Yugi was expecting it, but he was hoping that she wouldn’t delve any deeper into the cards. Since the tournament he has kept the cards safely in the box the millenium puzzle came in, and hidden in his room. He knew he needed to protect the cards for the Pharaoh. He had never showed anyone the cards, because of their importance to the Pharaoh’s past. Giving a slight sight he looked Rita in the eyes.

“They are a one of a kind prize, and a great addition to my collection. Though I have never used them in my deck other than the tournament, and to tell the truth I have never showed them to anyone. Because they are such rare and powerful cards, it would be a shame to lose them. So I keep them in a safe place.” Yugi said as he shifted slightly from one side to the other. It was becoming apparent that he may have made a mistake bringing her to his home. If she was who Mokuba warned him about. Though, the question in itself was an innocent one, but something about her was starting to make him nervous.


Clay could tell the question was not well received, and he needed to switch tactics. He guessed it was about time to implement his little plan. They needed to know how much Mokuba really knew. But first he needed to finish his act. Giving a slight chuckle he rubbed his head in imbaressment.

“Sorry about asking such an odd question, but I had heard from some of the other people within the company that you didn’t trust me or you felt threatened or something like that, and it had me a little worried. I am a relieved to hear that you don’t have a problem with me. Even Mr.Kaiba was thinking that I had done something to earn your distrust, and assigned me to watch over you today to see if the rumors were true.” Clay said as he looked down at the chessboard as Mokuba made his move.

“I really like my job, and didn’t want to lose it. Mr. Kaiba had told me that if this didn’t stop I would lose my job. So Again sorry for asking such an odd question.” Clay said as he studied the board finding the best move. As the game proceed, and the day continued on, as the game was coming to an end Mokuba and Clay were pretty evenly matched, though Mokuba was leading by one piece.

“Well looks like we're are pretty evenly matched.” Clay said as his phone began to ring. Taking his phone out he looked at the name, and then at Mokuba. Giving a slight sigh he answered the phone. If you listened hard enough you could hear Kaiba's voice on the other line. “Yes, Mr.Kaiba.” Clay said as the conversation on the other side continued. “Yes sir. Right away.” Clay said as he hung up the phone, and looked at Mokuba. He was still a little worried about what was going to happen.

“It seams Mr. Kaiba is wanting to see you.” Clay said as he stood up from the chair, and pushed it back under the table. “Looks like you win.” Clay said as he looked to Mokuba. “We better get going. Wouldn’t want to keep Mr.Kaiba waiting.” Clay stated as he seemed a little nervous. This was an act, but with what he told Mokuba earlier he continued to play the part.