Christopher was all but happy to see Bredon, as the man reminded him every single time that Lily was married... and that Christopher himself was sleeping, kissing, and whooing a married woman. He kept his distance from Lily now that Bredon was here, Christopher was still mighty confused as to what he had to do.. stay with her, stay away from her? "It is" Christopher said as Bredon stated that this was difficult, there was no reason to disagree as it was in fact... very difficult. He feared that Bredon was to tell them how he wasnt going to give up, how he was to keep Lily his wife and how Christopher needed to fuck off... if that was to happen, it surelly would end up in a fight as Christopher wasn't planning in giving up on Lily. But as the man asked for help, Christopher felt confused... did he mean it? or not. "We help you end this the right way, figure out how we can brake this .. tie... between the two of you so we can be together... brother" Christopher said as he felt that he needed to be the bigger man (even though he was, even if it was only a few inces)

But NOOOO!!!! Now it had to become fucking MORE awkward. Christopher watched those two doing the mind-link thing. Gods how he hated it! He crossed his arms and looked away, looking around the room in which he knew Emma was to have sex any minute now... sex, he could not help but picture that pale girl naked, sweating, breathing heavily.. He saw it happening all before his eyes... dear lord, was he getting horny (nothing special right?) as he tried to distract his mind from Bredon and Lily.