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Thread: The RPA Tribune - June Edition!

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    Default The RPA Tribune - June Edition!

    As fashionably late and fabulous as ever, here it is, folks - the May edition of the RPA Tribune! With some new additions to the Tribune Staff, as well as the return of some familiar faces (or avatars, if you want to get specific) this edition is sure to provide you with some tantalising tidbits and stupendous stories! So, without further ado, here's the..

    - Breaking News! -

    RPA celebrates a very special day today - it's Cpt. Vee's birthday!!!!

    He told me all he really wants is for everyone to spam up his VM and PM box, for his birthday - so get to it, folks! And Happy Birthday, Vvvvv!!!

    Our Member of the Month for June has been announced, and what a worthy member they are! So what are you waiting for - head on over and give your kudos to Jarms48!!!

    Oh, and if you haven't, don't forget to congratulate May's Member of the Month, the lovely EvelynWillows. Congratulations!

    The winners of the 'Save RPA From V's Terrible Banner' competition have been announced! And what a comp it was! With a grand total of 33 entries, it was a close-knit race to the finish line, and one of RPA's best banner contests to date! (In this Ed's humble opinion) But, there had to be a winner, or in this case, three - congratulations Craze, Keractagon and Naraness for securing the top three spots with these fantastic works;

    Quote Originally Posted by Craze
    Quote Originally Posted by Keractagon
    Quote Originally Posted by Naraness
    As if that wasn't epic enough, the Annual Rumble on RPA is about to enter its furious finale! Don't miss out on the action as m139's Salician warrior, Cad Xerran takes on dakkagor's Ironclad.

    The bronze match is another not to be missed, when RedKayne's Cold Emperor goes head to head with Low-Budget Man's golem, Monolith.

    And if you thought the excitement ended there, you couldn't be more wrong! This reporter has received intel from an unnamed source; that something big is coming.

    Featured Article;
    A Push Too Far, chapter One.
    by Dragon

    Spoiler: Rated M for mature content. 

    Loved this first installment to Dragon's ongoing story? You can check out the next chapter in our next issue! Or, if you don't want to wait, just click here.

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    The Classifieds
    Upcoming RP's just waiting for you!

    In a plane dominated by dark secrets and hidden plots. Many planeswalkers, elite mages with powers far greater than we may ever know, are cast from a rift in the sky that itself is a mystery. What it is and why they came there no one knows. But what is certain is that their presence will change the history of the world and many worlds beyond it.

    Magic: The Rift Between Plains

    We are on a ship, My ship, the Ataraxia. My ship carries travelers, but we also like to loot empty or abandoned ships for items that we can sell. We've come across a pretty big ship. It's something like a cruise ship for outer space that looks awesome to loot, because it's BIG and ABANDONED. And this is where the story takes off!

    Reaver Territory

    So you want to cause a rampage in Middle Age Europe? Feel free.
    Sacrifice young maidens to the Noodly God? Why not?
    Lead an Inquisition? Sure.

    Knowledge is power during the Middle Ages- And you have an Encyclopedia.

    Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster

    The Hall Of Fame Spotlight
    by G

    We've been doing a write-up for great games that catch our attention for some time now, so this month I decided on something a little different. I don't know how many of you spend time in the hall of fame sections, as I do; but if you don't, you are missing out! Looking for a great read after a long day? The HOF sections feature our past, completed RP's, and there are some epic tales to be found there; not least of which is Cpt. Vee's Swanheart Hill.

    When Robin's wife is struck down with a fatal disease known as stoneskin, the Red Hood will do anything to save her. Gathering a eclectic band of willing hunters, the party sets out to find and kill the only thing that will save her - a Stone Eater, one of multiple species of demons that roam the land. The one cure for his wife's ailment - to taste of the beasts' heart.

    But not all of those who travel with him have the same motivation toward their cause - some fight for money, some for pure bloodlust... and some have darker motives.

    Packed with excitement, romance, mayhem and mystery, Swanheart Hill is well worth the read; just take a look at this teaser, taken from the IC;

    Under the Stone Eater's feet, the ground shook. Frustrated with defense it pulled earth upward and pushed itself backward through the air. It landed meters away as a soil wall separated demon from warrior.

    Something resonated nearby, a power, too close.

    The demon of stone called something in an ancient tongue. This power was not that of screams, it was not that of the pact for precious stone. It was that of fire, it was warmth and it was the enemy.

    It saw her beyond the frail earth wall glowing in mortal flesh. The Stone Eater called once more, a challenge, an inquiry, a threat in one message. But, this was a breach, territory claimed. The voice was for mere customary traditional benefits. It was meaningless.

    Beneath them all the earth stirred once more, and small sharp stones were forced into the air around the demon. They floated about before being directed toward the fire demon, flashing with speed they raced away.

    Caught up in fighting a more ancient enemy, the stone eater failed the feel as Thramor thrust his spear into the creatures back.
    This first installment of the roleplays taking place in GM Cpt. Vee's fantasy realm is a captivating read, so if you haven't checked it out already, escape for a while to Swanheart Hill.

    RPA Mentor spot light
    by Kris

    Nothing like celebrating the return of Travincal: The RPA University Section with some reviews on the provided classes we have for you.

    So yeah, even in summer, class is in session !!!

    But frankly, we ain't just talking about any normal type of school. If it's in RPA, the rules says we have to get jiggy with it. Travincal is a wonderful section meant to provide a controlled environment to foster writing talent for those who are new to the art and to provide a place for more experienced writers to experiment.

    To learn more, check up Travincal Code of Conduct thread.

    And if you want to suggest some ideas of your own or even be the mentor of a certain class, be sure to check this thread.

    This issue we will feature the World building Section. Instructed by ~N~, this section will guide through the process of learning how to create the "worlds", aka the "settings" for the roleplays you are about to create.

    The section has already featured many intersting topics such as "Development of Political Systems", "Race Creation", "Geography and Places" and many more interesting topics.

    I suggest you all visit them, and maybe even suggest more ideas for topics and discussion in this thread.

    From the Mouth of the Members
    by G

    This month I wanted to know what your favourite RPApril contest was! A hard thing to pick, what with so much awesome in that forum, I know. I was also curious who you would be in a fantasy world; the staff-wielding magician, complete with pointy hat and robes, or the mighty, battle-scarred warrior with their own badass catch-phrase?

    Merry Gentry



    Hard to pick just one! A big time favorite part of RPApril for me, is the Big Boss Stories. They are always such an amazing showing of the talented writers we have here on this site. The creativity is just inspiring and reading through them all, as a judge just makes me want to write, write, write! The stories just take you to another place, out side of your day to day. I have to make myself wait to read them all... it's like waiting for Christmas! That being said, I also have to put in a plug for the Poetry thread. It is also the event that I truly love to read, and judge and cannot wait to see! Poetry can speak to you in ways that stories can't? They make you feel the emotion, the process, the concept of the simplest things with just the fewest sentences. They can really have an impact on your inner most feelings. They always amaze me and delight me on many levels! Well, I would have to say my favorite competition has been the Rumble. I've browsed a couple of the fights and been very entertained by what I have read. I very much regret dropping out during seeding, having seen what some of the contenders can do and how they fight. I think I would have had a lot of fun had I stayed in the running. Not sure if that counts as a competition, but there you have it. That's actually pretty hard to say! There are a lot of fun competitions going on so it's hard to choose just one. If I had to pick, though, it'd probably be the RPA Telephone. It's an interesting take on the original Telephone game since this one involves illustrations, and I believe the results of it will be quite entertaining! I will admit, though, I'm also rather fond of the Famous Last Words; it's really amusing! The Writer's Decathlon. I'm sure you're not shocked by this
    Of course I would be the Elven Warrior Princess. I was stolen away as a child, by the rebels in the forest. Taught all manner of battle skills and weaponry. Lead to believe that the King and Queen were horrible tyrants, only to storm the castle and realize that they are my parents, and thought I was lost to them. Family reunion, with a twist! Sounds like a new rp.... hhmm.... As for a fantasy character, I think I'd be that one gruff-looking bartender who stares at the adventurers that walk in. You know the one, right? The one with the dirty and smudged apron who is constantly wiping the inside of that one same mug? That is who I'd be. No fantasy world is complete without that guy, and we all know it. In a fantasy world, I would most definitely be a leprechaun! (Is that even a valid choice?) I've always liked leprechauns as a child to the point where I'd try to collect four leaf clovers and leave them out in hopes that I'd 'lure' a leprechaun in, and there was a time where I even went as far as to ask my mom if she'd drive me to the end of the rainbow so I can 'meet' a leprechaun. I always thought they were cool, spreading good luck to others and having a neat pot of gold, so why not be a leprechaun so I can spread good luck and own an awesome pot of gold too? The evil tyrannical wizard bent on world destruction. Why? With a name like Nazgul, I am a walking cliche

    Member of the Month Interview
    by Juicesir

    The Hub, an inter-dimensional club that crosses all genres of roleplaying. Here can be found everything from talking echidnas to star-busting goblins, from vampire bakers to electro-Quakers. The Hub itself is a splendid masterpiece of meta creation, a shining jewel of a space station seated on the edge of a volcanic star. The view is breathtaking.

    Its a beautiful place full of fascinating people, but Im not here for all that. Im just here for the dame. Simple interview, standard protocol. My first beat on the job. After searching through this fantastic cantina for a while, I see her sitting there, all by her lonesome.

    Flamboyant would be an understatement. Shes all gussied up in a Las Vegas style showgirl outfit, complete with stilettos and a big ostrich feather fan tail and headdress. Strapped around her hips are some very steampunkish pistols, a few Batman-style utility belt accessories, and (every girls best friend) a flask. Probably whiskey.

    And did I mention the sparkly makeup?

    Her name is EvelynWillows, and shes already stolen the show.

    "Hi!" Im excited but nervous.

    Her smile is warm, coy. Hello there! Sharp-dressed men are always welcome at my table. Care for a drink?

    "Of course." I signal to a passing waiter. "One strawberry mango juice for me, feeling relaxed today, and for the lady...?"

    She smiles and licks her lips, which are painted sky blue to match the feathers. "I'd like an avocado bobo smoothie topped with whipped walrus milk, please. And a sprinkle of cinnamon." She raises her eyebrows and nods encouragingly. "So my friend, what brings you to the center core of role playing?"

    I wag my finger. Evelyn is ever clever, it seems. "Now, now, now. That would be telling. And I'm only in the asking business, myself. Besides, how am I ever supposed to maintain this mysterious backstory if I go blabbing it to people. Regardless, let's turn that around. Why are you here? Why do you roleplay?"

    Evelyn seems taken momentarily back. Was I too quick to business? "Oh! Well, if you put it that way..." She settles back and begins with her answer.

    "Roleplaying is my hobby. I've delved in other interests before, but they all cost too much money, took me away from home for too long, and didn't properly address my need to interact with people and to be creative.

    Sitting forward a bit, she carries on. "Roleplaying allows me to take a momentary vacation from the Real World and to explore the motivations of people, and the relationships that I cannot do in my physical form. So... it is kind of my little mental space ship that allows me to explore new worlds... to boldly go where only Mary Sue has gone before, but to add in a splash of color and mystery. And perhaps a few flaws that make life interesting.

    A gentle laugh. "It's my drug of choice. Calorie free and safe to use before driving."

    I cant help but smile at her phrasing, and on this the first question as well. "You're really interesting, do you know that? Ah." The waiter arrives with both our drinks, mine paling in comparison to how outrageous hers looks. "To boldly going then, eh?"

    We lock eyes, thin, playful smiles on our lips, and we toast to that.

    After taking a sip, I turn back to the interview at hand. "So, getting back to you, you're interesting. Why do you think that is?"

    She shrugs in that dismissive way. Not harshly, though. "I really don't think I am. I think I can make up a decent story and characters because I lived so many years with only my imagination for company. Hmm. .. That makes it sound like I was in a padded room. I did a lot of reading, growing up. I watched a lot of Twilight Zone and Star Trek, and never stopped playing make believe."

    "It also helps that I have great writing partners. Here's a shout out for my partners! Whoo hoo!"

    Such excitement. She knows this memory will be projected straight out of my memory and onto the Tribune paper which I write for. Shes made for the spotlight. "Well that's fair, I suppose." Feeling strangely parched, I take another sip. "What would you say has been your favorite roleplay of all time?"

    "OH!" She leans back and crosses her arms. "That's really not a fair question, is it? I mean... that would be like asking me who my favorite kid is. And that would be easy to answer if I only had one, but that's not the case." She smirks, but Im not giving up that easily on her.

    "Well indulge me, list a couple of the oh so cool peeps you've played with."

    She smiles oh so charmingly. "You suddenly remind me of a Klondike Bar. It's good... it's good. Cool, sweet, and oh-so-irresistible." Amused at her own allegory, she sits back and looks to actively think on it.

    "Okay, cool peeps? Hmm. My first one would have to be Naraness, because she is probably the most creative kid I've ever met and she writes like a pro. Another from the 'early days' is Charvi Mehra - we've completed a few RPs in a story line thread together."

    "I also have you." I blush. I cant help it. "But I don't want to make you uncomfortable by telling you how awesome you are, but you are. Preach is teaching me how to create a great plot line with twists and turns, Merlot Beauty is teaching me to write more descriptively, and Natora taught me that it's okay to have short term roleplays that we can drop and move on to other things."

    Evelyn begins listing off names on her fingers now. "I'm also playing with Raezela, KristalKleo, Things-Die, CraftyJellyfish, and QueenofHearts."

    She settles back, finished it seems. "I'm in 11 active roleplays, all 1x1s. I seem to do the best with those."

    I nod, rather impressed. "Well, 1x1 is more personal, and you seem to have that flair with it." I see my watch. I dont have much time left for the interview. My memory banks are filling up.

    "Okay, quickfire questions alright? I'm just gonna line em up, you knock em down, capeesh?"

    She nods. "Sure! Give me your quickfire questions; I'm ready."

    "Alright!" I crack my knuckles, and we begin the quickfire round.

    "What's your favorite color?"

    "It used to be green, then green got too popular with all the eco-nuts, so now it's invisible."

    "Do you like to sing?

    "Yes, but no one likes to hear me sing."

    "What is your least favorite TV show?"

    "I've never watched them, but it would be something along the lines of the Kardashians or those reality Bachelor things I see articles about in the grocery checkout line."

    "If you could have a movie made out of your life, what genre would it be?"

    "A tragic comedy."

    "Do you have pets?"

    "Yes. Both of the four-legged and two-legged variety. But we don't put shock collars on the two-legged ones."

    "What, if anything, do you want people to know about you?" Were on the final question. I wanted this one to mean something, and her answer does not disappoint.

    "Plot timelines and character motivations are very important to me. After jumping around about a dozen other role play sites, I've made RPA my home because we have the best creative minds here."

    I smile at Evelyn, and nod. "Thank you, my dear." I signal for the check, and the waiter comes by to take my cash. Theres a short silence as we ready to go our separate ways, and then I think of another quick question. "Before we part, is there anything you weren't asked you may wish to answer?"

    She chuckles, bemused at my eagerness with the seriousness of my interviewing I think. "No, but thank you. Answering questions always makes me feel like I'm in one of those rooms with the one-way mirrors. It was nice to share some time with you, good sir."

    Leaving a tip on the table, I stand and turn, tossing a smile her way as I walk. "It's always lovely when it's with you."

    As I once again wade through the mire of mercurial meta creations that the Hub is home to, I cant help but feel some satisfaction at the job I have done. EvelynWillows is indeed a intriguing woman, and I feel proud that she was my first interview.

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    Signature Gallery
    by G

    In this new segment of the Tribune, I will be sharing some of my favorite signatures made this month by the lovely Request Shop Row artists! Thank you artists for putting so much work and effort into making beautiful sets for our members. While each set is special and beautiful, these were some of the signatures that stood out this month. (Thanks Elizabeth16 for the lovely idea)

    Created by Hayabusa of Hayabusa Graphics

    Created by Elizabeth16 of ~Eli's Little Request Shop~

    Created by Bia of Halycon Bliss ~ Blue's Shoppe

    This Issue's Featured Request Shop!

    Craze's Graphics Shop .: Castle Oblivion :. - this Kingdom Hearts fanatic does wonderful graphics, so why not go and put in a request today!? Check out some of his work, below:

    The artist-spotlight
    by Kris

    I have a thing for pictures (And great fetish for cameras.... but we'll talk about it some other time... >.>").

    Anyway, nothing can make me freeze and stare better than a hot sexy flesh beautifully taken snap.

    So for this issue I'll talk about the amazing gallery of Naraness which is called My Backyard.

    You'll only need to take few minutes to realize why I am so inspired and awe stricken with her talent.

    Allow me to gather some of her works I adore the best, but you should totally head for her thread next and bug her to take some more pictures.


    You're in for a delicious treat, dear readers; we have a brand new section, brought to you by the newest addition to our reporter team -

    Cooking with Raindrop

    Nickname: Raindrop, previously known as Gin.
    Y.o.B: 1987, I know I am too immature for you lot to believe it.
    Interests: Gaming, Psychology and this, Cooking.

    Been a member for a few years now and never really contributed with much else than controversial and flaming discussions on sensitive subjects on RPA. I was finally convinced by one of them Admins to participate in something a little more creative, like this, an cooking article for RPA.
    I might not be the best of chefs, well I know I alright, but I hope my creative will boost you folks along a bit with that home cooking.
    Now this is my first month and well this is a fresh intro so I'll be handing out a recipe added in one of my cooking threads quite some time ago. You will have to excuse my "laziness" but I guess that is how it goes, THIS MONTH, next time I promise you something a bit MORE.

    __________________________THE RECIPE__________________________

    Tomato and Mozzarella.

    First off, it can be as Starter or just because you felt like it, either way it is easy and awesome.

    2-4 People.

    2 Tomatoes.
    Mozzarella Cheese 200g
    Olive Oil (Preferably)
    Fresh Basilica*
    Flake Salt

    First off what you want to do is to have your groceries ready for use.
    Others things you will need is:

    Cutting Board
    Small gratin dish
    Hand Blender/Blender* (Not necessary, so if you don't got one, you CAN use the knife if you are skilled enough or just exchange the fresh Basilica for some dried basilica and skip the last step before the oven).

    Start your oven at 200 degrees Celsius (that is 392 degrees Fahrenheit).

    So, what you do is to split the tomatoes in two, cut out the green tips of them and preferable cut of some tomato skin from each half's own bottom to make a so called "foot" or flat surface for it to stand more stably upon. Slice the mozzarella and place them on the tomato halves, if there is any left over of the mozzarella, eat it directly OR place it in between the tomato halves.

    Take the olive oil and sprinkle some at the bottom of the small gratin dish, just a bit so to not have the tomatoes stick onto the form.

    Now if you have a blender, put in about 1-2 dl olive oil in it, and about a few/couple of sprigs of basil and blend it till it makes a fine smooth dressing, salt and pepper after taste but not TOO much for that could throw of the taste from the tomato and mozzarella.
    (If you didn't have a blender of sorts, just finely chop/mince the fresh basilica by with a knife OR sprinkle the oil at the tomato and mozzarella and sprinkle a bit of dried basilica on it as touch)
    At last if you did the blender thing, pour it evenly and gently onto the tomato and mozzarella and sprinkle some flake salt.

    Put it in the oven for about 15 minutes or so (keep a check on it as ovens so differ from one and each other).
    When the cheese has melted and it looks done (because it will) take it out, let it cool of a bit as the tomato can be very hot for a while and serve after a couple of minutes, (like 2-5 minutes that is, I really hate burning my tongue on good food as it takes away to good taste.) xD

    Anyway, that is for starters and I hope you enjoy this easy recipe.

    Have a pleasant time with friends, drink and enjoy your food and I shall post more whenever I can and feel like it.

    __________________________CUT_____________________ _____

    The Puzzle Page
    by G

    This week I've cooked up something a little special for you all, something I hope will
    a) provide you with lots of fun and entertainment and
    b) not give you any ideas.

    SO without further ado, step on up and see if you can Hack the Admin!
    The first three members to successfully solve the puzzle will recieve some shiny new rep! Just take a screenshot of the winning screen and send it to G or Tune.

    Happy puzzling!

    Congratulations to last editions puzzle winners,
    Sinderella & Soul Reaper!

    Congratulations guys, your rep is on its way!

    Spoiler: Rumble on RPA! Worsearch solution 

    And that brings us to the end of this issue. Hope you enjoyed it! And please feel free to comment below, we love feedback!! See you next month, beloved readers <3

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    This is just soooooooo EPIC!

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    Always love reading this. Great job, guys!
    Spoiler: Clicky clicky -------> 

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    May's issue looks great!

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    Love it, as always!! ♥

    I especially like the Hall of Fame Spotlight and this month's puzzles.

    ♥This set was made by my dear, sweet Ru.♥

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    Thank you for the lovely posts guys <3


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