Name : Scott Dean Wilde (Wilduh)
Gender : Male
Blood Status : Muggleborn
Age / DOB : 32

House : Former Gryffindor
Occupation : Groundskeeper
Pet: Owl

Appearance: Scott has medium length hair that is rather untamed, and has always been untameable. It is a reddish/brown in color which only makes his turquoise blue eyes stand out that much more. He is tall and well-framed, muscular and athletic. He likes to keep up with working out and the results are visible. He is consistently tanned in color due to the time he spends outdoors.

Personality : Scott is humble by nature, having grown up as the eldest of three other siblings. His father had always taught him that in order to succeed in life, he had to put effort into it. His father was a very handy man and could fix nearly anything, which lead to his own education as well. His mother was the intelligent, crafty sort who furthered his education in the magical sense.

He is a bookworm and loves to read educational books, and he has a wide array of hobbies, though his passion lies with animals and creatures. He loves the outdoors in particular and enjoys everything nature has to offer. He is fond of all animals and enjoys being in their company more often than that of another person's.

Virtues/Strengths: Outdoor skills, good with animals/ has vast knowledge of animals, bookworm, charms
Flaws/Weaknesses: Defense Against the Dark Arts, can come across as shy at first, communication with others


Magic Level : 8
Wand: Willow, Dragon Heartstring, 11 and 3/4", pliable
Patronus : Otter

Specialities : Animagus- due to his passion of nature and animals, and the education he received from his mother who was a skilled Transfiguration master, he was able to become a legally certified animagus by the age of 29. His form is that of a black and white rabbit.

For 5/6 yrs: OWL Classes :
For 7 yrs: NEWT Classes :
For Adults: NEWTs earned :