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    『Post #1: Hoef』

    Solus City

    “Claaww~” A voice heaved a coherent word, but more in fact a coherent noun of a person. The voice seemed to have a faint trace of disparity while, at the same time, harboring a sense of anger and discretion. Something about the way it spoke gave off that sense of anxiety that anyone would feel when hearing a voice that sounded like it decayed further with each word that it spoke. That didn’t help the mind for the voice had a massive gasmask-like mechanism over its mouth to keep itself breathing in a air that was only normal for it. “Claaww~”

    These words it repeated in a dry and drone-like tone swayed left and right through the packed crowds of the metropolis’ busy streets. Not having activated the suit’s invisibility mechanism he was certainly getting stares that were borderline fear and confusion. Some were wondering why a man, or what they’d assume to be man, was walking around the city in that get up. Others were wondering why the police hadn’t stopped this man yet; he obviously looks like a lost villain. However many would question the nature of the man. What was he doing here, and what was his purpose? Supremacy, money, fame? No-one didn’t really know, but he sure did. He was searching for someone, a “brother” to whom they called Claw.

    “Brrootthheerr~,” his vocal chords groan as the word escaped his lungs, “Whheerree iiss mmyy brrootthheerr..?” He wanted to know, he truly wanted to know. He wanted to know where to find his brother. Why was he hiding from him? Why hide from your only brother? “BRROOTTHHEERR!!!”

    The scream caught many, who were simple commuters, off guard as they cleared a circle for him. The man stood there amidst the circle of people who were now watching him with confusion and fear. They weren’t sure what to make of him. They weren’t sure whether to help him or run away. However, the man made it apparent that they should run away by furiously growling at everyone in the frontline of the circle. The growling caused several people to immediately depart from the circle. People immediately began to scatter, and this would, eventually, attract the attention of the police that were driving by.

    Two policemen, armed with handguns and tasers, emerged from the police patrol-car and called in the disturbance to the Solus Police Department. “Dispatch this Car 1-3, we got a 10-32, requesting additional officers in the area. Possible hostile how copy?” The two policemen edged closer to the deranged and dilapidated man. The two of them looked at each other as they wondered who the hell this guy could be. He, obviously, didn’t look like a normal person and the colors and getup made them assume that his was metahuman.. A bad metahuman.

    The policemen on the right, who had his taser at the ready, spoke softly to the derange man in hopes of calming him down. “Hey, hey.. Calm down.. We can help you find your,” the policeman took a minute to think of the disturbance that was caused in the first place, “Brother was it? Yeah, we’ll find him and everything will be okay..” The policeman trained the taser on him, “So sir I’m going to need you to come quietly. We won’t hurt you if you don’t resist and we will find your brother.. No problem, right?”

    The man stopped his lunacy and stiffened tightly.

    The policemen stopped and slightly lowered their tasers, as if surprised by the sudden turn of emotions.

    The man then looked straight into the eyes of one of the policemen, and immediately began to move towards the policeman in question. However, as for the policemen, he immediately shot the taser (out of reflex for these kinds of situations). The sting came within an instant and had electrocuted the man, but to no avail. The man was still standing.

    “Dispatch this Officer Skoleki we got a code red, I repeat we got a code red. Requesting all officers to the area now.” The other policeman fired his taser as well, but, again, to no avail.

    The man looked at the two of them, as if suddenly surprised and yet equally angered by the threat, and recirculated electricity that was conducted by the taser back into the taser causing it to explode in their hands. The two policemen backed up several paces before pulling out their handguns and aiming it at the metahuman. “HANDS UP!! NOW!!!”

    However, the metahuman didn’t lift up his hands and instead walked forward towards them.


    He was not stopping, instead he ignored them and got close to them.

    Then the inevitable happened. Two shots rang out on the street, and those bullets met their target with precision and accuracy. However, the bullets did not hurt its target. Instead the bullets slowly oozed out of the body. The horrid creature touched the bullet holes that penetrated its armored outer-layer. It looked at the holes and then looked at the two policemen with an angered look. It would then proceed to grab one of the policemen by the head and slam him into the concrete sidewalk before turning towards the other.

    The other policeman spoke into his radio, “Dispatch we got an officer down, I repeat we got an officer down!!”

    There was a devious grin hidden behind the gasmask as it leapt onto the policemen, knocking him down to the concrete. However, the policemen had landed on his head causing severe skull damage and knocking him out upon impact.

    Seeing that the policemen were out cold, the beastly man stood up from unconscious body and immediately ran for the nearest alleyway knowing that public exposure was a foolish decision. However, it was a decision made on instinct and protection.
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    Tick, Tock...
    Tick, Tock...
    Tick, Tock...

    Bobby's arms rested on his desk as he lazily leaned forward in his seat, looking at the blackboard that the middle-aged woman was writing on. The boy was at school of course, getting his education required by law...Even though Ms. V taught him most of this already. The lad was in a private school, a high-school too even, as the prodigy of his division. Albert told him that he still had to go to school today, to make her name respectable, as he was her adopted son.

    It was all over the news: "Black Wasp has been swatted?!" or "Are there any leads on her murderer?"

    Of course the boy knew. He was one of the first to get there after she was found. He couldn't believe it. Or at least he didn't want to. But he saw it with his own eyes, it was true. There was no getting around it. Ms. V was dead, and it was his fault. Bobby should've been there. He should've been watching her before she decided to leave. He should've been there with her when this happened. He should've been there to save her. But he wasn't.

    Albert told him that it wasn't his fault and that there was nothing that they could do. That didn't make him feel better. There was always something that could've been done....but, Albert assured him to just try to get through the school day. At first, he just tried not thinking about it, but that was quickly dispelled by the fact that literally everybody and their mom wouldn't shut up about it.

    It was everywhere. Then there were those who were able to obviously deduce, since the media decided to just throw her identity out there, that he was Redwing. Other students, who didn't even care about who he was before, asked all kinds of questions in the halls between classes. It got to the point where a security guard had to escort him to keep the other students away.

    "...That is the concept known to be Biodegradability. When something is Non-biodegradable, it cannot be..."

    Ms. Peterson's, his teacher, words slurred off into illegibility as Bobby's head sunk downward again to look at his desk. He was in science, his favorite subject to learn about, but, he was slumped over, disinterested. He remembered the night before he first came to this school, to this desk. He had a nightmare that night.

    About a year ago...

    He tossed and turned around in his bed, sweat filling his forehead. "No! No no! Stop! Ahh!!" Bobby fell out of his bed entirely, his heart racing and his breathing heavy. He looked around quickly to see that he was only in his room. Thankfully, that was only a nightmare...He wiped his face with hands, his shoulders slumping, being heavy from the night's earlier events. Bobby was sleepy, and tomorrow was the first day of the new highschool that he was kinda too young for. But, he felt like he couldn't sleep, this was the second time he woke because of this stupid nightmare. "..Stupid clowns...."

    A moment or so after he initially fell on the floor, Ms. V came rushing in to see a Bobby in "Karate Cows" pajamas on the floor with his hands on his face. "Bobby? Are you alright?" She asked gently as she walked over to check on him. She sat on her knees beside him to check his temperature.

    "I...I-I'm okay....Just, the nightmares..." The boy responded as she rested her hand on the top of his head.

    "What nightmares..? The ones with the clowns and you at school in your underwear again?" She knew them well, as he seemed to have them often.

    "Yeah...." There was an unexplainable sense of comfort that radiated from the hand that lightly caressed through his hair. "Ms. V.....w-why did that have to happen?" Bobby's voice quivered as he looked up at her, his eyes looking up at hers. Her expression turned to a sort confusion.

    "What..? What are you talking about?"


    "...Bobby." He felt her hand gently squeeze at the top of his head. The boy tremored and he held on tightly around her stomach with his arms. He rested his head on her chest. Tears flooded down his face in small rivers as he heard her heartbeat in his ear. Ms. V didn't say anything, as she had told him many times before.

    Things sometimes happened, and while there were always things that they could've done, they couldn't control the past. He knew it, and he didn't need her to repeat it..So, for the next few minutes, he stayed in her arms, minor weeping filling the silence in conversation.

    When he eventually calmed down enough, she let him go and he sniffled. He felt her hand on his back as he was also standing up to go back to his bed. Bobby climbed back under the covers again for the third time that night, watching her hands tuck him in. "Try to rest up, okay? You still have to get up early.."

    "B...but what if they don't like me..?" He had to ask, since this was really going to be the first time he'd be going to school. Bobby was home or "road" schooled for all of his life up to that point. He didn't know what to do. Was it like TV? He didn't know!

    Ms. V just half chuckled, placing her warm-ish hand on his face. "Now who wouldn't like a smart, silly goofball like you..?" She asked, her voice somewhat sweet. It was all that was needed to reassure him, a small smile forming on his face.

    "Thanks, Ms. V." She nodded, and walked back across the big room, watching to not step on any stray ninja action figures on the floor.

    "Good Night, Bobby."


    "Robert!" Ms. Peterson's sudden voice from right beside him snap back to reality. He jumped as though he was struck by lightning. He blinked, looking up at her confused. There weren't any students in the room. "Come on, dear boy. The bell rang, go ahead to grab some lunch." She requested of him kindly.

    Bobby slowly nodded and was about to push himself up from his desk, when she handed him a tissue. He wasn't sure at first what he needed a tissue for, until his fingers brushed the small puddle that formed. "Wipe your face."


    It was a little while after lunch that he felt a sort of buzzing on his wrist. He had to find a way to sneak into the bathroom so as to keep from being questioned. Though, once there, he went into one of the toilet stalls and climbed on top of the cistern-like part. He twisted a knob on his seemingly inconspicuous watch.

    After that, a small holographic screen showed up, to which he searched through the computer to find the notification for an audio file. It was from one of the heroes that Ms. V told him to recruit. He cringed a little as each passing thought of her was filled with the sight of her mutilated body.

    Bobby stood and looked above all of the stalls to make sure that there wasn't anyone else in the bathroom with him. Then, he pushed a button to his ear for the hidden headset to play the audio.

    "Redwing? Hey kiddo, if you're getting this, answer me when you can, alright? Look, I heard the news, and I just want to give you my deepest condolences. I know that she was someone really important to you. Just know that I'm here for you, okay? I hope to hear from you soon."

    The boy sighed, not wanting to deal with this right now. He just lost his mom for the second time. He couldn't even partially remember what the teacher had said that morning...Well, yes he could, but that was beside the point!

    He was going to need to talk to Albert about this...People were still going to need some kind of force the keep the criminals from taking over completely. The police couldn't do it, they didn't have the firepower. He couldn't do it, he could barely keep himself this team that Ms. V guided him to assemble, needed its debut, even if he wasn't going to be a part of it.


    Bobby had made it home from school by this point. He was in bed, not wanting to move. He stared out of the large window-like wall that led to a view of the city from the mansion. The boy saw the way the moon sort of hung from the sky, how big it looked. It was like the moon was sad about Ms. V having gone too.

    Something else he had noticed though, were the flashing red and blue lights every here and there. The police were a lot more active it looked like. He looked over his shoulder to scan his digital clock. It was only ten...

    The criminals probably just didn't really care now...

    Ms. V was the one that scared them. That was why the only ones before that had the guts to show their faces were the ones that came from the SSG with the Greedy Goddesses leading them..There had to be something to stop it....Ms. V wouldn't want it to be like this.

    The boy's inward bound heroic instincts pushed him to action, in which he crawled out of his bed. Bobby took a deep breath and looked down at his hands. He could do this; He had to.

    The lad pulled himself together and managed to make his way down the large hallways to evade Albert. Albert would've just told him to go to bed, since he didn't think Bobby being a hero any longer would be a good idea.

    Still, the boy walked more directly into Ms. V's old office. He looked around and remembered all of the books that she didn't read in here on the bookshelf. Instead of all that, she had a bust on one of the shelves of some old thinker dude whose name she said was Soccer-Tees or something like that...He admittedly didn't pay much attention to that part, which he felt bad about.

    Though, instead of taking the time to mope, he flipped up the head of the statue and it revealed a small red button. He pushed the cliche red button and it revealed two sliding poles that led to the Wasp's Nest. The boy rolled his shoulders and slid down the left one. Ms. V always took the right one.

    As he made it to the bottom, he was miraculously dressed from his orange and green Monstermon PJs, to his red and black Redwing gear. He didn't know what kind of gadgets Ms. V put on the pole to make it do that as he slid down, but it seemed to work. It always made him wonder what would happen if he were to slide down the wrong pole...

    Focus Bobby.

    Redwing looked over at the Stinger, as it was the first thing he'd see every time he landed in here. He remembered the first time he sat in it. It was like being in a comic book car with all of the bright lights and buttons. But wait, weren't they based on comic boo--Anyway, Bobby went up at looked up at the computer screen. He looked at the chair and it was like he could almost see her sitting there still, watching the crime feed.

    Should he call the other heroes?

    If Ms. V were still around..would she tell him to call them?

    Or would she just have him come along and they save the day like old times?

    Was that why she died?

    Did she rely on herself too much and that was what killed her?

    Was it because she was a hero?

    These were the questions that Bobby was scared to think about. But, he had to suck it up at some point. They needed answers. He balled his fists a little bit as each of the locations of the devices he had given to the other heroes was displayed on the screen.

    "Go on ahead." A voice beckoned him forward from the dark. The lad jumped and immediately turned around.

    "...A...Albert?" Redwing called, seeing the old, timely butler as he stood behind him. The man didn't say a word but instead gently gripped Redwing's shoulder. Bobby's lips quivered a bit but he slowly nodded.

    The boy sat in the chair, and pressed the button on one of the armrests to send a signal to each of the holders.

    It was time.
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