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Thread: The Sorting Hat (character submission thread)

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    Spoiler: Professor App 

    I'll still play the student character regardless of whether or not the professor character is accepted. If you'd like to interview me in PM about my HP RP resume, I'll gladly share my experiences there.

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    @Breggo13; @pyjamaviking; @Shadowslayer601; @MissScrivener; I am preparing to get this rolling again, let me know if you're still in and I'll review all your sheets

    <b>On indefinite hiatus. I remain purple only for technical support, please direct queries to Scottie or another staffer. Thankyou RPA for being my second home for so many years, and every member who makes this the wonderful place it is.</b>

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    Name : Everly Valhalla
    Gender : Female
    Blood Status : Type O
    Age / DOB : 21
    Current School Year
    : (if applicable) Out of school
    House : A kingdom
    Occupation : Luna(Queen)
    (cat, owl or toad.) Dragon, Cat, Panda, 2 dogs and a white wolf

    Appearance: Human but can turn into a wolf
    Personality : Sweet kind caring loving and shy
    Virtues/Strengths: She has the power of mind control and she can control plants.
    Flaws/Weaknesses: Silver, and Wolfsbane
    History: Everly was the daughter of a king her family was ripped apart by rogue wolves they attacked her pack only a very few survived her parents unfortunately was killed she was raised by another pack family in hopes to one day find and kill those who harmed her family and her pack.

    Magic Level : (see magic rules thread) She can control the plants around her.
    Wand: No wand
    Patronus :
    (if applicable)
    Specialities : (ifapplicable. ie: Animagus / Werewolf / Metamorphmagus. It should be noted that these conditions would not be common.) She is a wolf mixed with and Moon Elf

    For 5/6 yrs: OWL Classes : Not sure what this means
    For 7 yrs: NEWT Classes : Not sure what this means
    For Adults: NEWTs earned : Not sure what this means
    Welcome to the life of a beautiful white wolf I hope to hear from you, Loves Always Everly

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    Hi @Everly Valhalla; and welcome to the forum!

    This particular RP has been dormant for quite some time - you are more likely to get a response posting in the recruitment or 1x1 RP forums.

    Please also have a quick read of our site rules, and donít be shy about PM-ing one of the moderators (green or purple names) if you have a question or need some help finding writing partners.

    And finally, if you like it here, please consider giving RPA your vote on the roleplay site rankings (you can vote every day!)
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    PM me for novelised versions of any of my RPs, or ones that I have participated in. Set by the awesome Karma.

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