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Thread: [M] Just a Kabbalah Angel Wings (Holey & Kris)

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    Albertus gazed at the angel as she materialized before him, taking her in with his eyes. He found it most curious that, unlike Sham'aim, this particular angel already had clothing of her own when summoned... along with the fact that she looked very similar to a mermaid. "So mermaids have angels of their own, do they?" he remarked as he gazed at the rather rude celestial superbeing before him.

    He frowned at her rather rude words, shaking his head and giving a shrug at the words of Sham'aim. "I could probably do something for her," he remarked. "But I don't see why I should. She needs a serious attitude adjustment before I could really consider providing her with any sort of assistance to speak of." The water angel was quite different from her sister, who had been considerably more pleasant since her very first impression of the wizard.

    Before he could say anything else, however, the wizard heard a knock on the door. With a sigh at the interruption, he turned towards the door. "What is it?" he asked with some degree of irritation over the constant interruptions.

    "It's me," said the voice of a male on the other side. "And it's about the laundry boy."

    Albertus frowned. Being a somewhat powerful wizard, he wasn't so easily duped by the illusion magic of a demon, as he could sense their infernal aura due to his own high affinity with magic. He had allowed the spy to continue to work in his household, feeding him false information while having another servant keep a careful eye on him to make sure he didn't violate the female servants such as was the nature of an incubus, so he knew the report was important.

    "Come in," he said. The servant then entered the room, closing the door behind him, and reported to Albertus that he had seen the servant inviting a strange, unfamiliar male into the household. While the servant had no way of knowing who or what this strange guest was, Albertus himself knew that it definitely wasn't a good sign. "Thanks," he said after he heard the news. "You'll get a sizable bonus in your next paycheck for this. I'll make sure to deal with this new guest soon."

    Glancing back at the rude water angel, he said, "If you're not going to be civil, I see no reason why I shouldn't banish you back into that cup of water. I'm too busy to deal with childish behavior."

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    "Impudent", the angel hissed and Sham'aim tried her best to hush her, "Please, listen to him, you can't-"

    "How dare you grovel at the legs of this mortal, I can't even-!", she dropped on all four, barely able to sustain her powers. She was dripping all over, as it was her magical appearance, but it didn't cause anything around her to be wet.

    "Please!", Sham'aim said. She held her hands and looked into her eyes, "You won't survive here otherwise!"

    The water angel looked away, there was a sadness in her eyes, "You are an imbecile...", she hissed at her sister, feeling her powers draining further and further. She couldn't have gone back, not now when so much was happening, but staying here was a costly price.

    "Mortal... I am requiring of your assistance", she said with a proud manner, "Know that it will be for your benefit, but do not ask me to beg of you, it will not be so".

    Sham'aim looked at Albertus, "It was the kindest words anyone has ever made her speak", she smiled softly, trying to speak to his heart.

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