"Hot flashes?" Ha..hahaha..OK, so this was no time to be funny as they were out in the middle of absolutely nowhere; but, you take a light moment where you can get it. Corbin sat there in the dust, knees bent with both arms wrapped around them still trying to figure out what was going on and why was Charlie so god damn silent now. Chatty Cathy had vanished while leaving them in the worst place ever.

Out of the blue she heard Atris say Nephilim.. "I don't know. That seems too out of this world. Well, maybe not this world. This place is kind of creepy, weird and ....blah for lack of a better description. Are you saying you are? I am? Both of us are? or none of the above?" Corbin could be pretty chatty when uncomfortable with what was being placed before her. Especially something this big. When she got nervous or uncomfortable, she would usually find a way to leave and hide in her room until whatever problem fixed itself. There was no running now.

Bringers of change, be it destruction or life, like yin and yang they coexist because they canít without the other, a perfect form of balance that not even God himself could stop.

"Who's yin and who's yang?" Whispering as he took her hand, placing the dirt in her palm to watch as it became a life unto itself. For some reason, watching it made her smile. Even if it was just dirt. "Life.." Making it spin into the air and start to manipulate the shapes she could make. Simple things. A ball, a box, a yellow, wild flower which really stuck out compared to the desolateness of their surroundings. When Atris proclaimed himself death, all her work fell back to the ground as nothing but sand granules. "Death..you?" She found that hard to swallow. "Guess you can't have one without the other."

"It makes sense. How long have we been circling around each other now? I'd run from you; but, I never went far. How many times did I nurse you back to health? How many times did you make me furious when you ran right back into battle and came out a bloody mess? How many times did I forgive you repeating the cycle? I guess it proves that we are who we are and we are where we should be. Together." Would Charlie be proud of them for putting two and two together? Corbin had never gotten much respect, nor even a hint that Charlie would ever like her at all.