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Thread: The Cursed Ruins of El Santa Fe - OOC - M

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    Default The Cursed Ruins of El Santa Fe - OOC - M

    The Cursed Ruins of El Santa Fe

    “The locals call it Floresta amaldiçoada de Santa Fé,” he fixed his glasses and even under the brim of the straw hat, the Brasilia humid, hot summer weather still making his ivory white skin run with sweat. The man across him Professor Johnston looked uncomfortable in the only suit Dominic had ever saw him wore. Johnston was getting old, he was fifty, balding, his suit was ragged and had stains on it, yet he wore hiking shoes that suggested he still went onto the field.

    “People tend to give ominous names to things they don’t understand,” Johnston said looking over the prospected dig site photos taken by a helicopter, he squinted auburn colored eyes, “There’s people living down there?”

    “No,” Domic responded, “We just think the shapes are shadows from the tree. The locals won’t land the helicopter near the ruins. They say it is cursed and that the dead walk among the men. So the ruins were for a long time inaccessible.”

    “But they are giving you access?” Johnston asked with a raised salt ‘n pepper eyebrow.

    “Brazil still likes American money, and my manager might have persuaded a few local government officials to open up the ruins to my company. And we contacted you to hire your team of archaeologist to uncover the mysteries. I mean that’s what your job is, right?” Dominic asked with a smirk, placing a check on top of the helicopter overshots.

    Johnston didn’t look over the check, he stared at Dominic.

    “And what does an oil company have to do with uncovering the mysteries of these ruins?” Johnston asked.

    “Once we convince the locals it’s not haunted, all of the ancient relics preserved in a museum, we will be allowed to dig for natural gases in the area,” Dominic nodded, wiping his forehead with a handkerchief.

    Johnston curled up his lip.

    “You know that I don’t usually work for big companies like Teko,” Johnston replied.

    “Yes, but we contact you because my manager believes or understands you to be a man of natural curiosity. It is how you earned your reputation and respect in your industry from what our research has uncovered. And if that’s the case then don’t you also want to uncover the myths and legends of the ruins that no one else was allowed to dig and research until now? This is an opportunity to Johnston. For your graduate students and undergraduate students. This is the kind of project that puts people’s names on magazines in the Times, in the latest National Geographic,” Dominic paused, sliding the check off of the table, “But if you don’t want to take the job. The job we would provide all the latest technology for you and your team. Then I’ll contact Hamilton.”

    “We all know Hamilton would make a mess of the dig,” Johnston grumbled.

    “It’s up to you Johnston,” Dominic said, “I’m just the middleman with the contract. You get to make the decision.”

    Johnston sighed.

    “Fine, I’ll take the dig project,” Johnston told Dominic.

    “Good choice, let’s talk about the project and the contract terms,” Dominic said, releasing the check back onto the papers. Sliding it over to Johnston with a big smile, then opening his briefcase one more time to take out the contract.

    It felt at that moment he had sold his team.


    Taking a walk back to his car Johnston continued to look over the photos, something in his gut was swirling. Something about this place gave him the creeps and he had been in some unusual dig sites before. Egyptian crypts that spoke of ancient curses, but nothing as strange as this place. Even through pictures he believed there was an evil that lingered. He heard the roaring, crackling flames of fire, the screaming agony. Feeling the heat reach his skin. His nerves began to feel burning hot pain.

    “Foda você!” a yelling woke him up from the hypnotic spells of the picture. He saw Christian yelling at a Brazilian man trying to parallel park his beat up, yellow, rusty Volkswagen close to the bumper of Johnston’s 1999 Chevrolet Cavalier.

    Christian was quite proud that the first word he learned to say in Portuguese was how to curse at someone.

    “Foda-se, garoto branco,” the man shouted back at Christian.

    Christian pointing to the front grill of the Cavalier “Aprenda a fuder parque.”

    “Com licença, cavalheiros,” Johnston quickly began to walk up to diffuse the situation, Christian seemed to bring his hyper aggressive New Yorkian dialect of speech to Brazil. Well really anywhere he had brought him, “Por favor, perdoe meu amigo. Tivemos um longo dia.”

    The man only gestured a hand motion to swipe him away, slammed the door of his car and walked off. Cursing something about white Americans coming to Brazil and having no respect. Johnston raised a brow at Christian.

    “What was that about?” Johnston asked.

    Christian sliced his hand through the air and Johnston looked toward where he was pointing. The mans rear bumper was awfully close to his front bumper, Johnston knew he was going to have great difficulty getting out sandwiched between two cars.

    “Even in a foreign country people don’t know how to drive, tell me why these machines were made if we aren’t using them appropriately,”
    “Something on your mind?” Johnston asked knowing how he got.

    Both of them got into their car. Johnston didn’t start the car, now Christian a good looking blond, short, and compact who looked like ,he can have been on some volleyball team, was now looking him with hazel irises.

    “Something on your mind,” he deflected back his way.

    Johnston threw the pictures at Christian.

    “I took the Teko dig site,” Johnston told him.

    “Jesus christ fuck me,” Christian said staring at the photos, “People live there?”

    “I was told it was tree shadows,” Johnston responded.

    “Tree shadows my ass,” Christian pointed to one of the blurry shadows, “That’s a motherfucking leg.”

    Johnston shrugged.

    “They took the photo from a helicopter he said,” Johnston added.

    “Oh yeah because cameras these days have that much grain,” Christian huffed, “So, how much are they paying us?”

    “Commission based on the value of what we bring back,” Johnston responded.

    “Fuck me, are you serious?” Christian asked, the twenty-eight year old clicked his tongue in frustration and took out his e-cig.

    “We need to research the site before we lead a team in,” Johnston told him, as his car filled with what he could only describe was peppermint, which Christian liked to inform it was green tea with mint.

    “It gives me the creeps,” Christian said through an exhale, smoke touched the pictures gracefully before billowing towards his windshield.

    “I don’t necessarily like it either,” Johnston told him.

    Within seconds one of the pictures caught fire on its own, Christian sprung up and opened the door.

    “Jesus what the fuck!” Christian shouted throwing it out into the gutter. Johnston kept an anxious calm watching the burning picture begin to bend and fold through the flames.

    Christian looked at him with a look, he was clearly more stressed about than Johnston and Johnston knew that was weird.

    “That’s normal to you!” he shouted at him.

    “No, absolutely not,” Johnston said there was a slight crack in his usually calm demeanor, “You’re just often expressive enough for the both of us.” He gave a nervous laugh, but of all the people Christian knew Johnston. And Johnston knew Christian knew he was full of shit.

    Johnston rested his head on the steering wheel of his car and sighed.

    “We can’t decline the dig can we?” Christian asked.

    “No,” Johnston mumbled.

    “Their picture caught fire though,” Christian remarked.

    “I know,” Johnston grumbled, he sounded stressed the Brazilian weather did not help.

    “We’re still going through this,” Christian stated.

    “Yes,” Johnston began to turn on the ignition of the car finally.

    “Fuck me,” Christian scoffed.



    Boston of University - Help Wanted

    Boston of University Archeology department looking for graduates and undergraduates for an upcoming project. Working directly with Professor Johnston Andrew and his teacher assistant Christian Mathews uncovering relics of Brazil past. In the heart of a Brazilian forest is the lost ruins El Santa Fe.

    Please submit your resumes to the archeology department for Professor Andrew so he may overlook them. Or ask a faculty member for Professor Andrew’s staff email so you may directly send your application to him.

    RP Information

    So I am introducing my very first RP. In a nutshell this RP will follow a team of archeologist. Well that’s a board term. The archeology team is built from many different professions. Think anthropology, photography, sociology, linguistics, etc. Don’t need to know these professions as I am kind of bullshiting myself of how I know archeologist work. It’s suspending your disbelief.

    A team of archeologist to research and uncover the mysteries of an untouched ruin known as El Santa Fe. Unknown to them El Santa Fe is cursed, And all manners of hell is about to break lose so to speak. The trip to their knowledge is 90 days, without outside contact. Locals will not touch the place and have only agreed to drop you off in area.


    Professor Johnston Andrew - Dig Site Lead Director - ShinobiSpirit
    Linguist - ShinobiSpirit

    Christian Mathews - Geo-Cartographer/Johnston Note Taker - Clyde

    Photographer -LoliNeko

    Role 4 - Open

    Role 5 - Open

    Role 6 - Open



    Please Communication; I am sure you do not like when a friend just shows up at your house unexpectedly without calling ahead of time first. Just make sure you communicate. An RP doesn’t just involve you. It involves me and All of the people who join it. Just make sure if there are changes in the day or schedule you can be and sure to tell folks.

    Please be Responsible; Joining a RP is a responsibility and I know no one likes to think like that. Neither do I. But I do enjoy people who say they are going to do something and do it. By putting a character you are saying you are going to be responsible for your posting and how you affect others in this RP.

    With all that serious stuff out of the way. Have a lot of fun and let’s write a great RP together.

    If you understand by joining this RP I expect you to be responsible, communicate and be respectful to others please write somewhere on your sheet; “I have read the rules. And I accept being responsible and respectful in this RP. I know when this character is accepted, that I am responsible for communicating effectively with the GM and other members.”



    So the sheet is going to be a bit different than any normal character sheet that you are use to.

    [image here - please realistic images]

    [Brief personal summary here. Think this like a one to two page snippet of a news article that defines the character from an outsider's point of view.]

    [Name, Address, DOB, Gender, Sexual Orientation, Marital Status]

    [Age 22+]

    [Occupational Role - see above RP Info, think Biologist, Photographer, Tech Assistance, etc.]

    [Skills - 5]

    [Strengths and Weaknesses - Personal and Physical strengths and weaknesses your character may think they have, include allergies or anything else - quick guideline 5 Strengths and 5 Weaknesses, but you can always do more]

    [Equipment - You are allowed to bring 5 lbs to 10 lbs, depends on how much you can personally carry. Items can include personal or equipment like the equipment you use, a specific camera, etc]

    [Theme Song - Optional]
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    As said you joined mine, I'll join yours. So giving you total support.

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    WIP - Will finish tomorrow

    [brief article clipping]

    Professor Johnston Andrew
    4034 Lyon Avenue, Boston, Massachusetts
    October 29th, 1965

    Age: 51
    Be slaying in the shadows

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    Marking interest.
    Also claiming photographer. Nobody steal it, I bite.

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    Found a better way of doing this
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    Spoiler: close up 

    Spoiler: another image 

    [Brief personal summary here. Think this like a one to two page snippet of a news article that defines the character from an outsider's point of view.]

    Jasmine Eve Palmer
    (unrelated to Ray Palmer of Palmer Tech, Marvel Comics)

    3570 Aspen Court Boston, Massachusetts
    (I'm only stalking Christian a little bit.)

    September 10, 1995
    (proud virgo.)


    Biromantic Homosexual
    (also rude.)

    (-er than a pringle.)

    Age; 21
    (and three quarters.)

    Occupation; Photographer - Undergrad
    (pretty butterfly. *shutter sounds*)

    (you have a pretty face. *shutter sounds*)
    (pretty poison. *shutter sounds*)
    (important stalking skill.)
    (stalking 101.)

    Money - Also known as her parent's are rich, there is little Jasmine is left wanting, essentially, she's a spoiled brat.
    (*shattering sound* Daddy will pay for that.)

    Accidental Stealth - Useful for scaring the crap out of people, she is rather skilled at randomly popping up and suddenly taking someones picture, while simultaneously giving them a heart attack.
    (*shutter sounds*)

    Observant - Jasmine is often looking for photo-opportunistic moments, so she has to keep her eyes open and pay attention to her surroundings. Shes not perfect, but she doesn't tend to notice more than the normal person.
    (I saw that. *shutter sounds* Now I have proof.)

    Decision making - Jasmine is used to getting her way, and while many think that nothing good comes from being spoiled, she is actually good at making quick, and sometimes difficult, decisions. Usually based on a whim, but it can at times be better than over thinking and wasting too much time.
    (pick that one, it probably won't explode.)

    Fashion sense/Being cute - Jasmine is great when it comes to fashion, both for herself and assisting others with their wardrobe.
    ('Way too cute for real life'.)

    Social skills - Jasmine doesn't talk much, her sentences usually short, off topic, and/or just really awkward.
    (*awkward staring, followed by shutter sounds*)

    Albinism - Jasmine is albino, and while she likes the aesthetic look it gives her, she lacks melanin, which isn't only a lack of color, it also makes her sunburn easier. Parasol's and sunscreen are essential, unless it's the middle of night, she's indoors, or a gloomy day.
    (the sun, it burns!)

    Possessive of people - It's rather well known that Jasmine isn't good with social situations, but there's another reason people tend to avoid befriending her. She's possessive. She'll spoil her friends, but it's more like spoiling pets, she doesn't like to share and generally demands most of their attention in return, getting rather upset when she is ignored.
    (mine. *handcuff locking sounds*)

    Impatient - Jasmine doesn't like to wait, when she wants something she expects to get it right away, if she is left to wait too long, she will either get upset, or just go do whatever task she sent someone else to do herself.
    (hurry up!)

    Arachnophobic - Put simply, she doesn't like spiders, she will scream rather loudly for someone to kill it if she see's one. This is one of the few times she's not quiet.
    (*high pitched screams that are half illegible, half 'Kill it!' can be heard a few miles away*)

    Camera [.8lbs]
    Extra batteries/charging cables [.2lbs]
    Drone [3.7lbs]
    Silver Galaxy s8 [.4lbs]
    Clothing [3.9lbs]
    Lace Parasol [.5lbs]
    (Unfortunately Jeeves didn't fit in a suitcase.)

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    Hellooooo, it's me, your friendly neighborhood roleplay moderator here to give you some....

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    First off, there's the Roleplay of the Week. This is displayed on the website's home page as well as on the side bar of the forum. If you think it might help then we implore you to do so! We are always looking for new RP's to advertise. (No, really. We are. Always.) If you would like a little bit more information, or even an example, you can view that here.

    One of the requirements for a RP of the Week submission is that you have a banner. If you're not artistically inclined, however, do not fear! We have several amazing artists on the site who will make one for you. Simply post here.

    Next, you can post in this thread and the staff will display your role-play in their signatures.

    Also feel free to post in the Roleplay Directory. This is a thread that anyone can view at any time to see roleplays that are currently seeking and accepting members.

    Good luck with your RP!!

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    Hai meow-buddeh! @Chat Noir;

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    March 27th, 2016

    Christian Mathews Taking on a Fringe Field and Earning a name for Geocartography

    She stared at her notebook, right in this day and age she was using a pen and paper. Staring at the gorgeous teacher assistant across from her. He was blond and caucasian, with sharply intense gray blue irises. Very narrow and well structured facial features. His expression was of intense focus. His hair was cut short and she could forgive him for only standing at 5’5” making him slim and compact, because she was wearing heels that made her 5’3” frame stand close to his height.

    Staring at the youthful man she smile, running a finger through her brunette hair before clearing her throat.

    “Thank you for helping with my project,” she said gingerly and as sweetly as she could. Fixing her tank top and crossing her legs.

    “I had the time,” he responded flatly.

    His voice was appealing and smoky, it was very attractive and melodic. It wasn’t too deep, wasn’t too high either. A nice even tone, with a hint of someone who use to smoke, but not enough to distract her from listening into his docile, low, melodic tones. He also smelled of peppermint and was wearing a what looked to be a Christmas sweater, because it had Christmas trees on it.

    “I’m going to ask you a series of questions, my project is to do a mock interview with someone in the university and I found you interesting. I mean your work,” she responded with another smile, the twenty year old woman tapped her pen on her paper.

    “Right I know how interviews work, Mindy.”

    “Of course you do, must be interviewed all the time, heh,”

    “No, but I am glad that you think so,”


    Look out geology, there’s a new rockstar in the field focusing on field many often ignore. Christian Stephen Mathews is the leading expert at Boston University using geocartography to further advanced research in the historical studies of archeology. I sat down with him and asked questions about himself and what his profession meant to him.

    “First off, thanks for speaking with me today,”

    “I had the time,” Christian replies with a faint smile.

    “So give us a little background real quick, what you do, when did you graduate,”
    “I graduated two years ago in 2014, I am a geocartographer, using historical map analytics to further explain landscape and its history with the coexisting of cultural expression mammalians,”

    “And for our readers who don’t know what that means, how about us giving a nutshell,”

    “How the landscape formed coexisting with people,”

    “That sounds interesting, so how did you become interested in such a niche field like that?”

    “It require dealing with less people,” he jokes.

    “Haha,” -clears throat- “So, what makes this field so appealing”

    “I got a C!” a woman’s voice shouted, as he was looking over papers to grade in Johnston office. Johnston went off to buy them lunch. While he was left with the red pen of might. He looked up to see the bronze skinned, young woman walking in.

    She was a thin thing, despite her wide hips and her ass the only thing mentionable about her physical appearance. Her personality was repulsive and so was her attire. Today wearing a bustier top and flowing, floral, pink skirt. He couldn’t tell if she was a Boston University journalist or going to the club. But here she came in black hair, natural pink lipstick, pouting with a piece of paper in her hands.

    To be fair he never wanted to have to deal with Mindy Rose again, and yet here the Latin mixed woman came into his office slamming a piece of paper with a big C on top of it. A criticism from the teacher read something like, “It seems to be a bias paper, serving self interest.”

    “Was it golden locks of Apollo that got you marked down, or the rockstar comment that got you marked down,” Christian replied while trying to simultaneously ignore her.

    “But you are very attractive,” she told him, “To deny that in the paper would have been misrepresentating you.”

    “Yes and so it’s okay to misrepresents my personality though,” he replied, while still not looking at her crossing through a sentence on the papers he was to get ready for Johnston 3 o’clock class.

    “To be fair you were kind of dry and were an asshole,” she barked at him.

    “That makes me feel so much better,” he replied.
    “All I need you to do is convince Professor Thorton that my paper doesn’t deserve a C,” Mindy told him.

    “You’re right it doesn’t deserve a C,” he paused, going onto the next paper, “It deserved an F. But Professor Thorton a lot nicer than me.”

    “You know I was very nice to you,”

    “This is my nice,”

    “Fuck you! Men can look at me all day, but when a woman does it she’s a slut. You sexist fucking pig,”

    Christian bit his lip and looked up at her, finally.

    “I will gladly fuck myself, I do it from time to time. When I can’t find a hole to stick my dick into. But sexism is both ways honey, next time you want to go eat cow tongue tacos with me in Mexico city ask like a normal person,”

    Mindy glared at him.

    “I’ll have you know that pretty girls get what they want more then pretty men,” she hissed at him. Christian just shooed her with a hand gesture.

    Mindy turned on her heels and left with a “Mark my words you will pay.”

    Sexual Harassment Claims against Teacher Assistant Christian Mathews

    Boston University up and coming journalist Mindy Elizabeth Rose blew the whistle today with a claim of sexual harassment against one of the teacher assistants.

    “I was interviewing him for a class assignment,” Mindy explains to news today, “And he thought that because I interviewed him I owed him sexual favors.”

    While Christian Mathews has made a complete and total turn around, the school still remembers the near suspension of Christian Mathews after a drinking charge cost him his license. He was at the time defended by Professor Johnston. How will Professor Johnston deal with this situation? Can Christian Mathews be defended from such allegations?

    “He placed a hand on my knee,” Mindy continues to explain, “And tried to kiss me. I only wrote my article the way I did for journalist class because he made me.”

    Her tearful confession earned her the sympathies of many students. What will Christian Mathews have to say to such allegations?

    Christian Mathews Silence is it Guilt or Innocence

    Reporters of the Boston University newspaper went to speak with Christian Mathews on the matter. To hear his side of the story. We were met with silence.

    “Either it goes far enough to be investigated and the truth comes out. Or to avoid investigation and the hassle the truth will come out,” he tells news reporters.

    Is his silence a guilty confession? Or the words of an innocent man not trying to dig himself down the rabbit hole?

    Confession of a Deeply Hurt Woman
    GirlChat blog by Mindy Rose

    I have confession to make. I am a strong, independent Latina woman. Who has to walk the halls of Boston University knowing the one thing men admire about me is my beauty and looks. They don’t take me seriously because I am a beautiful woman and to them I am nothing, but a sexual object to them. The rape culture all over college campuses disgust me. And that is why I come here today to talk about my sexual harasser.

    Christian Mathews you deeply hurt me that day I asked you to give an interview. You were a beautiful man, who I greatly admired and believed at the time was a kind man. Instead I met a verbally aggressive man who only saw me for one thing my body and sex.

    And when I gave you nothing. You tarnished my reputation. You put your hands on me and verbally abused me. I was scared for my life. I submitted a paper in my class I deeply regret, but the abuse and fear of this patriarchal society who worships men like Christian I submitted it anyway.

    I fear now more than ever. I see the eyes of men everywhere. I am afraid to leave my dorm. Because of you and your actions that day. I cannot sleep at night because I remember your forceful hands on me as you tried to force yourself upon me. I remember your abusive voice. And I cry myself to sleep.

    Men like you disgust me. And I hope you that karma gets back at you.

    Professor Johnston Speaks on Christian's Behalf

    Among the flames of accusation, Professor Johnston has been placed on record speaking on Christian’s behalf. In hopes to lower down the temperature of the current debate and storm brewing in the University halls.

    “I have known Christian for many years, he’s an excellent teacher assistant and has personally improved over the years,” Johnston told reporters, “Christian is the type of person to have always admitted when he has made mistakes and taken responsibility for those mistakes. I have watched Christian hit rock bottom to pick himself back up again. He would never make that mistake again.”

    “But do you believe he has done what he has been allegedly accused of?”

    “Of course not, that’s why I have said something,”

    3 Months Later

    Mindy Victim Turned Fraud

    Today May 15th, 2016 Minday has confessed that her accusations that have fueled fierce debate among the students was made up on her blog Girl Chat. Students once her side now are silent after months of fierce debate and harassment towards the teacher assistant turned accusatory predator. Boston University Dean says they have a lot of damage control to sweep up now that the situation is finally over. What is the future of Christian Mathews and Mindy Rose? In the next two weeks we might possibly know.

    I Deeply Regret
    GirlChat blog by Mindy Rose

    There use to be this guy I liked. He was smart, but attractive not something you see everyday. He wasn’t your stereotypical sport jock head. He chose something he was passionate about and ran with it. He might have been a little rough around the edges, but staff and faculty had agreed he had really made a difference in his life and really appreciated the effort of one teacher for seeing it.

    I really admired that about that man. After damning paper reports about him and his drunk driving incident that caused destruction to the campus and a teacher who saw potential land on his knees and beg the board of directors to turn this student around, I thought maybe anyone could turn their life around that way.

    Here was a student whose life had turned public. Every problem he had told to hundreds and thousands of students. His drinking habits. His poor decisions. But he took responsibility for it. Paid for the property damage and the school didn’t charge him for a criminally felony because of their deep respect for one faculty member.

    So I only hope this school has nearly the same amount of sympathy for me as they did him. This guy I really liked. I researched him. Read the papers that got him a little infamy. Heard about all of these amazing things he got to do with students of the archeology department. So I wanted to interview him, well the reality of the situation was land a date with him.

    I thought that if I asked him to help me with my assignment he’d see how passionate I was about my work. He’d see how smart and beautiful I was and I land one date with him. But he brushed me off. He was cold and distant. Didn’t want to answer any personal questions. So I was a little irritated with him. I made a stupid decision to let my own infatuation with him get the best of me.
    I wrote a really embarrassing and stupid paper about him. And I regretted doing so. When I came to confront him, I was hurt by him. Really mad at him, but the reality of the situation was that I was really mad at him.

    Then after that confrontation I made the decision to ruin his life. By making myself out to be the victim. When the reality of the situation was that he was really nice and sweet, till I had provoked him. I took my hurt and anger out on him and I shouldn’t have.

    Please forgive me Christian. Please forgive me Boston University. We all make dumb mistakes.

    After Months of Silence Christian Finally Speaks

    We caught up with Christian before a class today. To hand him the news of Mindy’s confusion of falsifying claims of sexual harassment. We asked him for a statement. He tells reporters, “I said it before didn’t I. Either a truth would come out during an investigation, as it were we were in the beginning stages of one. Or that it end before an investigation became either full circle or before it hit the investigative stage.”

    “Are you relieved then that the investigation will not continue further and that you can get on with your life?”

    “There is a sense of relief, yes. But you always know something will crop up, misunderstood or misrepresented later in the future. If I ever stop working at Boston University, and try to get a new job. The question might pop up, weren’t you that man who sexually harrassed a student at the University. Then I have to explain, no, investigations hadn’t fully concluded when she confessed she made it all up. But where society is going, they’ll always think in the back of their mind. Did he really do it? Did she really confess about lying about it? Or did he make her. Because she portrayed my reputation and who I am as a person completely different. The students who threw shit at Johnston car or me, they don’t know me personally in the back of their mind they will find some way or another to justify those claims. Won’t they. So they won’t or have to feel guilty about it,”

    Tell me about your home life,”

    “I rather not,”
    10 Minutes Later
    “Are you seeing anyone?”
    “Is that important to this interview?”
    20 Minutes Later
    “What other hobbies are you into?”
    “What do you like to draw? People? Girls?”
    “Mostly birds and landscapes, but not in the same context of my field,”
    “You should teach a drawing class” -laughs-
    “I like what I am doing right now”
    1 hour Later
    “Well that wraps that up Mr. Mathews, thank you for taking the time to speak with me,”
    “Not a problem Mrs. Rose,”
    -shuffling papers, sounds of notebook, zipper of a book bag-
    “A group of undergrads who might be interested in your field are stopping by at a local Chinese restaurant. Maybe you’d like to go?”
    “No thank you,”
    “Are you often this cold and indifferent?”
    “No I just don’t date undergrads or students,”
    “I wasn’t asking your for a date,”
    “Right,” -skeptical-
    “Okay maybe I was, just a little,”
    “Well then you know my answer,”
    “Oh shoot this thing is still on”
    -End recording-

    The Dean Roger Smithson was staring at her, alongside a few board of directors. He had his hands folded in a serious manner and was staring at her. He was younger than Johnston, but still old, most likely in his mid forties. A few feet from her was Christian wearing a rather serious expression himself. He had this intensity about him and it showed in this moment, he was deep in thought.

    “Miss. Rose, please tell the faculty, how when Christian got verbally abusive? We listen to a what,” he looked at a rather curvy woman sitting next to him.

    “Hour and thirty minutes,” she added for him.

    “Conversation, where you asked invasive questions to Mr. Mathews and he had not once verbally abused you,” Dean Smithson said.

    “I know,” Mindy responded.

    “We spent three months, of our time investigating a situation that had caused an uproar to the University and the students. Some young women do not feel safe on their own campus because of your very lie,” Dean Smithson said.

    “I know,” Mindy began to feel tears begin to form in her eyes.

    “And it nearly ruined the reputation of quite frankly a rather passionate teacher” he paused because Christian raised his head finally, “assistant” the Dean added, “who I’d like to keep on my faculty.”

    “I am so sorry,” Mindy began to cry, she looked at Christian, but he didn’t look at her. He just went back to writing on a piece of paper.

    Which she saw the Dean looking at Christian.

    “You can’t record what’s being said here,” he added.

    “I know,” Christian responded, he lifted up the paper to show a rather professional doodle of a few flying birds, “Frankly if I say anything. It will be a lot of unkind things. So I am just trying to keep myself distracted unless I am really needed.”

    “Fair enough, we’ll need you here in a second,” Dean told him, and turned back to her. She felt a flutter in her chest.

    “There a lot of things I am forgiving about,” Dean Smithson told her, and sort of looked over at Christian, “I can be a very forgiven man. If the scenario is not very drastic. You understand you kept a lie up for 3 months, protest stops classes, and the school loses a lot of funding from people who believe sexual harassers are on the prowl on my campus. That cost a lot more than a sign someone crashed into with their car. You understand this.”

    “Yes, but please everyone makes mistakes and I made a bad decision,” Mindy began to cry, “I didn’t mean to hurt anyone. I’ll do anything to make up for my mistake.” She saw tears falling onto the desk.

    “This is not a mistake I am willing to forgive, unless Mr. Mathews you have anything to say,” the Dean looked at the board members, who all nodded their head, and Christian raised his head up.

    “I can say anything I want?” Christian asked.

    “I’ll allow it,” Dean Smithson told him.

    “Johnston put his reputation on line for a student who was suffering from emotional trauma that hadn’t been dealt for many years,” Christian told her, “Johnston is a good man and saw the potential of someone who just needed a little guidance. I was in a very painful circumstance back then. But I never went to ruin anyone’s reputation, but my own. I was lucky the Dean Smithson took the money out of pocket and my apology.” Christian paused, “You on the other hand were not in a painful situation. You went out to ruin someone’s reputation. And that will stick with you forever. Just like my reputation will forever hold a did he or did he not lingering in people’s mind. They will remember you as the person who tried to destroy someone because of her own personal insecurity.”

    She looked at him, tears running down her face.

    “Does this mean?” she blubbered his way.

    “Does this mean I am going to protect you? Fuck no. Dean Smithson can do whatever the fuck he likes,” Christian looked at Dean, “I am done.”

    Dean Smithson nodded.

    “As I see it I can only keep one of you hear at the Boston University,” Dean Smithson told her. She looked at him, with hopeful teary eyes. Obviously it wouldn’t be here. Right? She hoped it was her he kept. Christian could find a better job. Christian was good looking. People would forgive him.

    “O..okay,” she stuttered.

    “Miss. Rose I think you know what that means,” Dean Smithson told her, “With the investigation with my board of directors and speaking with Christian and understanding his position. We have decided that we will be expelling you from Boston University, but will not be pressing charges. Per you leave without causing another scene.”

    She began to bust out in a fit of tears. How could they do this? How could they expel her? It was one mistake. One little lie. Why would he ruin her future like this?

    “ Smithson, I...lll never do it again,” Mindy begged through tears.

    “Miss. Rose this is not high school, that doesn’t work here in college,” Dean Smithson told her, “Please clean out your dorm and be out by tonight.”

    Mindy rose from her chair quickly and stared at Christian with angry tears. Why hadn’t he protected her? Done something for her like Johnston did for him?

    “I hate you!” Mindy told him, “You ruined my life.”

    Christian ignored her.

    “Miss. Rose, what did I ask?” Dean Smithson asked. She screamed in frustration.

    “Fine, I’ll leave this shitty school and fuck all of you!” Mindy shouted.

    Later that day, he was sitting in Johnston class. He had purposely taken on grading many of Johnston’s papers for tomorrow's lessons in order distract himself from what had happened earlier this morning. That was what, two woman who had screwed up his life in different ways. Katharine West was his high school sweetheart, before his scholarship of science came through, they married believing they were in love and would spend the rest of their lives together.

    That never came true. He introduced her to a study partner of his. But unlike him his study partner didn’t focus much on school work. It was always parties. It was always hanging out with friends. And eventually it was sleeping with the woman he thought he’d love forever. He was crushed. She was the one and only thing that had kept him going. When everyone ignored the physical and mental abuse going on at home.

    His father use to have these massive scenes where he would go on a rampage and eventually end up hitting on his only child. While his grandfather found new and inventive ways to mentally torture him, to earn him the rite of passage of being a man.

    Katharine was all that was good in his life. She knew he wanted to study science. She knew he wanted to be a scientist of some sort. Except he never became a scientist. Instead he began to get carried away in geology and how landscapes were born and how different phenomena gave them the characteristics they had.

    Then she complained. Didn’t want to support his education. And eventually his study partner only studied one thing his wife. In the aftermath for the last four years of his life he had been paying child support he only found out wasn’t his recently. The one thing he thought that came out of it. Now also taken.

    He didn’t want to get tears on the students papers shoving them aside. But fuck him. Why did any of this happen? Why did Mindy target him? And who would believe in the end of the day he did nothing? Stupid. It was fucking stupid. He hadn’t cried at this table for many years. He hadn’t heard Johnston walk in, but he saw him take a chair and sit across from him.

    “Hey,” Johnston told him, “You’ll be okay. The truth is out there now.”

    Christian sniffed.

    “You think anyone in this day and age is going to believe I did nothing?” Christian asked him.

    “The faculty are on your side,” Johnston told him, “It’s done and over with Christian. Roger and I had a closed discussion. Wasn’t part of the investigation. You know me and him go get coffee Wednesday. He didn’t believe you did it as much as I didn’t believe it. Roger knows you. He knows you’re a very honest kid and he knows what you have been through. That’s what he didn’t expel you from this school. He knew the crazy amount of things you were trying to get over all at once and gave you that chance and now sees how wonderful you are. Despite your mistakes.”

    “It just,” Christian paused, “It got me thinking. Made me think of Katherine. And I...don’t know what I did Johnston. I take in the things you tell me. I did all the things to better myself And someone had to drag my name out there in public like that.”

    “I know that’s painful,” Johnston told him, “But you are brilliant. I have watched you grow up before my eyes and you have so much potential. Just hold on. And if you need anyone. You know I will be there.”

    “Thanks,” Christian told him.

    Christian Stephen Mathews [and if my name sounds like I belong in a church preaching the gospel well guess what I don’t do either. Go to church or preach the gospel]

    4917 Aspen Court, Apt B1, Boston, Massachusetts [yes get a good laugh while you can]

    February 26th, 1989 [dodged the shit birthday by three days]


    Heterosexual [how is this important or any of your business]


    Age: 28

    Occupational Role: Geo-Cartographer - Mapping of the Earth and terrestrial phenomena.

    Major Skills:

    Geology Bachelors - Field Geo Cartography

    I get it, not as exciting as a geochemist or a geophysicist. Yet I find it an important field that needs more respect and love. You can carbon date rocks all you like and while chemistry can tell a lot about a rock face. I feel like you need to understand the terrestrial body as well. What it has been through, how it was shaped by the weather and man. The terrestrial landscape is in a way like the body of a person. My subject and model.

    Historical Science of Mapmaking

    Geo, Cartography. This is the cartography piece of the geology. I am not a one trick pony like some people believe I am. I figured if I was going to go into a fringe field like geo-cartography then I should continue down the rabbit hole. Not just focusing on terrestrial phenomena, but I also took my studies further in reading and understanding maps. Specifically maps ancient people made. Our ancestors or whatever.


    I get it, I can’t climb the Himalayan mountains and I can’t run more than a mile if we aren’t jogging. But if there is one thing I know, it's how to setup a tent, it's also how to start a fire in the wilderness. I got the crash course all American boys did who were forced into the boy scouts for a whole year, till your insufferable hatred for it got you kicked out and your grandfather still insisted on taking you camping every summer instead of sitting in the house working on your girly hobbies, drawing. You know something that wouldn’t get me killed and eaten by the wilderness.

    Minor Skills:

    Basic Tech Knowledge

    Look when you spend time in the field, in the tech tent that no one visits. You have to start to learn how to get equipment to work under some of the demanding conditions that we are asking our technology and generators to work on. Where is good old fashion pen and paper these days. Well expensively hard to find because we’re too damn lazy to remember how to use it.

    Art - Sketch Drawing - Pencil, Ink, and Colored Pencils

    I may not look it. But I do like art. See when I was eleven I had this dumb idea that I could open up my own gallery and make lots of money and get the fuck out of my household. Until my grandfather to teach me how to be a man forced me to take all my drawings to a camping trip one day and told me to throw them all into the fire pit. Serious story.


    Good Listener

    Some people have this crazy idea that I am always in a bad mood or have a bad attitude all the time. The reality is I am just allergic to bullshit. If you are clear with me, then I am clear with you. I have too many things going on in my life all at once that I don’t need to deal with people’s bullshit.

    If you need someone to listen to you, I am very good at listening. Now the advice part, don’t ask me. Because while I am great at the listening part. I have no wisdom to spare because I chose some very horrible life choices dealing with my own problems.

    Passionate Work Ethic

    Look despite all my troubles, I love my work and more importantly I owe a lot to Johnston for helping me stay focused in my field and graduating the way I did. I am lucky in general Boston University took pity on me due to his intervention.

    Because of that I will never accept poor work. I will never do a half ass job. And I don’t accept half ass work. If you’re not here to do good work, then leave this University and don’t try to work with me because I don’t accept those who aren’t passionate about their work. Passionate about the opportunities life gives them.

    Applied Smartness

    Look I came up with the term. But I am not the guy who walks into a room and you think I am a genius or very intelligent. To be fair I think I might be a bit more average than the smart kid, and a bit too stupid for a genius. But a lot smarter than the common intellectual idiot. So I came up with Applied Smartness. I am smart in my fields and my focuses. And I can be smart if I apply myself to the project at hand. I am the kid with glasses stuck in the body of a handsome wimpy looking jock.

    Teaching Practical Application

    I may be rough around the edges and I may not be easy to get along with, but I am Johnston’s teaching assistant for a reason. I am good mentor, at least Johnston and some of the staff say. I don’t know if I trust their judgment or they are trying to lull me into a false sense of security about myself. I am not an expert of every field, but if you give me a jist of what you’re trying to accomplish I can generally assist and lead you where you need to go.


    I’d like to lie that I don’t have a good looking face and attractive features, but that be a lie. Everyone can see that I am handsome. I don’t use it to my benefits. But it always gives me benefits. Everybody seems to hung up on how I look and ignore that I am actually intelligent. Actually I think they just ignore the fact that I am smart or deny that I can be smart because I have a nice face. It gets me free drinks. I think only one time I used it was to steal a dig site from Hamilton, fuck that guy.



    Okay so I admit I get irritated quickly. But if you don’t do something stupid I won’t get irritated. So there’s a clear way to dodge that bullet.

    Poor Stress Management

    Okay I realize in that second that it may not be as easy to dodge the bullet as I thought. Sometimes when something stressful comes along I have tendency to lash out at others. It’s just best to avoid me if I seem irritated with something. That seems like a good idea on how to dodge that bullet.

    Foul Mouthed

    So if you don’t like someone using bad language around you, then it’s best you just stay the fuck away from me. Because I tend to have a collection of curse words that I like to use on a daily basis. My favorites are motherfucker, fuck, fuck you, fuck me, jesus fucking christ, christ fuck me, jesus fuck.

    Not Physically Fit

    Yes I will admit that I don’t go climbing mountains for the fun of it. I am skinny, something people like to point that out a lot. You must exercise a lot. What’s in your diet. You’re so healthy. Look I have been smoking for the last 9 years, at 25 I switched to Ecigs. Point is the only exercise I have is the 1 mile walk to the University. And I take beginner trails at the local parks. Because I don’t look at Mt. Everest and say you know what that be fun.


    I am not near as bad as say the movies make it out to seem. Papercut I am fine with, scratches, okay. Its when it starts fucking gushing out of the body like a geiser then I have issues. And I have that same grandfather to blame, that I have mentioned before. I use to have this pet pig. They kept telling me not to get attached to it. I was nine okay, so of course you’re going to get attached to the only thing that treated you kindly.

    One day my grandfather’s lessons of manhood, was the slaughter of my pig friend right in front of my eyes. I remember the amount of blood that came from out of that. I think I cried for about a week. And swore off of pork. Then it slowly turned to swearing off of chicken at twelve. Then off of beef at 16. Then just not eating meat ever.

    Travel bag

    *Surface Pro 4
    *While I admit there are a lot of things that go off in my life that are depressing, miserable and shitty. There are still a few people out there who help from time to time. I am grateful for the Christmas Birthday present.

    *Ace Aspire V Nitro
    *Renting till I can pay it off

    *Field Sketch Journal
    *Always nice to have an old fashion backup just in case there's an issue, also I can take down notes.

    Pens and Pencils

    Vegan Trail Rations Which Includes;
    Trail Mix
    Fruit Mix

    Collapsible Water Bottle

    Ecig and Mint Green Tea Oil
    Change of Clothes
    *Look I am not albino nor as pale as Jasmine, but I am still going to burn in the sun.

    Theme Song:

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    After doing some thinking. I will also be making the teams Linguist, so I can just translate stuff without waiting for another. Putting Christian on the roster.
    Be slaying in the shadows

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