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Thread: The Staff of RPA

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    Default The Staff of RPA

    They're all staff, so why the different coloured names?

    Purple = Administrators ; Site owners, here to help with whatever you need!
    Green = Moderators ; Here to help you out in the roleplay and social sections.

    And here they are in name and title:

    Username Title Short Review
    G My Son; My Sun. Administrator/Robot
    Scottie The Scottish Fluff Administrator
    *** *** ***
    Azazeal849 The Replicant Moderator
    InfraredHero The Invisible One Moderator
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    And I'm G! Administrator of the future - literally! I'm Australian, which means I'm about ten hours ahead of a lot of you. I've been an avid roleplayer since I was about eight years old, and was a serial site-hopper until I found this place back in 2010, and I've never looked back!

    When I'm not working, roleplaying or just hanging out around these parts, I'm probably playing and writing music, reading, messing around with coding and animation or out dancing or just having general fun times in the beautiful area where I live! So lucky to be bordered by rainforest on one side, and ocean on the other! But despite my busy schedule I'm always happy to make time for a chat, so feel free to PM/VM me if you want to talk, have any questions or want to hear a bad pirate-related pun.

    Oh, dear! Out of scotch! And things to say, for now; aside from WELCOME, WELCOME! to the best RP site on the web, and here's hoping you love it as much as we do!! <3

    On indefinite hiatus. I remain purple only for technical support, please direct queries to Scottie or another staffer. Thank you RPA for being my second home for so many years, and every member who makes this the wonderful place it is.

    Click here daily to vote for RPA!

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    Why hello, I didn't see you there…Do you come here often?

    Nice to meet ya. I'm ScottishGal. But please do call me Scottie! *Curtsy*

    I'm pretty gosh darn new to this moderator stuff, not so new to the site! I've been here for a few years, floating around…causing chaos. (Not really) You will normally find me hiding in the 1x1 section or scurrying about in the fantasy section where I love to terrorize my characters (aka my children). I am fiercely protective of my babies, I will not let them die….they will never die

    As you can probably tell I'm Welsh….no not that…I'm Scottish. Born and bred, full of life Scot here. I'm currently down in England (hisss) for my postgraduate degree in Zooarchaeology. That's right…Imma be the Indiana Jones…of the animal bone world. In order to achieve that dream of truly becoming Harrison Ford, I must complete a dissertation thingy by the end of August. Which means….sacrifice and ritual is on my brain 24/7….I know the ways of old…YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. Don't make me work that Scottish magic on ya!

    I kid. I am normally floating on this site when the Americans are sleeping. So if you need a helping hand, someone to fling questions at or just to have a wee ramble! HIT ME UP. I love talking to people. ALL THE PEOPLE. If I am not on the site, I'll be studying (bleh), annoying people with my grating accent or doing CROSS STITCH. That’s right people, I'm a wee old lady.

    OH. Before I scurry back into the shade. I love giving nicknames. I love terms of endearment. They will come flying at ya before you've even realised it. If anyone dislikes one that I use for them, they would prefer to hear another or they don't want any at all. PLEASE PLEASE, message me. Please tell me and I will stop. I don't want to make anyone uncomfortable…I am here to add the all important Scottish fluff.

    I hope you have fun on this wonderful wee site and I'll try to help you as much as I can!!


    P.S…….I adore pugs….EXPECT PUGS WHEN I AM AROUND. *insert much needed pug emoji*

    Go vote for RPA!!

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    Well hello there.

    Hey look, itís Michael Fassbender BEFORE he was famous!

    Iím Azazeal, but you can call me Az. If you recognise the reference to a 2004-era TV programme then you get a gold star, but if not donít worry - itís oooooold. Which is kind of appropriate really, since as certain members keep reminding me Iím one of the older writers on the site. As such please bear with me if Iím not down with all the latest slang and memes like all you cool kids. Anyway. Ahem.

    I am based in Scotland, so I am a few hours ahead of the Americans and a few hours behind the Eurasians, but I will always endeavor to reply to any messages or questions as soon as I can, so donít be shy!

    I love writing, and writing on RPA in particular because I think all of my best work is inspired by other people - other writersí posts are the springboards for my own imagination. My favourite genre is probably sci fi, but I can happily ramble for hours with people about any story that sparks my interest.

    Away from the keyboard I love to read and to take photos, both in the cities where I live and out about the landscapes of my beautiful country. Friendsí house parties and the landmarks of foreign countries have also been known to fall victim to my camera sniping. Iím almost always enthusiastic to try new things, like kayaking, snowboarding and sabre fencing, although bungee jumping is still on my to-do list. I also love cats, dogs and all fluffy things.

    Like all the staff Iím here to help, so contact me any time if you have a question, a problem, or a new RP youíd like to advertise!
    Spoiler: My RP links 

    PM me for novelised versions of any of my RPs, or ones that I have participated in. Set by the awesome Karma.

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    Hey guys, hi.

    It's me, Infrared, here to supply everyone with dead memes and jokes that are so bad they're bad.

    I am located in the United States, and more specifically, the Midwest. If I'm not online, I'm either in bed sleeping, or at work, but if you need to contact me, I will get back to you as soon as possible. I'll be most active in the afternoon, but I also try to do some stuff at the end of the day, sometimes spilling into midnight too.

    I've been writing since I was about 12 I think? So a little over 10 years, which means I've got some experience under my belt. Not as much as some of the old people here( :P ), but enough to keep up with our awesome writers. I've been a member of RPA since 2014, and I've been doing my best to GM since then.

    I absolutely LOVE to joke around, so you will often find me doing silly things, but I pride myself on my ability to get serious. Whether it be in writing something, or just talking to someone. So if you need someone to laugh with, or get serious with, I could be your guy!

    I've joined staff because I want to help the members here get the same kind of enjoyment from this here RPA that I've had over the past several years. This is probably my favorite site to spend my free time, and I hope I can make it yours too!

    Now I think that's all from me for now. I will see you around!


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