Aeryn glanced to the canvas Link pointed out with a curious gaze, wondering if it was her painting perhaps. She guided him outside to the black sedan parked on the street just infront of his apartment building. She opened the trunk for him and then helped him to load his things inside. Aeryn then followed Link back to his apartment to help. "Oh~ Good. And to think I was worried..." She laughed softly in reply, before crossing the room to get the canvas. She paused suddenly, glancing back at him before a small smile pulled at her lips. Aeryn picked it up with great care, following him back down to the car.

"I found us a place just across the way from the House of Descoteaux. It gives us enough distance to avoid being noticed, but from the roof I can get a good view of the house and any movement at the front gates." She told him, carefully loading the canvas into the backseat before getting into the driver's seat. She then waited for him to get in and drove off. "It's not much, but I think it'll serve our purpose just fine. I also got a tv for you... to keep you entertained while you work." She smirked at him a little. She asked him more about his progress on the bomb while they drove, and a little more than half an hour later, she pulled the car up to a small apartment building. "Most of the building is vacant except for the bottom two floors... but I was assured we wouldn't have any problems. The top floor is ours." She said, looking up at the 5th floor. Aeryn helped him carry the canvas up to the top floor before unlocking the door.

It was a small studio apartment, basically consisting of one big open room besides the bathroom. It was obviously old, by the cracks in the plaster walls and occasional creak of the floor boards, but otherwise well mantained. On the far end was two twin sized beds, a detail Aeryn had made sure of. And in between them, on the opposite wall was a antique dresser where the Tv sat. Other than that, the area where they first walked in seemed to be the kitchen, with a small fridge, counter space, and a sink. There was a blank spot for a stove, but at least there was a hot plate and a microwave if Link needed to cook anything. Aeryn's trunk was already there, beside the bed closest to the door. "Well... What do you think?" She asked, giving him a curious look. After all, it didn't matter much to her. She'd lived in much worse before.