Unlike softer, more malleable materials, steel is commonly recognized for its strength and durability. Its resistance to to bending against high forces that may be imparted against it. For this reason, steel can be depended upon to maintain its integrity when high stresses are imparted against it when it is used in the fabrication if structures, machinery, and the like. The material's strength also makes it difficult to work with, requiring a great deal of energy to form and shape into what a craftsman envisions. Likewise, it was difficult to repair damaged steel. Its resistance to change made it difficult to form back into its original form, and even once done, it would require additional support for the structure to return to its original strength.

Clive gently lowered his Umbreon onto a thin, fabric covered mat. They were in a Pokemon Center, where several other hurt or sick Pokemon were being cared for. Clive did not have enough time to work the Avarice case and take care of Umbreon, not was there anyone he could call on that would be able to make such a commitment, so the Center had to do. It was hardly a disagreeable arrangement, once one accepted the necessity of the additional care Umbreon required during its recovery. The staff were friendly and had an appreciated for Umbreon's role in saving the region from destruction. In fact, Clive was grateful that unlike some professions, notably journalists, most medical staff had an appreciation for the efforts of the GRPD in keeping Avarice in check and minimizing the time the hospitals and Pokemon Centers were without power during their most recent affair, which had been dubbed the "Great Storm".

The dark Pokemon tilted its head slightly while accepting its owners scratches under its chin and around its face, returning the touch with a couple gentle licks. White strips of bandages and gauze wrapped around Umbreon's abdomen, extending down to one of its hind legs that he was not supposed to move for the time being. The dressings did not bother it much, so there was no need to for a cone or other physical deterrent to prevent it from nipping at them.

The Pokemon squinted its eyes towards Clive once before turning its head towards the nearby nurse, gladly accepting her gentle petting also. Umbreon moved slowly and with little energy, but it was rather content given the situation. "We will take good care of Umbreon," the nurse said to Clive, offering him a sweet, youthful smile. "You can count on us! We're counting on you to stop Team Avarice once and for all." The young, pink-haired nurse held her cheerful expression, even for the extra awkward moment it too Clive to finally respond.

A somber, tired expression was pasted on Clive's visage. Signs of strain were red and apparent on the sclera of his eyes, and his mouth curled down into a subtle frown while he analyzed Umbreon one last time. "Yeah," he finally responded to the nurse while scratching at his stubbly, unshaven cheek. "I will."

On the way to the GRPD, Clive trekked passed several buildings that were under construction, requiring repair after the Great Storm. Within the city, foot traffic had mostly returned to normal, but there were several active alerts advising against venturing through the routes unless absolutely necessary. The sweeping changes across the region brought about by the Great Storm had disoriented, confused, and in some cases, displaced populations of Pokemon, leading to increased attacks from more aggressive wild Pokemon hordes.

Clive finally made it to headquarters and promptly made his way to the evidence room where he and Yulia agreed to meet. Clive had just started signing the paperwork to checkout Phoenix's Pokeballs when Yulia arrived. He nodded in her direction as he wrote his signature one final time, then turned his attention on the attendant who was bringing out what he asked for. His stare laser focused, watching the attendant with scrutiny as they retreated back behind the guarded area. It was the same when they reemerged with a tray holding four black Pokeballs.

"Here is what you asked for," the thin, squirrely man said. "Ah, and a copy of the diagnostics ran on them so far. All forensic samples were already taken, so you do not need to worry about accidentally contaminating the samples."

Clive silently nodded while the man spoke, grabbing at the Pokeballs before he was finished. He tossed two of them to Yulia, and cradled the other two in one hand against his chest. "Alright, thanks," he told the squirrely attendant, waving over his head as they he lead the way out.

"What do we know about the temperament of these Pokemon, after they were released from the Avarice devices?" Clive asked Yulia. "Doesn't seem like there was much time to rehabilitate them. Might make them dangerous if we're not prepared to deal with them. Not all of them had great leads as to where Avarice may have acquired them either, so who knows if they were dangerous even before Avarice's meddling." His thumbs inadvertently swiped against the orbs he held as he weighed them up in each hand. Judging by the labels placed by the attendant, he held both Gengar and Dragonite, leaving Gliscor and Aurorus with Yulia.