Seeing Aiden push back the guy that had leaned down close to Jasper's face, the college boy quickly reached out to latch onto the angry's boys arm. "A-Aiden, please, don't..." he begged, clutching onto Aiden's arm as tightly as he could manage without hurting him. He could feel his heart starting to beat faster, and his breaths becoming more difficult to take. He had memories of this sort of thing happening before, but never had he had someone stand between him and the bullies saying such harsh words. Yet... it only seemed to make him feel worse. Aiden was going to do something, and whatever resulted was going to be Jasper's fault, according to Jasper.

By the time he zoned back in on the situation, a new hand was gasping his arm and pulling him away from his safety net. "Wh-what? Emma, no!" he tried to yell, to sound stern, but the words were hardly loud enough to be heard over the voices of those who had started to gather around. He pulled against her grip, however, frantically looking back in Aiden's direction. "Aiden! Aiden, stop! Emma, let go of me!" he finally managed to croak out the words loud enough to be heard, but he didn't think the other boy was paying enough attention to catch them. He struggled against the girl's hold, trying as hard as he could to grab Aiden again.

That was when he sickening sound of a fist against a face seemed to echo despite the noise in the room, and Jasper's hands immediately lifted to press against his ears so he could hear no more. It seemed that the punch lead to complete chaos, and Jasper finally reached out to grasp onto Emma so he wouldn't lose the girl within the crowd. A stray elbow, probably belonging to an excited, innocent party-goer, connected with Jasper's cheekbone as he tried to weave around then, causing a soft yelp to slip from his lips. He just wanted to go home. To pretend like none of this happened. And he wanted Aiden there to do it with him.

"Em-Emma... Emma please..." he sputtered out now, feeling bodies bumping and pushing against him as the kind girl tried to guide him out of the mess. The room had become blurry, and the boy realized then that he was crying. Sobbing. He could hear the yelling behind them, and the awful sound of fists connecting with body parts. Aiden was in that brawl, and there was nothing he could do about it. "Aiden is...- We have to go back to get A-Aiden," he hiccuped, pulling feebly on the girl. He thought he could hear sirens in the distance, gradually growing closer, but a part of him thought it was only his imagination. Maybe all of this was a dream, and he would wake up in bed with Aiden at his side.