1. What is a Persistent World?

A persistent World is a multi-forum, multi-thread RP which in which members will play as characters in one specific world/universe setting.

2. How do I get my own section?

Simply fill out the application found here. Please note that there are criteria to be able to start up a Persistent World and we will not make exceptions.

3. What's a good number of people to have at start up?

You should have at least five other members involved at start up.

4. So I can recreate the Star Wars universe?

Yes. Though we would like to see people be original, we will allow the creation of established canon worlds.

5. So once I get a section, it means I'm in charge right?

You will be the Master GM for the persistent world in charge of setting up the starting threads for your world as well as getting things underway with some kind of RP for the members who join. Over time, other members may wish to GM adventures for the characters in the persistent world which they must clear through you.

6. Who do I have to talk to about creating a persistent world?

You should discuss it with other members to get them involved with the world you wish to create. After you have at least five members, you can submit your application. You can feel free to contact a member of staff with any questions or concerns at anytime.

7. What do we get to do after we've made a new world?

Roleplay of course. What you roleplay within your world is really only limited by your imagination.

8. Do we get to interact with other worlds?

No. Each world in this section is it's own self contained world and does not exist within the confines of the other worlds in this section.

9. Can we have multiple storylines going on within the same world?

Yes. Once your world is created and you begin RPing within it's confines, the stories you create are entirely up to you.

10. Is there a limit to how many characters I can have?

The amount of characters you can have will be determined by the Master GM.

11. Is there a limit to how many "worlds" I can belong to?

At the moment there is no limit.

12. Someone has already created an existing canon world that I wanted to create as well. Can I still create my own?

If a particular world is already running, you may not create another. I.E. IF Member A has created a Star Wars universe, you may not also create one. Though why not join the existing one and throw your ideas at the Master GM there.