1) All FAQ and Role-Play Adventures: FAQ Rules Apply Here

Which means no site plugging, no spamming, no trolling, no posting of non-work-safe images, no revival of dead-threads, etc. Please see this link. The Mad Mods thread would also be a necessary read to avoid mod attention / action.

2) GameFAQs

If you're asking for help on a game, try or just use Google to search for the game first. If you have done both, to no avail, and are going to make a thread asking for help on a game, make sure you mention that you have tried Google and GameFAQs, otherwise, people will assume you have not.

3) GameSpot

If you're looking for general information on a game, such as release date, platform, or required system specs, try GameSpot first, or failing that, Google. Remember, the purpose of this forum is discussion; we're not here to do your research for you. To that end, inquiring as to whether or not a given game is good is a valid thread; asking whether or not it will come out soon is not.

4) No Console Wars

Do not post console / computer or XBox / Gamecube / Playstation 2 comparison threads. They erupt into total flame wars and will be locked.

5) Emulation and Warez

Don't ask for games, beg for download sites, or anything of that nature. Emulator and private online game server talk is discouraged at best, and will be evaluated - and probably locked - on a case by case basis.

6) Private MMO Servers

Don't advertise or otherwise link to private MMO servers. Chances are they're illegal, so we want none of that here.

7) No Roleplaying

Drop by the RP forum if you want to roleplay. Example: "*throws pie at user*"

8) Rumors Aren't News

You may just know that your friend's sister's cousin's boyfriend's mom's lover's son's friend who works for Square-Enix is absolutely and without a doubt a trustworthy source of information, but we don't. Don't create threads based on information from such contacts, and if you do, don't expect us to believe you. Likewise, completely unsubstantiated rumors are not thread-worthy material.

9) Recruit for clans elsewhere

Invitations for new clan members for whatever game you're playing would be better in signatures, or you might actually have more luck in forums related to that game itself.

10) Online petitons

They won't work, they are pointless, they should not be posted on these forums.

11) Tell Us What You Think

If you want to know what we think about this or that game, that's fine, and that's great, but tell us what you think. If you don't have anything to say about the game in question other than that you like it, then don't bother posting. This is a forum for discussion, and the best way to kick off discussion is with your own thoughts.