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Thread: Faction-Based RP ♦ Interest

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    Default Faction-Based RP ♦ Interest

    Ι Π F Ξ R Π Ο
    A war that has doomed a peaceful frontier

    Basic Overview
    Hello and welcome to Ι Π F Ξ R Π Ο™ a Faction-Based Science Fantasy game designed with the express purpose of telling a story of a planet that is embroiled in a three-prong war over land, resources, fame, and whatever else. As players, you'll be taking the roles of movers and shakers within a given faction. As of now, the war is in a stalemate with the latest ceasefire, but with your involvement you'll have reignited the slumbering flames of war. How this will be done is through a turn-by-turn basis accounting for one week of in-game time (since the setting is placed on a single world rather than several lightyears). This turn will then be divided into two phases: 1st Phase will be called the Mechanical Phase where the faction turn will actually happen (with or without your involvement), and then the 2nd Phase will be called the Roleplay Phase where the in-canon roleplaying and maneuvers can be made (the turn post and all subsequent response posts will be divided and labeled for the sake of continuity and clarity). There's going to be alot of moving parts, but an important goal here is to make it as seamless as possible for the players. Overall, this game's mission is to create a vibrant and thrilling story of victories, defeats, betrayals, and among other things.

    What you can expect

    • Engaging Storytelling
    • Number Crunching
    • Difficult War-Changing Decisions
    • Fantastical Races
    • Lots of Guns, Armors, Vehicles, and Ships
    • Mass Combat
    • Smooth Play

    What I expect

    • Players of decent/comprehensible writing skill
    • Dedicated players
    • Players who enjoy this aspect of roleplay
    • Players who can handle the crunch/grind

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    @Goodpie2; this seems to be exactly what you were requesting.
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