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Thread: The Get to Know You Game!

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    Star gazing because I love the night! Plus, hubby has a telescope and it makes it even cooler!

    Have you ever eaten anything which looks absolutely disgusting, but is actually delicious?

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    That sounds lovely! Telescopes are great, and I imagine you get a fun view for meteor showers also with it.

    I wanted to answer this question, but honestly no matter how much I thought about it I don't think that I have. I've eaten insects and it was more strange than gross ultimately. Not something I'd want on my regular menu, but I like to try most things at least once when it comes to foods.

    However, I do remember a time when food looked awful... I didn't ultimately eat it, but one friend of mine who was the mother of six children had a group of friends over for a party in October. She liked Halloween so we had spooky things and fancy dress and in her washroom in the middle of the party there was shit on the loo, on the water tank. Just sitting there.

    I didn't want to be rude, so I just left it there thinking it was one of her children. Perhaps not the right call, but there it is. I ended up washing my hands later in the evening and she walked in with me to do the same. She saw it and looked at me in the mirror and asked me if I hadn't seen it. So I, again trying to be polite, asked her what she meant. She reached over and picked up the shit in her fingers, pinched off a piece and put it in her mouth.

    My actual face was blank, I'm fairly sure. But inside was an entirely different story. I just stood there, watching it happen. What was I going to do, fish it out of her mouth? Everything in me was just gagging and screaming.

    She started laughing and broke it in half - it was a carefully chocolate-wrapped candy bar that she had intentionally doctored to look like shit to scratch some strange parent-humour itch, I think. I suppose it was not the children, after all, bless her!

    Do you pursue any art, be it theatre, painting, sketching, sculpture, pottery, etc. etc.?

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