Kay'zha watched the girl adjust to her new environment. She seemed most enamored with his tarot cards, but he made no comment on them, or anything else for that matter. He didn't even comment on her position in his bed; sleeping in the way she did would ensure the sunlight would wake her in the morning. While she settled into bed, Kay'zha got busy trying to tidy. He gathered most of the tarot cards and set them on the bookshelf, and cleared away some wood chippings and tools. By the time he finished his shoddy clean-up job, Dahlia was already snoring.

He continued cleaning, deciding now was as good a time as any to wipe down the entire chapel. He started with the pews farthest from the altar, making his way forward. Once that was done, he wiped down the altar and some of the tools in the sanctuary. Surprisingly, the priest didn't make a sound as he moved about his chapel, too accustomed to the silence to want to disturb it. When he finished that, he gathered both his cloaks, Dahlia's dress and cloak, and a spare blanket, and he took all of those outside to clean.

The lake was peaceful at this late hour. All of Devaduta was asleep, and the pouring rain was comforting, in a way. The lightning and thunder only made his migraine worse. As Kay'zha laundered the cloths, he felt an overwhelming exhaustion overcome him. Absently, he tried to remember the last time he had slept or eaten. It was then that he could feel it, his migraine worsen and his body weaken. The world was getting fuzzy. It would be only a few minutes before he passed out. Taking up the laundry, he ran back to the chapel and draped all of it over a pew in the very back. Then, he ran from the chapel, out of Devaduta, and towards the mountains to the south.


Sunlight was blinding in his dark eyes, and Kay'zha groggily pulled himself back to consciousness. When he remembered what had happened, he got up with a start and looked around. His skin was bare, his clothes abandoned at the chapel. The bandages and cloth around his waist were stained brown. The stain came from the liquid that had stopped flowing from a new gash at his stomach. He picked himself up and walked briskly back to Devaduta. He was dizzy, and he could feel intense pain in his stomach. This, he could handle. This was far more tolerable than the migraines.

He got back, luckily, before anyone noticed him. Kay'zha picked one of his two cloaks off the pew and put it on. The other he brought back to his sanctuary, along with the blanket. He looked over Dahlia, still asleep but probably not for long. He was about to place her dress and cloak at her feet when he noticed a tear in the fabric. So, Kay'zha took her dress, took a needle and thread from a box on the bookshelf, and he walked himself to a pew. He got to work fixing her dress for her.

Dress fixed, Kay'zha stood to look it over and nearly fell. He winced at the pain that came from standing and, finally, decided he needed to eat. He looked over to the sanctuary, but Dahlia was not yet risen. So, he walked out of the chapel, and into town.

He returned in a few minutes with a stew and a loaf of bread. He took up the loaf and took a bite out of it, and was going to set the stew aside for Dahlia when he saw her awake and looking for him. He bowed slightly. "Good morning," he said. He was in a better mood now, migraine gone. He walked over to her and handed out the bowl. "I brought you breakfast. Your dress and cloak are there, on the pew. I cleaned them for you. I hope you do not mind." He took another bite of his bread, his entire body rejoicing after at last getting the opportunity to be filled. "I trust you slept well?"