's long-term and scientifically brilliant Interstellar Cruise Ship Scorpio saga. Can it be called a saga? Well, I'll call it a saga - screw the correct definition!

    I can say for certain, that it is every GM's dream to successfully make it through one roleplay to land it in the Roleplay Hall of Fame, but to maintain members for one roleplay for so long is a dream come true. Enigma successfully nailed a roleplay to the Roleplay Hall of Fame, and with the interesting crew members onboard Scorpio, the numerous breadcrumbs he drops with every post, this Part 2 is surely going to be a roleplay to remember.

    Now that all that is out of the way, let's get down to the debriefing, aye? Aye.

    From the very beginning of the OOC, I was interested in seeing where such a diversified set of outcasts would end up. Toss in human and alien interaction, there is surely going to be one hell of an enticing meeting as Scorpio makes its way to Earth for a month-long visitation with a very rare - and humanoid-looking - alien known as a Wanderer. Butterfly, also known as Reifani, surely has her work cut out for her. If being 'mind-wiped' and being from a rare group of aliens wasn't bad enough, try surviving the trip to Earth with a robot with Multple Personality Programming, a Londinium human named Daniel who killed an alien Butterfly had saved (which earned her banishment and mind-wiping), a Sajiki named Slish and a lumberjack with the knowledge of a MIT graduate. Not to mention all the people Enigma will toss their way.

    But don't take my word for it. Read it here yourself, in Enigma's own words - at least six months prior to when the roleplay starts.

    Enter Butterfly, the Wanderer.
    Six months ago on the planet Beylix on the edge of Known Space, a Wanted Space Pirate, A Londinium Spy, and a Wildly Eccentric Robot with Multiple Personality programming issues and steampunk style rang the door bell for the Brotherhood of Man Temple. When nothing happened for a minute, they rang the bell again. And again. And again.

    Finally, a small door opened and a bleary-eyed young initiate looked out and said crossly, "Oy! Keep it down, mate! It's the flippin' middle of the night and I gotta get up in an hour for morning ritual! Do us a favor and come back then!"

    "No," said the Robot with the Linden Jars strapped to its back. "We come to deliver her into your care."
    "Huh?" blinked the Initiate. "Deliver who?"

    The robot stepped aside to reveal a young blonde-haired girl who smiled up at the initiate.
    "Cor, who are you?"
    "Butterfly?" the girl asked, leaning towards the Space Pirate.
    "She's the Wanderer," the Robot told him, a hint of reproof in its electronic voice.
    "Eh? OY!" the Initiate yelled, pointing his finger at the robot, "You shouldn't go around pointing fun at other people's religions! Bad karma, that! Save you from getting your head bashed in!"

    The robot's eyes flashed several different colors before settling back down to black, and shaking its head.
    "Summon the Master of the Gate and rejoice, you fool," it ordered scornfully. "A new Wanderer has been found, and she needs all the protection of the Brotherhood of Man."

    If that isn't enough to get your interest piqued, take a squizz at the In Character thread:

    Originally Posted by Enigma
    The bell hanging from the spring on the door rang as it opened - a copied design from Earth that made Junkai's hearts swell each time he heard it. Glancing up from his counter, the aging Quad caught a glimpse of street clothes and sighed. At least it wasn't some angry human still sore over events that happened a hundred years ago when the first humans arrived.

    "Pethat!" he ordered, using the local word for the kid gangs. "This is my shop! I do not take kindly to attempts to steal from me! Come here now, before I summoned...."

    The dark haired girl stopped at his counter and smiled up at him.

    "You!" Junkai moaned, then dropped down on all four legs behind the counter. The girl glanced curiously around the corner where the ancient alien had his head buried in one pair of blue hand while he hugged himself with his other set. Looking up, he caught sight of her and moaned again.

    "<Why are you here?>" he demanded, slipping into the Trade tongue.
    The girl sighed, then pulled out a coin that she tossed to him. He caught it with his upper right hand and stared at it for a long moment, then balled up his fist around it.
    "<The Pax Confederation is no more,>" he said angrily, shaking his head. "<There is no Bureau...>"

    The dark haired girl raised her right eyebrow. Junkai flushed a pale blue, then tossed the coin back at her. She caught it and tucked it back in its usual place. She then pulled out an envelope containing two flimsies, which she passed to him. He took them irritably, spreading them out and reading the text.
    "These are two silver-star tickets for the Scorpio," he said, switching to English. "One for the both of us? Why me?"
    She tapped her left shoulder. He flushed a pale blue again.

    "That was a long time ago. You don't expect me to honor that now, do you?"
    She nodded.
    Junkai groaned, then pulled himself upright. "This is foolishness, you know. How can I explain this to anyone why I of all peoples am escorting a human child to Earth?"
    The girl shrugged.
    "You do realize how frustrating it is that you cannot talk?"

    Well, what are you doing still sitting there? Get to joining! Or reading... Whatever floats your interplanetary boat. Enigma is known to always be accepting new players.

    Job well done, Cruise Ship Scorpio, on your second big undertaking.

    by Tune.

    The Artist Spotlight

    Today we will feature another follow writers for the RPA newspaper. IMP. our loveable troublemaker whom I shall kill one day artist.

    Be it with crazy adventure writing or his amazing gallery Imp just knows to nail it all down.

    Imp has brilliant writing style and he has won the 2012 RPA award for Best Original Drawing.

    But why hear me talking? Let's see some of his shi---- I mean... stuff


    by Kris.

    The Skeptics Review

    By now I'm sure most of you know, I dig horror. I also have a love for music. Unfortunately, just because someone is talented musician, ti doesn't mean they are a talented filmmaker. Case and point, Rob Zombie.

    Now while I am not a fan of the stuff Rob did as a solo artist, I loved White Zombie. I did, and still do, think they were a great band, and at least for their first album, had a sound that made me wonder what it would sound like to mix a horror movie with The Cramps(kudos to anyone who knows who they are)

    Their second album started to deviate from this as it added a bit more of techno sound to it. Something which would eventually morph into Rob Zombie's solo career. And somehow, that manged to morph into him becoming a movie director.

    Now before I go any further, I have to say one thing, I despise pretty much anything Rob Zombie has done as a director. I did enjoy The Devil's Rejects, but I find everything else he has done to be, for lack of a better word, crap. I would like to award a great big steaming pile of crap to his remake of Halloween which I see as nothing more than a bastardization of an amazing movie by a far superior director. And despite all that, when I saw the trailer for Lords of Salem, I just had to see the movie. Seriously, the trailer made it look good. But then, how many other really shitty movies have good trailers? Most of them anyway. And I figured if nothing else, it had to be better than Halloween. Guess what? It wasn't.

    So our movie opens back in the ... 1700s I think it was. Know what? It honestly doesn't matter. So we are watching a witches coven who are renouncing God and end up dancing naked around a fire in what is poorly shot opening with lots of shaky cam and weird shots that make the movie very difficult to watch.

    After that waste of time, which really tells us nothing, we move to modern day Salem, Massachusetts on a Monday. Yes, they actually put up a title card to tell us it's Monday. As if there weren’t enough reasons for Monday to suck, this movie starts on one As well we get a title card for each successive day as if we didn't know what comes after Monday. But I digress.

    So we meet our title character. I honestly don't remember her name, I also don't really care. Anyway, our lead is played by Shari Moon Zombie who works at a radio station as an on air personality doing a show with two guys named Herman. She uses a pseudonym on air and is surprised when she gets a package sent to her which is an album by a group called The Lords of Salem. When the album is played, it causes Shari Moon Zombie to go into a sort of trance for no apparent reason. Weirdness ensues

    We also get to meet other colourful characters along the way such as a professor type guy who is researching the history of witchcraft or something. As well, we also get to spend some time with Shari Moon Zombie's landlady and her two friends. SPOILER ALERT! They're witches. Actually, once you meet them all together for the first time, it takes approximately five seconds to put it together.

    By now you may have noticed that it seems like I don't remember a whole lot of this move. Truth is, I don't. I watched it for the first time four days ago(I'm writing this on April 28th) I feel asleep to it. I have since attempted to watch it two more times with the same results.

    This movie may possibly the slowest, most boring and not creepy horror movie I have ever seen. I have yet to see how it ends. And as I could truly care less about the story, much less any of the characters, I doubt I ever will. To call this a horror movie is to call A Beautiful Mind a comedy. And to call Rob Zombie a good director is to call Michael Bay Oscar worthy.

    See you soon everyone! Peace.

    by Nazgul.

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    ~Putting your future as risk since 1893~

    March 21 - April 19

    OH BARF, Your life is just a complete and utter mess! Mars, Venus, and the bloody Sun has readily decided to faff around Aries in an enduring cluster of disaster. They're making a mess of your horoscope and they know it. Mercury was over earlier, but the others made fun of him so much that he left. Those bastards! Anything baring the colour red should be readily avoided, plus I would stay clear of electrical equipment if I were you and bunker down with some candles and canned food. Your lucky number is 13.

    April 20 - May 20

    You're recovering from what looks like eight broken bones. Don't worry! The stars have indicated that you will be blessed with a one-time payout of random generosity. This is what happens when Jupiter wanders around your zodiac, he brings snacks and drives you to the doctor's office when you choke on a chicken wing. Good guy Jupiter isn't here for long though so be sure to exploit your friends and family for as long as possible while the getting is good! Patterns containing polkadots will contain future treasure. Your lucky number is 4.

    May 21 - June 20

    Investment banking! If you haven't already started piling your life-savings into bank investments, now is the time! If you have been reading this issue for 10+ years when I told you to invest in residential property back in 2005, clearing your mind and forgiving past wrongs will lead you to spiritual fulfilment. Green is your lucky colour for all the big ol' bucks you're gonna be rolling in once you throw all your money towards your banks. Avoid anyone with an economy degree, for they will attempt to lead you astray. Your lucky number is enormous... because of how much money you'll make.

    June 21 - July 22

    Everything is going to appear incredibly normal for awhile, but don't let down your guard. Something out there is trying to get you, something sinister and destructive. It could be anything in your house. Your phone, your lamp, your bookshelf, either one of these things could be plotting to kill you. The only solution is to find a way into Space where there's nothing. Use any means necessary and do it quickly, for whatever has it out for you will certainly strike soon and quickly! Avoid reading signs and flee from anything that resembles authority. Your lucky number 0, because all the other numbers could be conspiring against you.

    July 23 - August 22

    Dude, check out how spazzed out Cancer is! Yeah, Cancer totally thinks that there's something out to get them. For maximum cosmic fulfilment, sneak into Cancer's house during the night and move around their furniture ever so slightly. Changing their lightbulbs to a lower watt capacity to dim the room will also work. Your life is now currently devoted to driving Cancer insane, and you will find riches if you document your exploits on film and sell it to NBC as a new prime-time show. Be sure to donate some of your royalties to Housemaster. Your lucky number is 3812, as in it's the combination to get into Cancer's house.

    August 23 - September 22

    The stars are telling you to try new things. Now is the time to get messy and jump into the mudpile called 'life'. The world is your oyster, so you better chuck it before it gets rotten and some jerk of a seagull steals it right off your plate. Gravitate closer to trains and buses and just sell your house, wander the world and grow a beard. Saturn will soon be visiting, and when Saturn arrives you will be expected to tell some fantastic stories. If you have none, Saturn will shank yo' ass... seriously, I've seen it done, it's scary. Your lucky number is ⅖.

    September 23 - October 22

    Saturn just left your house, hopefully you had some good stories to tell otherwise you're probably in the hospital right now. If you've heeded my advice then I congratulate you and your long and prosperous life ahead of you. If you're currently reading this from the confines of your hospital beds, fumbling through the jungle of IV cords in hopes of finding the 'Call Nurse' button that fell underneath your urine bucket, then I'm just gonna say 'I told you so'. Avoid wearing the colour green, because it isn't Saint Patrick's day. Your lucky number is 54.

    October 23 - November 21

    Today is the day! It's time to pucker those cheeks, suck in that gut, and punch your shyness. Today you're going to ask that special someone out on a date. Start by flirting with your crush in a Spongebob cartoon voice, you know, to set the mood. If they're not biting, consider taking them out to see a movie. If they decline, have your trusty friend 'Mr. Chloroform Cloth' to help you out! They will be impressed with your initiative, and should be willing to sex your face until everything gets chaffed. Your lucky number is 69, go get em' you ol' dog!

    November 22 - December 21

    Watch out for lesser creatures trying to profit from your social stature. Pluto is moping abysmally in your zodiac, yearning for the days it used to be a planet. But it's not a planet, and you should be sure to tell everyone who thinks they're good at something that they're not. Find small children and tell them the harsh but refreshing truth that Santa is not real. Their tears is simply the cleansing effect of their cosmic spirit. Wrestling is fake! The Q-Bracelet is fake! Astrology is... *cough* er... carry on. Your lucky number is 99.

    December 22 - January 19


    January 20 - February 18

    With Neptune hovering around your zodiac you will feel the urge to become a full-time chef. You need to approach this carefully, for cooking food is a dangerous and hazardous job. Start by emptying the grocery story of all of its bacon, vinegar, cement, and oreo cookies; you don't need these items, it just works in your favour for no one else to have them. Get hired as a chef and make whatever your heart's content. You may be put down for not 'making what the costumer ordered' or 'thinking pencil sharpening is a proper garnish'. They're simply not as enlightened to the cosmos as you are. Your lucky number is 15, as in you'll need 15 tablespoons of motor oil to spruce that spagetti sauce up!

    February 19 - March 20

    Mercury is trying to warn you about the impending cluster of trouble that's currently happening with Aries. While you should be concerned, Uranus provides far more interesting 'today' news. Uranus is sick of everyone giggling at its name, and has thusly reminded you he is Zeus' Grandfather. If you were listening to Uranus, he will grant you with untold power only bestowed to the superheros or plot-convenient villains. You now have the power to win every thumbwar you declare! Go forth and dominate the world with your new talents. No one can stop you now... Your lucky number is 1, as in you're #1 in thumbwars.

    The Tribune Wordsearch - Members of RPA!

    Word List:

    Anne Bonny
    Bee Bear
    Blue Moon
    Evil Troy
    Gabriel Zero
    Mindless Invalid
    Miss Devil
    Mr Boxer
    Porcelien Doll
    Sentana Bentara

    From The Mouth of The Members.
    This week, I asked you about your favourite part of RPApril! ( Aside from my birthday, of course. ) I also found out where some of you draw your inspiration.





    Bee Bear

    Leon G
    My favourite part of RPApril is seeing all of the different contests our lovely staff create for us; whether I enter them or not, I read them all. My favorite part of RPApril would have to be Writers Marathon and the Triple Threat Contest. They were fun with all the different topics to talk about. The Triple Threat was slightly harder because it takes a while to be able to come up with an entwined story but that's how I can grow but those two are my favorite part of RPApril and I can't wait to see them again next year. Well, I really loved feeling challenged! Especially because I gave myself my own theme while participating in Triple Threat. I told myself every single entry was going to be really sad and heart wrenching no matter the topics. The last one was a toughy with that, ha ha. The writers marathon, it is easy the most difficult part of RPApril, most especially if you have other things happening in your life... ..Especially when you're posting comedy which is easily the hardest genre there is (It's easy to make someone feel your pain, it's not so easy (to) drag someone into your sense of humour.) Also what makes it even better is it's a race you do alone despite the fact that you're with other people. Which makes it a real test of yourself, especially if you get repped for your comedy. My favourite part of RPApril was that I could participate and compete with my friends. We got so competitive, each wanting to outdo the other, yet in the end we really just had fun. We helped each other, inspired each other, and just had fun together. That's what still sticks by me today now that everything's finished. Favorite part of RPApril? That's easy- the writer's marathon. With new challenges everyday that ranged from Shakespeare to pineapple pizza it really kept me on my toes!
    For inspiration, I consult my own favorite artists of any media, especially music. I also get a great bit of inspiration from my favorite authors and directors. I get inspired by reading my stories when I want to add more to it or if I need to post. When nothing gets me going I go to music because it brings ideas to mind depending on the genre. When music doesn't work I go outside and head to the park and play with the dogs, a nice game of fetch or tug-o-war helps get my creative juices flowing. If everything fails, I just sleep on it and it sounds weird but I dream of what I write and when I wake up I'm writing it up on paper so I don't forget. Inspiration? Gosh, good question. I just let it come to me, really. With those stories I didn't really look to anything for inspiration or ideas. Most of my work just pops up in my head. Walk. Easiest thing to do to break writer's block. That and carry paper with me... I also keep track of bursts of inspiration, which is where the pen and paper come in handy. NO MATTER WHERE THEY HAPPEN. The best plot breakthroughs i've come up with have come from showering or a toilet seat (not both at the same time, there isn't a toilet seat in my shower!) Also since I take note of well EVERY 'bright' idea. I generally keep track of them and even if I don't create a book or a writing piece out of one of the ideas I can use them to break writers block. There are a few tricks I have. Sometimes music is all I need to get me in the mood, and other times I just talk out loud about what it is I'm trying to write, and bam, inspiration strikes. Really, just having someone to listen to you ramble is amazingly helpful when it comes to getting your thoughts in or

    Common Sense with Candice
    Since it has been awhile since the Tribune has been posted, I figured, "Instead of asking questions, how about I explain something that I'm curious about?"

    The Topic is Diversity in Roleplaying

    Everyone should be well aware by now, that Roleplay Adventures is home to one of the largest, most diverse roleplaying sites on the Internet. You may never find a place online where such an unusual grouping of people, come together to weave stories with one another. Every story, every person, every character - is different in their own, unique way. While there may be some similarities, there is always something different about everything you read.

    Do you know what that is?

    It's the person behind the words, behind the screen; typing at a keyboard, tapping across a virtual keyboard on their smartphones. No matter how they access RPA, one thing is quite common: their love for writing. I've never met a person on RPA that didn't join for their love of writing, whether script writing, lyric writing, story writing or some completely different type of writing style that I'm not aware of. We just don't have writers here, either. We have game designers, therapists, teachers, musicians, dancers, military veterans that take part in many, many different kinds of creative expression. Paintings, drawings, graphic design, sculpting - you name it, we probably have someone on RPA that has a unique talent just waiting to burst forth onto the screen.

    It's an innate desire for humans to be able to express themselves. You see it everyday; in body piercings, hair color, clothing, the way a person walks and talks. There is never an absence of diversity and uniqueness anywhere in the world. You may not see it, but the person writing with you, may have a desire to be an astronaut. You may have never noticed that that very same person may have come from a very rough home life, or has a learning disability. You never truly know who a person is on the other side of the screen, do you?

    Could you honestly say, you know everything about, say, your best friend from Roleplay Adventures, unless you took the time, the compassion and the consideration to know them as a person? I've gotten to know many people here over my years. Everyone of them different in their own ways. I know someone with Dyslexia, others with Aspergers, even some people with PTSD or Bipolar Mania. I never would've thought they had such issues like that, but I never let it interfere with our friendship.

    It's obvious by now, that there are people from different countries roleplaying here. Language barriers are a leading cause with some players doubting another's writing ability. Whose to say English is their first language? Or that they may have Dyslexia, which is why grammar in their posts are choppy at times? We weren't born literary geniuses. Hell, I bet Mark Twain never knew he would amount to anything when he was a child. One thing remains the same - we all began to learn, to improve in one way or another. Skill levels in terms of writing can differ greatly here on our humble roleplaying site. One person could write a novella per post, while another person is lucky to write a few sentences. Everyone has to begin somewhere, right?

    Then why, if I am be so bold, have I seen people (not just online, but in my daily life), forgetting that everyone is different? That not everyone is capable of the same things? As a Game Master, picking and choosing players for your roleplay is one of the main bases for your whole idea, isn't it? To know a member's character, to know their writing style, their writing abilities. I still remember my humble beginnings in the field of writing; ghastly run-on sentences with several spelling and punctuation issues. Given that I began writing over a decade ago, it shouldn't come as a surprise that I wasn't the next T. S. Elliot. I had a desire to write, and I always tried to find ways to improve my writings, to make my stories better, to evolve my characters past the boring, flat personalities, to characters full of spunk, sass and whatever else I wanted.

    I wasn't the best of writers - for all I know, I could've been the worst, but what helped me (besides English teachers), were gifted and friendly people, willing to help me evolve as a writer. Sometimes, in the hustle and bustle of trying to promote and keep a roleplay going, it's easy for a GM to forget that even a person with limited writing skills, could become the next best writer - if they were given the chance. While it is more work, and other players may feel bogged down, allowing a person to learn through example can vastly improve their own writing. It's easier to say, "No, you aren't what I'm looking for," than saying, "You need some work; I'll be happy to help!" Think about that the next time an interested player wants to take part in your story, but lacks the know-how. Don't be afraid to help them out. No matter how much work you've put into a roleplay, even if it fails, it can always be restarted. You shouldn't be afraid of letting an less-experienced player join just because they "can't keep up" with everyone else.

    No one is the same; and it's kind of rude to think everyone is capable of achieving the same standards. You can only expect something of someone, if they have the drive to learn and improve, so try lending someone a hand. You never know if the person you help now, could be the next New York Times Best Selling Author several years down the road.

    Food for thought.

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    OH MY GOSH!!

    asdfhdjjd I haven't even finished reading and I absolutely love it already!!

    As for Leo's zodiac, it explains why I've been bugging the hell out of Rho lately.
    Set by Ru

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    I'm Lovin' it!

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    Couldn't have done it without you guys ^^ I love CrumpetCannon's contribution, so good!!!

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    So awesome! ^^

    And hey, I was in the word search! ;D

    Some very neat contributions there, too. Props to CrumpetCannon and Imp!

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    Oh wow, what is this feeling? It can't be constipation, I haven't touched those new recipe 'volatile' crumpets... Oh, it must be the wonderful feeling of pride at my story being included ^.^
    Thanks muchly for accepting my story and for the praise, if blood still pumped through my veins I'm sure I'd be blushing.
    Can I return it if it doesnít fit?
    It always fits. Eventually

    Spoiler: The pretty colours hide my lack of a personality 

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    Wow - what an awesome issue! I loved reading every bit, thank you staffers!!

    PS House's horoscopes are extremely eerily accurate... Even if I'm not sure of what he's talking about, I WAS in a hospital bed not too long ago (Libra).

    Great job, all!

    PPS Common Sense with Candice was really refreshing to read, and I love how you guys ended the issue on that point.
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    Thankyou guys <3 So happy to know people are reading and enjoying the tribune!!

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