MISSION!: The Haunted Forest!

After the disappearance of a group of school kids in the nearby forest, the local citizens have decided to clear trees for more paths and set up more signs, but the forest seems to be fighting back. A Trevenant and a group of Phantump drive the would-be lumberjacks right out of the forest, cursing anyone who dares to set foot inside the forest.

Rewards: Dusk Stone

Special: You may catch the Trevenant and/or any of the Phantump.
Special: This may take place in any forest or woods, and the nearby town or city is registered in your Ring Watch.


MISSION!: A Titanic Disaster!

After the discovery of a Frillish colony, led by a Jellicent king and queen, of the coast of the town/city, officials have notified authorities and ship routes have been changed. Unfortunately, a popular cruise ship has not received the notification and is heading right for the territory and certain doom, as the Pokémon are known to sink ships and drag people under to consume their lifeforce as they drown.

Rewards: Dive Ball (10)

Special: You may catch either/both Jallicent and/or any of the Frillish.
Special: This may take place off the coast of any town or city, and that town or city is registered in your Ring Watch.


MISSION!: Ghastly Trophies!

People have been disappearing in the frozen mountains, dragged away screaming in the middle of the night. Mostly men, the talk of the nearby town/city is that a Froslass has taken up residence in the frozen mountains, taking humans and Pokémon alike and freezing them alive as ghastly trophies in its lair.

Rewards: Dusk Ball (10)

Special: You may catch the Froslass.
Special: This may take place in any snowy mountain, and the nearby town or city is registered in your Ring Watch.


Q: What are Missions?
A: Missions are special writing opportunities outside of the normal progression of the game. This means that you can hop onto a mission from wherever you are in a story, and then return to the exact moment you left off. It is assumed to have taken place at some other time in the storyline. This allows anyone to participate in a Mission, no matter where that person is or what that person is doing.
You do not have to take the Mission, but it is a unique opportunity. Every Mission will give you one or more rewards, and each Pokémon that participates in a Mission will gain a level. This level does not count against the one level per day limit. Some Missions may even allow you to catch Pokémon (they will specify).
Missions can be done solo or in groups through co-posts. Either one works. The finished products are to be placed IC, and must have the MISSION tag at the beginning of the post, as well as the list of participating characters right underneath it.