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Thread: Tourism in Terra!

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    Default Tourism in Terra!

    Terra (A.K.A Earth)

    Welcome to Earth, 2134 and population 9.2 billion humans. Thank you for visiting the most natural planet in the Milky Way, with many nature reserves filled with many strange and beautiful fauna and flora. Like the rare bison and the fascinating dog kept by the humans that come in many forms.

    Enjoy the many cities, though not as advanced, certainly visually pleasing and filled with many shops and stores where you can buy all the latest Terran fashion. Enjoy many of the strange and exotic foods likes Burgers and Ice Cream.

    Have Fun on Earth and remember, be sure to tell all your friends to come visit the green and blue planet of Gaia.

    Spoiler: List of Cities 

    Spoiler: Alien Races 

    Spoiler: RULES 

    Spoiler: Character Sheet 
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    Hey Atethecat! Looking great so far! But here are a few things to help you!

    Check out the Requests Directory for an easy going way to get more traffic to your game. There is also the RP of the Week and a banner shop to help you send in a request! It's a great way to get a lot of people to see your game! And don't forget about the
    You could also ask the staff to host your game in their signatures!
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