Creative Forum Rules

Guidelines and FAQ’s

  • Read all of the Rules, Guidelines, and FAQs before posting.
  • RPA forum rules apply here too!! As do Signature Guidelines and Forum Etiquette. Sure, creative licenses are assumed but this does not permit you to disregard the rules. Spamming, flaming, trolling, soliciting, elitism, etc. will NOT be tolerated.
  • Lurk and Learn. Hang around, read some threads and refrain from replying or posting for a week or two. Get some firsthand knowledge of how things work here and what is/isn't accepted.
  • Piracy is illegal! Posting/requesting sites for illegally obtaining games, software, music, art, movies, etc. will NOT be tolerated and result in the topic being locked, recycled, and the offender getting disciplined.
  • If you are going to create a new topic, make sure you understand the responsibility you are taking on. The creator has the duty of keeping his/her topic running smoothly and drama-free. If the topic was created to take requests and you are no longer taking requests, update your first page to inform all readers.
  • Regardless of previous discussions, there is only one creator of a topic and he/she holds the respective responsibilities of owning a topic.
  • Consolidate! Do not create multiple new threads for each piece. An artist needs only one topic to display their art. You are allowed one thread per story for stories containing multiple chapters. Short stories containing only one chapter can be presented in one thread. Multiple threads for displaying other forms of creative art are not permissible.
  • Open your mind and have thick skin! Don't be easily offended if someone doesn't enjoy your work or disagrees with you. Opinions vary. Please note in your thread if critiquing/constructive criticism is or is not welcomed.
  • The forums must be work safe! Explicit content is NOT permitted. This includes, but is not limited to, graphic violence, sexual themes, porn, and otherwise vulgar text/images. Artistic nudity is permitted only if linked and placed into a spoiler clearly labeled "NSFW" or "NWS".
  • Locked threads were locked for a reason. Do not repost a new thread with the same content as a locked thread. Do not create a new topic asking why the thread was locked.
  • Forum Wars are forbidden! Do not start, participate, or encourage forum wars. If you see this anywhere, utilize the "report" button.
  • NO BUMPING! To get your thread more publicity, make a contribution to the topic or advertise in your signature. Make sure replies are substantial.
  • Place large images in spoilers. A good rule of thumb: If it's bigger than signature guidelines would allow, place it in a spoiler. Not everyone has fast internet connections so please utilize spoiler tags.
  • Preview before you post. Do your images show up? Do your links work? People cannot offer feedback if they can't see your work.
  • Old, inactive threads will be locked and recycled or will be archived. All inactive requests shops will be recycled. All other inactive threads will be archived in RPA’s Creative Corner Archive. If you wish to have your thread reinstated, contact the staff member in charge of the creative forum.
  • RPA already has an appointed staff, so under no circumstance should a member act as though they have mod/admin authority unless they are—in fact—a mod/admin. If you find that rules, guidelines, and/or etiquette are being broken, utilize the report button on the bottom of the post, rather than causing drama by taking the matter into your own hands.

Staff reserves the right to amend the rules as needed. Staff also reserves the right to use disciplinary actions to those going against any forum rule/etiquette, not excluding banning. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to PM one of the RPA staff.